Finnish design in the interior of a country house

One of the most popular and widely spread all over the world styles of design is considered to be the Scandinavian style. It takes its origins from 30-50 years of the twentieth century, and combines the cultural traditions of many countries – Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and of course Finland. Its main features due to harsh climate of these countries are simplicity of lines and shapes, functionality, minimalism, some democracy and naturalness. Despite the obvious commonality of style, each subspecies of the Scandinavian style has its own striking individual character. Let’s talk today about Finnish design, which carries the national romanticism and reflects the ideas of modernism of the first half of the twentieth century.

The love of Finns for their country is evident in all elements of the design. The main colors of this style are considered to be white and blue (the colors of the flag of Finland). White symbolizes purity and whiteness of snow, and blue – and all the depth and richness of innumerable blue lakes.

Finnish design is unique as it immerses us in the sights of beautiful stories of the North. It combines aesthetics, ecological compatibility, simplicity, flawless lines and high quality materials used. An important feature of the Finnish style is a love of nature, which is expressed even in the most minor details, so the main finishing material is wood.

A characteristic feature of the Finnish style is an interesting layout of the home, which implies a maximum of open space. The smaller walls inside the house, the better. Space – that is especially important. Due to this space filled with natural light. But artificial lighting is also of great importance: in the Finnish design welcome abundance of chandeliers, sconces, floor and wall lights.

To give the house extra comfort and beauty, you should choose the appropriate setting textiles for Windows. Give preference to simple linen curtains of light colors, which will decorate your interior, but in any case not “aggravate” it.

As for the furniture, the house, designed by the Finnish design, you should buy truly essential and the most functional items in white or beige, preferably made of wood. Furniture can have stylish glass inserts. If the walls are assumed to be the shelves, then they must be open.

Accessories Finnish design pay special attention, because they are essential attributes of this style. For decorating of the premises is best suited any original traditional things, can not only beautify your home, but also to give it authenticity. No less will look beautiful glass vase filled with, for example, sawdust, decorative pillows and blankets, embroidered with a nature-inspired, self-sewed the tablecloth knitted handmade rugs, candles with traditional patterns, family photos, simple yet stylish frame. Finns are very respectful of their traditions, so family heirlooms, passed on from generation to generation, are of particular importance to them. Everyday objects used by the ancestors, are an important part of the decor.

In the house, is decorated in Finnish style, each room has its own interior features. Living room plays an important role because after a day of rest in her household, and on holidays arranged family gatherings. The walls of the living room made to withstand the white color and the floor is make of natural wood, preferably light shade. Very impressive on a strict white wall will look black wrought iron lamps.

The furniture in the living room is better to choose dark tones to create contrast with the underlying surfaces. However, light furniture would also be appropriate, especially if you have a positive attitude to experimentation and willing to paint one wall black. To the wall did not look bleak, it is possible to “dilute” the small decorative details, bright colors (for example, applied through a stencil figure of a moose or hang black and white family photos). Also as accents encouraged the use of various items of red, blue or green tones. They may be colored the roots favorite books, arranged on shelves, bright cushions on chairs and sofas, fresh flowers in beautiful pots, comfortably standing on the window sill.

In the Finnish building center of the living room is the hearth, which is so nice to sit and drink mint tea, watching the snow fall. Often the fireplace is used for zoning living room and kitchen, because the other side often is the kitchen stove.

Traditional Finnish design it is customary that the kitchen was white, including furniture and textiles, and kitchen apron can be made of whitewashed brick. However, current trends are such that it is possible to deviate from this rule and give preference to any pastel colour, then the room will look more spacious and bright.

In Finnish design in the design of bedrooms is very important minimalism, democracy and practicality. Here usually there is a bed, bedside tables and chair. The Windows are framed by curtains of air, and that the sun did not prevent to sleep, their complete Roman curtains. Same color gamma should be light and calm, promoting relaxation. However, in the respect of colors a bathroom is no exception, and the main flavor here – the traditional white, although it is possible to dilute it bright (even variegated!) towels and mats on the floor.

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