Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas

The design of the kitchen-a living room depends not only your preferences, but also the financial capacity and layout of the apartment. It is possible to completely rethink the space and take down all partitions, or you can enter the kitchen – living room in a typical odnushku.

To rethink the typical layout

The main task of the designers Cubiq Studio became a division of the apartment into private and public zones: so there was a kitchen, living room and separate bedroom. In a typical kitchen layout is l-shaped and two Windows. To visually expand the narrow space of the living area, designers made the wall completely glass.

  • Design: Cubiq Studio

watch project paleostudies with IKEA furniture

Original living room was a spacious room with panoramic Windows and access to the garden. Designers of service of Mobler has created several functional areas: the situation of each thought over to trifles. Soft sofa group in front of a TV, perfect for relaxing. From the kitchen separates the Breakfast bar.

  • Design: Service Mobler

watch project painotuksista and neutral shades

The owners of this two-bedroom flat lucky the original plan met all the requirements. The result is a spacious shared kitchen, dining and living room, parental bedroom and children’s with the game on the balcony. Designer Alexander Nikulin made a bid for hidden storage and classic style.

  • Design: Alexander Nikulin

watch project polnostiyu style new Orcharchester added apartment of air and light – removed the wall between the foyer and the kitchen and organized an outdoor area with panoramic Windows to the floor. The interior is designed in modern style with elements of the loft without unnecessary decoration and kitchen paraphernalia.

  • Design: Stepan Bugaev, Alexey Zhukov

watch project polnotsvetnye walls and bright shades

To achieve the feeling of light and space, designer Sofya Petrukhin combined kitchen with living room, fulfilling a longtime dream of the owners who love to entertain. Between the kitchen and the living room is equipped with sliding partition to separate the living room, when guests stay overnight.

  • Design: Sophia Petrukhina

watch project poletucha-living room in Studio

For the comfort and warmth in this kitchen-living meet natural materials and textures finishes. Soft upholstery in the dining area, natural facades of the kitchen cabinets warm colors, guests will definitely want to stay longer.

  • Design: Daria Melnikova

watch project pornotubeiaa on the subject of loft

Kitchen-living room on draft Pavel Alexeev also plays the role of the hall – she took the whole Central part of a spacious apartment in Moscow. Lots of wood, large dining table in the Bay window and side door leading to bedrooms, reminiscent of a country house. But the rest of the kitchen, the living room has a clear dynamic and minimalist spirit.

  • Design: Pavel Alexeev

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