Decorating Habits That Need To Stop

Shopping for home décor is always fun. Styling your home with new decor can be exciting, but there is a right and wrong way of going about it. You are not a professional stylist, and if your home is not hitting the desired chic-spot, you should not feel bad about it. If this is the year you want to create your dream home, here are some bad decorating habits that you need to break to achieve your goal.

Stop asking for permission before you decorate
So you are looking to redecorate your home, but more often than not you might start second-guessing your decision. When inspiration strikes, do not start second-guessing your choice and feeling the need to ask for permission to decorate your house. You do not have to ask for input from your parents, friends, or even on social media. It is your house, and you will be the one living in the house, therefore, feel free to try even your wildest ideas.

Do not ignore your feelings
The fact that there are numerous resources on how to decorate your home makes decorating both interesting and exciting. You can watch TV shows, read magazines and online articles filled with amazing ideas and inspiration. You could try and replicate these ideas into your space but if it does not make your home feel like an oasis change it immediately. Your home should be your haven away from the crowd if you are not comfortable in it that should be a sign that you need to change something. In the same spirit when decorating so not let another person make the choices for you because your home might lose your style.

Making comparisons on Pinterest
Pinterest can be a great sea of ideas and inspiration that you could try in your home. However, it is not wise to compare your home with what you see on Pinterest. All homes on Pinterest seem so perfect when compared to yours. Making you feel inferior. The truth is comparison kills creativity, and you do not want that to happen. You do not know how much resources a person put in to make their home look so perfect. Comparing your home with those on Pinterest will leave you feeling dissatisfied with your space.

Do not buy everything and anything
Most people will buy anything they see being sold, and even though there is nowhere to place the item, they will find space making it crowded. Over styling is a common mistake most people make. It makes your home feel less lived in. When it comes to decoration, simplicity is the key. Remember less is more. When shopping around for decor practice restraint and only keep pieces that are timeless and classic. Another mistake most people make is trying to keep up with fads and passing trend, and they end up purchasing many different pieces that they do not need. Try and avoid trends and only buy items that you love.

Above is a list of all decorating habits that you should try and overcome. If you are guilty of any of the above habits, try and break it and make your home your haven.

About the Author:

Olivia Lind spends her day focusing on her job as a CPA, but, in the evenings you’ll find her organizing and decorating the sets of the local theater guild and helping to arrange showroom floors for one of the largest furniture companies on the west coast. In her free time, she enjoys hitting up the local club scene with her friends and taking extended weekend jaunts wherever her VW bug can take her in a day or two.

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