The design of the baths: the important aspects

Each of us dreams of escape from the urban bustle and spend the weekend in the lap of nature in your warm cozy house. To make the stay a memorable one will help the bathhouse, because for the Russian people is not just a “wash”, but a real ritual. Bath is a philosophy. That is why the creation of comfortable interior and well selected materials and accessories, is as important a task as the process of its construction. During design of interior decoration of baths should take into account many aspects such as the correct arrangement of furniture, accessories and other nuances, about which we rarely think. Talk about it in our today’s article.

Bath is the place where you should not experiment with the design, and, especially, to save it. Best to start with the creation of a competent sketch, plan, scheme, which will take into account all important parameters, until the place where there will be a shampoo and hanging cap. There are some guidelines for the creation of the interior of the bath, which should not be neglected:

– bath room is commonly sheathed with panels of the same color to avoid color discord;

– to achieve harmony in the surroundings, the color of the walls and ceilings should choose a warm and pleasant shades;

– in the bath it is recommended to avoid sharp corners and protruding objects (to avoid injuries);

– in the bath should not be items made of synthetic materials (e.g., plastics) that when heated can start to melt and release toxic substances;

all necessary items should be easily accessible.

If to speak about the main stages of creating a pleasant and comfortable interior of the bath, it is necessary to highlight two key points:

1. The choice of lighting

The choice of lighting is considered to be one of the most important aspects in creating beautiful and stylish design of the bath. For rooms with high humidity and optimal temperature difference will be the fog ceiling. It is equally important to choose soft and soothing light, not bright and sharp. Ceiling themselves better to hang on the wall, because the ceiling usually accumulates hot air.

2. The choice of finishing materials

For the internal arrangement of the bath is exclusively used wood, because it is not only beautiful but also healthy. Wood has low thermal conductivity, plasticity, and environmental friendliness. It can be any species; the decisive factor here is your preference and financial capabilities.

Traditional Russian Banya consists of three areas:

– dressing room (sometimes combined with room);

– steam;

– shower room.

The dressing room is pretty important place. It is intended for changing clothes. Sometimes it is combined with the lounge, and then the dressing area is separated, for example, a screen.

The steam room is considered the heart of bath. It is an integral element of the oven. It can be made of different materials but the most preferred will be the classic version of a refractory brick with elements of iron on the floor and the wall to prevent a fire from accidentally fallen embers. The stove also should choose the classical, that is rectangular. The oven is usually placed in the far corner. The access must be free.

The steam room should be equipped with benches where you can comfortably and with comfort to sit and shelves for bath accessories. Benches and shelves better to do with slightly rounded corners to avoid accidental injury. For convenience, the shelves should be placed no less than five feet.

In the baths it is customary to use a deaf wooden doors. There are also doors made entirely of special heat resistant glass. Do not forget about such an important item as a door knob. It should be chosen carefully, because the material and clamping devices should not become hot. Glass door has a plus: in case of emergency situation it can be broken, thereby easing the exit to the street. The door should be installed so as to open outwards.

Dressing room and rest room sometimes do with each other. In this case, the floor tiles can be finished, as it is fairly easy to care for. Most importantly, don’t forget to choose tiles with antiskid effect (in the extreme case, you can purchase rubber mats).

In the rest room, you should put a big wooden table and comfortable chairs. And don’t forget to equip place for storage of tea utensils. Also in this room you can install a stereo and TV: they will help to diversify your rest.

So, the basis of good relaxing in the bath is a good design, attention to detail. Even bath intended for relaxation, not to forget that it is also an increased source of danger. Therefore, it is not so significant at first glance, the nuances will help to provide you safe and quality rest, which you then will remember with great pleasure.

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