Dome homes: designs and rates. Description and recommendations for construction

Dome houses in our country is not widespread and not used in mass construction. However, for those who are inclined to implement their wildest ideas and ideas, this project can be a great way to build an unusual house. Of course, such a construction has its own specifics. This article looks at what dome homes: designs and rates, and a description of the designs and photos of the original buildings.

The house is in a dome shape not only looks unusual, but has several advantages compared to conventional buildings

The contents

  • 1 What is a dome home: projects and buildings
  • 2 Dome homes: designs, features and construction
  • 3 Spherical home: projects and materials for construction
  • 4 features of dome homes floor plan: photos and recommendations
  • 5 Dome house: photos, projects and technical peculiarities that need to be taken into account
  • 6 How to build a dome house with his own hands: instruction for Assembly
  • 7 Ready dome homes: designs, prices and photos of popular options
    • 7.1 Strategicheski dome house: price and features
    • 7.2 Dome house on Japanese technology
    • 7.3 Dome house: video instructions for self-Assembly design

What is a dome home: projects and buildings

Home dome is a rarity in our area, and they rarely meet on the streets. For this reason, not much is known about what advantages and disadvantages have such designs and how justified their construction compared to traditional buildings.


In our latitudes dome homes — a rare phenomenon

Among the positive aspects of such an unusual construction of the houses is isolated:

  • the interior space houses, which have a domed shape, is used more efficiently. First and foremost, you may notice if calculations of the two houses, identical in size, but have different shapes (dome and square). In the first case the saving of building materials will account for about 20%;
  • in comparison with a domed, rectangular house is less resistant to mechanical loads, including winds. By itself, the hemisphere can withstand much more of course, if all calculations were done correctly;

Please note! Dome house built according to all rules and regulations, able to withstand even a strong earthquake and did not collapse. However, it needs to have a solid Foundation and high quality build.

Subject to all rules and regulations of the construction, the dome house can become a reliable and solid structure

  • flat roofs are already not too popular in our climate zone, however, the dome shape of the roof and does save you from having to clear the snow from the roof;
  • the number of Windows which may be provided in the dome of the building without reducing the structural strength, much more than for standard buildings;
  • due to its shape, the dome house can be located on the site absolutely any party, and thus the load will always be distributed evenly.


Window triangular or oval shapes are best suited to the design dome home

Among other benefits, it is worth noting that due to the lower weight of the whole structure, it need not be the massive base, as for traditional structures. Enough will not be too expensive and complicated tape base. In addition, the Assembly structure is made from ready-made elements, so it takes only a few days.

Among the disadvantages of such structures note the following nuances:

  • if you have construction on a small or narrow area, convenient to place the structure of the round shape is not easy;
  • placement of furniture in the finished building can also cause some of the problems associated with the shape of the house. To put something at the wall is unlikely to succeed;


Using an unusual shape of the house, you can create interesting interior design solution

  • this construction involves a non-standard implementation of some of its parts, which may entail additional costs;
  • to create a project dome homes difficult. You can use ready-made drawing or to order a customized development using 3D technology.

Also it is necessary to understand that the standard window in the dome house little appropriate. Much more suitable Windows are round or triangular shape, which organically fit into the overall image of the house.

A useful tip! If you want to build a home-sphere, spherical projects of houses of a suitable size can be found in the Internet or to contact the company, which is engaged in their manufacture and Assembly.

Prices for dome construction

Quality A

Quality B

Quality C

Licensed Contractor

$100 — 150 / sq ft

$125 — 175 / sq ft

$150 — 200 / sq ft

Owner Contractor

$85 — 125 / sq ft

$100 — 150 / sq ft

$125 — 175 / sq ft

Owner Finished

$75 — 100 / sq ft

$90 — 135 / sq ft

$110 — 155 / sq ft


$65 — 95 / sq ft

$80 — 120 / sq ft

$95 — 140 / sq ft

This estimating guide has been prepared by Natural Spaces Domes, Inc. for the would-be dome builder, as an effort to give some help in figuring the rough costs one could expect to pay for a finished dome, built on an existing prepared lot. Many of the inquiries we receive have to do with various degrees of owner-participation in the actual construction and with various levels of finished quality. We have prepared the following to help address these variables. It must be stressed that these figures are only rough guidelines; actual costs will vary with numerous other factors. To obtain a total, multiply the gross building square feet on all floors by the figures below – which the calculator box does automatically.

