Design in German style austerity and functionality

25 Oct 2017

As you know, the Germans are very practical people who value rationality and accuracy. If you share these qualities, the interior in German style, will become your perfect design solution. Main features of German style are comfort and functionality. At first glance it may seem that this interior will look too meticulously, and even somewhat austere. Actually it is not so: you will get a lot of free space, which can then be used on its own, because all the furniture and accessories are arranged according to principle of ergonomics.

German style came to us from Europe of the XIX century. In the period after the war, soldiers began to return home. Accordingly, increase in the number of marriages, there was a “boom” in the birth rate. The result was the flourishing of the middle class, which, in fact, introduced into the interior of the concept of “practicality,” and in Vogue functionality without frills and luxury.

In the German style, no unnecessary things and objects; there are only the most basic and necessary. Characterized by soft colors, natural materials, natural lighting, crisp lines and lack of additional ornamentation, such as moldings. In German style the primary colors are quite calm and warm, a preference for creamy and olive shades. To add expressiveness to the interior and to emphasize the proverbial crisp lines, it is customary to combine darker shades with light. For example, will look great with bright coloured walls and dark floors.

The floor is to be hardwood flooring or laminate Board. As the walls, you can choose a plain Wallpaper and Wallpaper with a subtle pattern.

When selecting furniture, preference is given to durable, functional, made of natural materials designs. You should also avoid unnecessary decorative elements. Appropriate will look small coffee tables, open shelving, chests of drawers, neat sofas and chairs with clean, straight lines. When choosing colors for the finishing of upholstered furniture preferred gray, green and Burgundy hues.

Natural light is one of the main aspects of the German style. Therefore, during the selection window textiles should opt for light and airy fabrics, again, no “extra” parts.

A few words should be said about the lighting. For German style lamps and chandeliers are matched by quite simple shapes, made of beautiful glass.

If you want to decorate the interior, on the walls you can hang pictures in a simple framework. Also, no harm will be accents decorative pillows on the sofa and chairs. And to dilute the strong situation room, the interior can and should be decorated with fresh flowers in decorative pots or in stylish vases. They can be placed not only on tables but on the floor and on the windowsill.

Bedroom in German the style is simple and concise. The furniture must be made of wood, simply. Usually wardrobes in the bedroom, to have not been made, but due to lack of space in modern apartments still possible to install a built-in wardrobe, the doors of which the best to disguise the wall.

Bedroom, as well as all the other rooms, decorated in German style, does not tolerate clutter, including too many pieces of furniture. In this room is enough to supply only a bed, bedside tables and chest of drawers for clothes. As a decoration on the wall you can hang a picture or mirror in an unusual, but at the same time a strict frame.

Kitchen in German style has to be primarily functional. The location of utensils and equipment must be as comfortable as possible. The furniture in the kitchen can be made of wood, or any other modern materials. The main thing here is the lack of additional elements. For floor perfect dark tiles, and walls bright Wallpaper.

Bathroom must also be extremely functional. As a finish, you should choose a monochromatic, high two-tone tile. The rigor and clarity of the lines, so characteristic of German design, should be traceable and in all installed plumbing fixtures.

German design excellent quality, simple shapes and, of course, maximum functionality. Let in this style and there is no excessive decor, but the simplicity, convenience and comfort more than make up for it. German design is not suitable for everyone. If your nature is inherent in the love of liberty and creativity, you love to collect different things and furnishings, you should think carefully: this style eliminates the possibility of collecting charming trinkets. But for modern business people who value their time, this style will fit just perfect.

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