Creative optimization of suburban space with the help of improvised means

18 Aug 2017

The modern world is littered with things – as well as our homes. This is especially true of small cottages. There we used to take still serviceable, but obsolete, outdated things. Often to the country we come only for the weekend, and they do not want to spend on cleaning and trying to disassemble the reservoir of the old household trouble and we have enough in urban apartments. To ease the country life and give your dwelling the look stylish and original, it will be enough time to organize a convenient storage system. The time you spend not so much, but you will save yourself from many worries and problems.

Optimizing kitchen space

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our homes. There will not prevent additional shelves, because the jam and twist should not be stored in different locations across the country, preventing the hosts.

Do not forget also about the hooks. Very convenient when each pan hangs separately and not have to sort through mountains of dishes below at some point to find the right. An alternative (and very creative!) option – adapting an old Bicycle wheel, equipping it with hooks, and hanging from the ceiling. This original and very practical design, it will be possible to hang buckets, pans and other kitchen utensils. And what a refinement it will give the interior of your kitchen!

Don’t forget find the use of old kitchen and garden utensils: trays with high sides could well turn into shelves for spices, and the iron part of the rake will be the original suspended coaster for glasses.

Storage system in the bedroom

To make your stay as comfortable as possible in the bedroom by the bed (or above it) you can build a small shelf using a small old box. During sleep there one can put mobile phone and different necessary stuff. Better to use a box so things don’t accidentally fall. Still to this shelf you can hang the lamp on the clothespin. This shelf did not look too strictly, decorate it according to your taste: paint in a pleasing color, glue coloured paper or remnants of old Wallpaper.

Not everyone in the country there is a place for wardrobe. To things that we come from the city, ready for the time of rest, on the door you can place a small rod under the hanger. To save bedroom space, rarely used items can be stored in the junk boxes previously adorned their packaging or gift paper, ribbons or other interesting elements.

Old wooden chairs are also used: if nail them to the wall, the seat will serve as an excellent holder of the box, and the lower crossbar – a coat rack. The interior of your bedroom, this design will add brutality and originality.

Living room

Living room – a relaxation area. Space is especially important. So as a stand under the TV you can use the old compact refrigerator: inside it there are quite a lot of space to clean different things (such as batteries, DVDs, etc.). And to keep your books and magazines stood in different parts of the house, enough to beat the old Board to the wall, an improvised country and your library is ready! Do not forget to pre-treat the wood with special protective structure, and then cover it with varnish or paint so as not to disturb the aesthetics of the room.

Entrance hall

The hallway is the room in which we find ourselves, once enter the house. Here remove the top clothes and shoes. The shoes do not interfere with the free movement, you can take an old ladder with wide steps, to fix it on the wall, and the top to put shoes, boots, sandals. As hooks for clothes, you can use the previously mentioned metal frame of the old rake.

After the interior of the house will be decorated with original, and at the same time functional objects, will turn to economic structures, because they also need to arrange.

The barn

Convenient and well-organized space inside the shed will help you save a lot of time. Divide it into functional zones. Large garden tools (shovels, rakes, hoes) place on a separate wall, beat her, for example, small pieces of plastic pipe (stock can be stored inside the tube).

For storage of construction tools (these include hammers, pliers, saws and other tools) also it is necessary to highlight a single wall, where a non-trivial look of the plastic pipes or even old cans. For storing small items you can use old food containers and plastic jars: make sure to sort out the details and sign the container.

The old basket – thing to give is irreplaceable. They will be beneficial to look, giving even the building for household purposes a cozy atmosphere. You can use them to store cords, garden gloves and things like that.

Country bikes can be kept on the wall, hanging on the brackets. And doubly so to save space, hanging them is vertical.

If you have a certain number of wires that hinder you, you can create a creative storage system of bushings from toilet paper. For this you need to connect the sleeve with tape and put them in a box of suitable size. The box glue a beautiful paper or wrap rough twine, then your wires will always be at hand and in neat condition.


It is very important that the interior of the baths were not only beautiful but also convenient. Extravagance and practicality will give him an old wooden ladder: if you pin it horizontally under the ceiling, so it can be hung fragrant brooms. If you leave a ladder standing against the wall, it is quite possible to use as a stand for toiletries. To hide the bulb from splashes, from an old aluminum basin or bucket pitch of the original lampshade. And to create a pleasant atmosphere, place on the wall in the dressing room of old ladies and put them in small candle. Feel free to use your imagination: handmade is always in fashion, because it helps to create a truly non-trivial design any rooms.

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