You can even calculate the price of your dome as precise as possible using the metric system of the measurements at Viking Dome.

The terms and categories used above are defined below.

The cost range shown above relates to 3 main factors:

1.) Lower Levels/Basements: If you are building a lower level or basement and it will be completely open and unfinished, you can use the lower cost figure shown in the cost range. This is assuming you have entered the total gross square feet of the lower level/basement. Realize unfinished lower floors may be cheaper space, but they still have to be insulated, totally waterproofed, are part of the heating and cooling space, need lighting and outlets and are part of the air to air HRV/ERV exchanger.

2.) Kitchens: Kitchens are the biggest variable in terms of costs related to cabinets, countertops, and appliances. A kitchen stove could be $500 or it could be $15,000. Countertops could be laminate and cost $1000 or they could be slate or taconite and cost $20,000 – for the same kitchen.

3.) Bathrooms: The same type of comments mentioned above for kitchens apply to the bathroom. Their finishes and fixtures cost varies wildly.

Dome homes: designs, features and construction

In order to give the house a dome shape, using a special frame, on top of which is mounted a protective and decorative coating. The inner part of the walls necessarily is sheathed with insulation. At this stage, are engaged in laying network cables and other communications.

The construction of interior partitions and installation of door and window openings is carried out using standard technologies, which are used in buildings of traditional form.

To provide frame elements reliable connection, using a special attachment, called connectors. Because they take all the load from home, their choice should be given special attention. You need to choose and buy the connectors for the dome house is a high quality and not to save on the purchase.

To a house in the shape of a sphere lasts as long as possible do not skimp on quality materials

If you plan to build a house, which area is from 150 to 250 m2, it is recommended to use a steel workpiece with a thickness of 3-4 mm. In most cases this is enough, because these buildings rarely have more than 2 floors, and the load is distributed in such a way as not to have a devastating impact on the frame.

Spherical house: projects and materials for construction

In the process of building spherical houses, as a rule, prefer the easy, environmentally friendly and durable materials. In addition, they should be easily installed and to fully perform its role. Consider the spherical components for the construction:

  • connectors for dome homes – the elements that give strength to the structure in the places of joints. To protect these areas from corrosion, they should additionally reveal primer and paint;
  • necessary insulating layer, which often use mineral wool. However, there is another option – polyurethane foam. It is more easy to install and, unlike mineral wool does not absorb moisture, which greatly facilitates the work;

When building a house sector often uses environmentally friendly natural materials

  • as a substrate for roofs using OSB panels, which refers to category 3 or 4. For their production using wood chips that are pressed and sealed together with synthetic resins. Such plates are durable enough for this purpose and is extremely resistant to severe stress;

Please note! Earlier, the OSB boards are not recommended for use in the construction of dwellings, because they had the ability to highlight unsafe for humans formaldehyde. Today, however, in the process of production using only the most modern materials and technologies that have completely eliminated such risks.

  • for decoration the upper part of the roof, use shingles because it is the only material that easily accepts any form while simple and quick to lay;

The layout of the interior dome homes
  • the layout of the dome house can be any. Using, for example, sheets of drywall, you can divide the available space so as to be conveniently;
  • for interior decoration can be used a variety of materials. To create the original interior dome homes can be used any available materials and combining them at its discretion.

As you can see, all of the materials used for the construction of dome houses are light weight and extremely easy Assembly and disassembly. So the house can be dismantled, transported to another location, and reassembled without damaging the design and fully preserving all the characteristics of the building.

