Garden gazebos: types and methods of design

Author: Akita   26 May 2018

Gazebos are freestanding or attached to a garden wall, roofed, and open on all sides. They provide shade, shelter, ornamental features in a landscape, and a place to rest. Some gazebos in public parks are large enough to serve as bandstands or rain shelters.

A garden gazebo cottage is a perfect place to stay. Here you can arrange get-togethers with friends, to be alone in the midday heat with a favorite book or to take refuge from warm summer rain. It is best to place this building in the back garden, under the canopy of trees, thereby creating additional cool and hiding it from prying eyes. Arbor sizes are determined primarily by the dimensions of your plot (in a small area will build only compact construction) and the second its purpose.

Types of gazebos

There are many types of gazebos but the popular ones are:

  • Pergolas
  • Pavilion design
  • Victorian design
  • Rotunda

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This type of gazebos is widely distributed in Europe, Mediterranean region, where visitors street cafes and restaurants are saved from the heat with such air pavilion. Plants do not give sunlight inside, creating, thus, much needed in the heat cool.

In Russia, the preference for gazebos pavilion type. By design, they can be:

– fully open;

– partially open;

– closed.

You can equip in the garden pavilion gazebo frame type (portable) or stationary (with Foundation).

In order to build a pergola, a lot of time and effort is not needed: it is enough to take high metal arcs and to wrap them with special plants. The disadvantages of this gazebo is that it is not able to shelter their visitors from the rain. Besides, it will be functional only during summer season. But gazebo pavilion type can be used all year round. Even if your country station will be installed at the pavilion gazebo open type, inside it you can equip the hearth and set soft plastic Windows (PVC blinds). They fold quickly and easily (like curtains), and as quickly fastened back.

As for the arbors of the closed type, they are considered to be multifunctional. You can use them as a summer kitchen and guest house. In the street kiosks of this type are generally stationary Windows and doors.

Another common option be quite small gazebo with a circular bench and table. They are functional, but great for conversations and tea parties. Most often they are made of wrought iron elements and equipped with only the side walls and roof.

If you think that all gazebos are of the same type, then you are mistaken. There are many styles in which they can be made to: country, classic, Oriental, and other styles. The main thing – do not forget that this building should not detract from the overall appearance of your site.

The form can be any: there are square, circular, triangular and even polygonal designs. As a building material will fit in equally brick, stone, metal. But as the ecology and naturalness in trend for many years, the most appropriate material for gazebo will be a tree.

A wooden gazebo
A beautiful gazebo in the middle of the garden

The pavilion design

The principles of design gazebos open type is pretty simple. The important thing here is frost-resistant and moisture-resistant furniture that can be easily washed. Interesting technique for decorating the gazebo will serve as a pillow and light mattress Velcro, which are attached to removable covers. As a table, you can use a dresser with a countertop, the size of which would exceed the parameters of the frame: thus, all your items will always be at hand, and you will save a lot of space.

If you build a high stone hearth with sliding cover, the day it can be used as a table, and in the evening to barbecue. As mentioned earlier, these gazebos will be the perfect soft plastic boxes that you can decorate with light curtains. If you arrange the interior of gazebo textiles of one kind, it will give the room sophistication and style.

Internal and external perimeter of the gazebo, you can install the led wires. They are bright enough, and will give you an unforgettable tale of the dark summer evening. Very elegant will look lights with led lamps installed along the walkway from the gazebo to the porch of your home.

Arbour of the closed type is an almost real summer house. Here you can spend even electricity and water. Inside is better to put a round table so that the corners are not concealed space, and decorate it with a tablecloth. In the center you can put the original vase, old jar, or even a small teapot with wildflowers. Over the table would look great in low lamp. Decorate the walls with old photos, or dried flowers within. The decor is perfect shelves with hooks on which will show off the Cup: it’s beautiful and practical. The interior is desirable to draw in warm colours and textiles to choose one – then it will dilute the brightly colored pillows and blankets. The ceiling in gray-blue tones will fill the room with light and visually extend the walls. Just imagine how nice to drink tea in the evening in the gazebo!

In Scandinavia countries people prefer to have a tent gazebo that can be used during the summer when having parties.

Garden tent

To summarize, we can say that to build a gazebo can be any shape, size and configuration; it depends on the power of your imagination. The main thing that it was durable, reliable and convenient.

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