Floral motifs in interior design

Flowers and floral motifs in interior design has always been popular, and remain so to this day. They take their origins from more distant ancient times, when ornamentalistike used motifs of nature. In the realities of the modern world floral decor is mainly dominated by the classic, Scandinavian and Victorian design, and is widely used for interior decoration in the style of Provence.

In 2017, the trend was again motifs with elements of the flora. Moreover, we are talking about real, live plants, and not their stylized images (although this technique is still too relevant, just use it much less). Designers try to decorate the house with various living plants, and often filled their space from floor to ceiling.

However, the presence of plants in the apartment not all can afford: some because of allergies, others for Pets, and someone is just too lazy to care for a makeshift garden. There is a solution: decorate the rooms of different panels with Wallpaper or even special stickers with the image of various plants. But remember that that is now considered trendy colors.

With regard to the registration of premises in virtually any room is very nice and will look stylish monochrome images, as well as various floral ornaments on a dark background. If you don’t like pictures of flowers, petals and buds, you can replace them with any other parts of plants, for example, thin, flexible stems and strong bright leaves. The trend is now green and all its shades, so almost any interior organically, as appropriate will look, for example, a fern or even a cactus.

Any room, be it bathroom or bedroom will look elegant and aesthetically pleasing, if the three walls in it to make a white, and the fourth to decorate a floral pattern. On the walls with the floral patterns will look great glass shelves located on the vases of various forms. In the bedroom you can create large beautiful murals, or even decorate a whole wall at the bed’s head of the gigantic flowers of peonies or roses on a dark background. This design will create a room atmosphere of a secret garden where you will feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Kitchen interior with wooden furniture, table and many utensils in warm tones on wide angle view

There is a fair question: what to do if your remodeling, the style of the premises and have long embodied the interior design does not allow for a global transformation of the home? The answer is quite simple: it is enough to decorate the room, replacing the old textiles into new and trendy. In the living room, you can change the blankets and pillow in decorative pillows, and don’t forget about the curtains. Similar actions should be done in the kitchen, because curtains, napkins and towels, designed in the same style, you always look elegant and neat. But remember: do not deviate from the basic colors and shades of your interior. Only in this case you don’t have to redo anything, and you will find yourself at the height of fashion.

All the rooms can be decorated with live flowers. In the summer, will be a wonderful decoration of ordinary wildflowers. Their fragrance will add to your interior a soft and fresh country fields.

To be at the epicenter of fashion “flower boom”, all the rooms can be decorated with small photos in a stylish frame with pictures of flowers, trees and even fungi. Very appropriate will look and decorative candles of different sizes with a black-and-white pattern. They are ideal for bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Extravagant, but non-trivial and will look stylish posters with printed images of Botanical reference books with Latin names. They will not only please your eyes, but will be also very informative for all members of the family, especially for children. Such posters can be hung in any room apartment or house.

On the wall original will look herbarium, collected by you along with the children placed in a frame between two panes of glass (i.e. in a frame with a transparent backdrop).

In the nursery or bedroom the led lights can be framed, for example, installation in the form of a tree. You will create a pleasant and calm atmosphere of the room, decorated in muted half-light. For kids who are afraid of darkness, such lighting will be a boon.

Gentle kids room with floral curtains, storage units and wicker baskets.

The perfect solution for temporary décor will serve as a special vinyl stickers. They can decorate plain Wallpaper, and the surface of the cabinets and mirrors in the hallway and the bathroom. It is advisable to choose a monochrome application, so as not to oversaturate the interior of various colors and shades.

Remember that any room in your living space is easy enough to change, making fashionable and modern, without resorting to global repair work and expensive design techniques. Feel free to follow fashion, because floral motifs – this eternal spring, which will delight you throughout the year.

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