Features-plan dome house: photos and recommendations

Of course, the layout of the home dome will be slightly different from the usual for us. However, this does not mean that the unusual shape of the building imposes on the owners of any restrictions or prohibitions. On the contrary, because of the unusual shape of the walls, you can create the most unusual and original interiors.

Interior design dome home will differ from the standard solutions

Here are some tips that will help in the arrangement and design of:

  • because all the furniture and decorative items designed to accommodate a standard wall, you can think about individual customization. For example, look great picture of semicircular shape mounted on the wall;
  • if you need to furnish your office, you can think about the wooden furniture, the elements of which will exactly repeat the shape of the walls, giving the room a unique atmosphere;
  • with regard to the installation of various communications, you will play only the form of inner walls and features of the finishing materials used;

To create a harmonious atmosphere in a spherical building it is better to use several light sources

A useful tip! Some builders recommend to use for warming of walls of straw. How to make the dome a house of straw can be found on specialized sites and forums.

  • an element such as a fireplace may well be placed in the center of the room, making it the main element of the composition and at the same time solving the problem of the lack of a smooth wall to install it. In addition, it will allow you to save the maximum amount of heat that it gives, not wasting it in vain for heating the outer walls;

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  • another problem that may arise – opening Windows. If they are located high enough to open them manually will just be awkward. For this purpose, there are automated systems that allow you to do this with electric drives;
  • special attention should be paid to lighting a dome home. It would be better if lights will be much, because if you use one of the traditional chandelier ceiling light may miss.

One of the best options for placement of a fireplace in the center of the room

Dome house: photos, projects and technical peculiarities that need to be taken into account

In addition to the features which have to push the owners in the process of resettlement dome homes, must take into consideration a number of requirements that apply to any residential home. So, the project must be made subject to all fire safety regulations and according to the rules of construction.

You need to take into account the terrain and type of soil on which the building will be erected. An important role plays the level at which are located the underground waters, because, despite the relatively small weight of the structure, it is still a residential building, which should be established and not to succumb to external destructive factors.

Of course, in the construction process, we strive to use the most natural and ecologically clean materials. But when it comes to the implementation of such non-standard project, such as a domed building, worth to pay attention to modern artificial materials. In many cases they surpass natural counterparts in a number of technical characteristics.

The decoration of the facade of the dome home in natural stone

A lot to think about heating and ventilation because their arrangement has certain nuances, and to efficiently allocate resources, it is important to examine this issue.

A useful tip! To get the current list of rules and requirements, you can contact a specialized organization. Moreover, it is possible to obtain information about the model homes dome shape and view their photos and projects.

How to build a dome house with his own hands: instruction for Assembly

In order to build robust and reliable dome house, you need to adhere to the proposed algorithm, step by step, performing each operation. Consider each step from Foundation to final finishes of the house.

As in the construction of any traditional home, you need to start with measurements and equipment appropriate Foundation that will become a reliable basis for the design. Then laid out the key elements of the framework that will perform the function of the carrier and are the Foundation of the house.

House spherical shape you can create with your hands, but you can contact the experts or buy a ready package

Using the wooden hammer in the supporting vertical beams have to score pins. The strength of such connection is provided by the self-weight of elements. For this reason, the construction is progressing very quickly, especially considering the fact that in the lower parts of the boards have special slots.

You can then proceed to the installation of the transverse struts and fixing of OSB plates. For this purpose perfect standard screws, which will provide quick and reliable mount.

In the upper point where all the beams for secure fastening use of a special disk. At the same time exercise covering the lower segments, which gives the design added stability and strength. After this it remains only to install the top spacers and sheathing frame wood stoves.

Acting under this scheme, it is possible to assemble yourself, instead of buy ready-made dome house. The owners argue that if you strictly follow all the recommendations, in the end, you will receive no less durable design that will last you for years.

Mounting frame dome house at the top

The finished dome homes: designs, prices and photos of popular options

Not everyone wants to build their own home, and many prefer to specialists have implemented on their site ready project dome house. This option is less risky because it eliminates the most difficult stages of preparation, and calculation of dome houses is only one account of existing conditions.

