Ergonomic design small bathroom

11 Oct 2017

Many urban homes bathroom has a very small size – about four square meters. First of all we are talking about the so-called “Khrushchev”. In such a limited space we need to accommodate a lot of necessary things: and plumbing for the washing machine and various bathroom accessories. Moreover, it should be done so that they were maximum availability, and make sure they were not only convenient, but also safe.

Choosing a style for the bathroom, the first thing you should decide is whether you want to combine it with a bathroom, removing a partition, and thus make it more spacious. In the implementation of this kind of work need to make sure that the walls are not important communication. And you need to think carefully about how appropriate your actions: if you have a large family, then this solution will increase the time spent in the bathroom each family member at times. For expanding the bathroom, you can use the area of the corridor or hallway. Remember that if you do decide to redevelop, then you will need the permission of municipal services.

As for bathroom design, tiles should choose a large, bright tones. Would look great in contrasting colors tiles laid in a checkerboard pattern (note the classic black and white version). All these techniques help to visually enlarge the space.

While taking a bath or shower in the room inevitably accumulates vapor, and the surfaces of the deposited moisture, so all finishing materials should be selected very carefully: they must be waterproof and resistant to temperature extremes. Of course, their external parameters are also extremely important, but agree that in this case it is better to be guided by considerations of expediency. Otherwise, having a stylish design, you risk again in the near future to do repairs.

The walls in the small bathroom it is possible to coat not only the usual tile but with special plastic panels, or even water-resistant Wallpaper that can be painted with silicone or acrylic paints. In this case, you will receive an original, unique interior that will constantly delight you and your loved ones.

For the ceiling design in a small bathroom ideal stretch film with the effect of gloss that will last you at least 10 years. You can choose the color or even to decorate the room picture. But ordinary paint will have to upgrade every couple of years. Besides the suspended ceiling will help to prevent the flooding of your apartment.

If you are facing a difficult choice: install a shower cubicle or bath, it should be based not only on their personal wishes, but to proceed from pragmatic considerations. In the case when the room is so small that it simply does not fit into its space, you need to purchase a shower cabin. The modern market offers a wide range of products, so you can pick up any model – even features a Jacuzzi. In addition, the design of shower cubicles is often more interesting than the standard baths.

When choosing a sink in a small bathroom, consider getting a square or rectangular model with high sides. It will be more convenient compared to conventional sinks; it will be possible to put a lot of bottles, tubes and jars which inevitably fill the space of the bathroom.

Buying small washing machines with side loading will be a perfect ergonomic solution. You can install it right under the sink or in a corner, thus saving a lot of precious square centimeters. Vertical storage is another great way of saving space. Tall and narrow cabinets are perfect will help in the fight against the scarcity of space. Besides, look at those cabinets are usually very effectively. Also a great option – suspended shelves. They can be decorated with beautiful figurines or candles. And on the door you can install hooks for towels and bathrobes.

When choosing a lamp, you can not limit your imagination: take the light fixture is the original form – it will decorate the interior and give it zest. Remember that it is best to place it above the door. As organize additional lighting illumination at the mirror. If you want something unusual, the route led the cord around the perimeter of the floor and ceiling and small bathroom will sparkle with new colors.

So, after we discussed the basic principles of bathroom accessories are small in size, it is possible to begin its execution. Modern design implies the existence of symmetry, elimination of unnecessary details, the monochrome and the presence of gloss in the interior. If you want to obtain the classic interior, use a large amount of light and shiny surfaces. As the main colors prefer ivory color: it can be used both independently and in combination with gold. Provence is elegance and simplicity in one. Choose calm pastel shades with elements of floral pattern. Loft style implies a lack of spare parts combined with imitation of brickwork throughout the space – so use it in the bathroom of a small size is hardly appropriate.

The main feature of the style of minimalism – simple and clean lines. With most of the accessories for the bathroom should be hidden in the depths of the lockers. If you want to decorate in Scandinavian style, get an original white tub with a black or grey pattern. However, the room of white color can be decorated with various accessories, dark colours.

If you are unable to choose a specific style, then follow these expert recommendations:

– not “dwell” only on light colours;

– in the design space do not use more than three colors.

For example, a bathroom done in gray-white tones, is to dilute it with some bright accent, for example, red (this can be a table, cups, Mat). Don’t be afraid to experiment, just follow the tips of professionals, and all plans will turn out just perfect.

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