But before you order a domed house, it is useful to see how with a large number of proposals in this area. Projects and rates of spherical houses can be significantly different from each other that, on the one hand, significantly extends the selection, and on the other – makes it difficult to choose the best option.

As for prices dome homes under the key, then it is important to understand that in addition to the acquisition of the frame, you need to take into account various indirect costs that, one way or another, will arise in the construction process.

Buy dome house can not be so profitable, how to build it yourself, but you get a warranty from the manufacturer and in case of any problems, you can easily contact him for help. As an example, let’s consider several variants of the dome houses, their prices and main features.

The cost of the finished dome house:

Name konstruktiivsed, м2Количество ecogeochemistry, RUB ARMIT Group Project No. 750свободная planirovka kit provides door, 4 Windows, full insulation and sheathing дома440000Стандартный dome house Dome-Dom523В price includes finished walls, both external and internal, floor covering, installing Windows and doors, санузел690000Увеличенный house from the company Dome-Domот 724Отделка shingles, flooring – laminate, in the upper part of the house to a люк793000ARMIT Group Project No. 8235свободная PLANIROVANIJA the dome in the Zenith, 7.2 m, diameter – 12 m. Construction of interior partitions provided by individual заказу1350000Скай 7.781.72 the Cost of delivery depends on the location of the site. There are терраса1790000 + finishing materialise 12191.54 German roofing. Two санузла4450000 + finishing materials

It is easier to get price of your dome as precise as possible using the metric system of the measurements at Viking Dome.

Strategicheski dome house: price and features

Strategicheski dome home is a structure that is assembled from separate vertical stands, gathered at the top. Such structures differ from the geodesic domes, as if in parallel with Assembly of the frame not to carry out partial plating, the necessary stability at home will not and he might just emerge.

In the construction of a small house with an area of about 52 m2, complete Assembly takes only a few hours. However, with all the extra finishing work, it can take up to 7 days. The acquisition and Assembly of frame will cost about 500 thousand rubles, excluding interior decorating and the purchase of necessary materials.

You can even calculate the price of your dome as precise as possible using the metric system of the measurements at Viking Dome.

A useful tip! Be sure to read reviews of owners of dome homes. This technology not so long ago used in the region and, perhaps, at thematic forums and sites where you can find useful information and practical tips for construction.

The layout of the dome houses strategicheskogo type

Dome house on Japanese technology

Japanese construction technology dome houses implies not only the use of non-standard solutions in the process of Assembly of the frame, but also the use of unconventional for this type of buildings materials. This technology allows to build a dome house out of foam which has excellent heat and sound insulating properties, while having a very low cost.

Depending on climate conditions, for the construction of dome houses Styrofoam use material of different thickness (from 8 to 19 cm). The frame is assembled from separate sections, which already have door and window openings.

The installation of the whole structure can be produced on a conventional strip Foundation and a wooden frame. The difference will consist only in the process of attaching house to base. All communications are in the internal partitions of the house, and if there are multiple floors and in the ceilings.

The main advantage of dome houses built on Japanese technology – high mobility and thus a sufficient reliability to build such houses, even in our relatively harsh climate. According to the reviews, dome houses with proper finishing and insulation are in no way inferior to the traditional structures in the specifications.

Monolithic dome house is made by Japanese technology with layers of Styrofoam

When reviewing the projects and prices dome homes made of expanded polystyrene, one can notice that their value may be significantly different. It depends not only on the materials used but also on the company, which is engaged in the manufacture and sale sections. The minimum cost is 2000 rubles per 1 m2, however it depends upon how thick are the walls and what materials will be used.

Looking through photos of the dome buildings, projects, and instructions on the construction, it is possible to see that such an original idea, as the house of the spherical form, is worthy of attention. At an affordable cost, this design is very easily built, resistant to any external factors and is in no way inferior to the houses of traditional form. And in order to do everything on your own, without professional help, it is enough to watch theme video tutorials.


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