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9 Jun 2017

Owners of household plots is familiar with the situation, when after dark the movement within becomes difficult. Yes, and the station in the evening and at night loses its beauty and individuality. To save the situation by using well-designed lighting. All kinds of street lamps, lights twinkling in the twilight, create a truly fabulous atmosphere and ensure the safety of all family members, not to mention how much nicer will return to the house where the lamp light illuminated the porch.

It should be noted that the lighting plan should consider at the very beginning of the design of the site landscape, simultaneously with the placement of gazebos, flower beds, rockeries, ponds and other decorative elements. Otherwise, the creation of the backlight will become more difficult and financially costly process.

Street lighting can be divided into two types:



In the dark hours for the security on the plot responsibly functional lighting. In principle, for comfortable movement on the territory is sufficient to create the lighting at the entrance to the building, at the entrances to the Parking area or garage, as well as along pathways on the plot. Planning functional lighting plot, you should pay attention to the following technical characteristics of lamps:

the term of operation;

– protection from extremes of temperature and moisture;

– simplicity and ease of use.

The placement of lighting elements should be harmonious: the most brightly lit fragment of the landscape is desirable to make the front of the house. The next object upon the intensity of the light beam are designated for rest – arbours, terraces. Garden paths are better equipped with soft, diffuse lighting. This distribution of light on the plot will create not only beautiful but comfortable from a psychological point of view the situation.

No matter how beautiful and original it would be your land, with the onset of twilight to discern with love by flower beds, Alpine hills, ponds, flowerpots, and other delights of landscape design will be difficult. Here rescue may come decorative lighting. With it, you can create a unique atmosphere surrounding your vacation home, and even in the dark to see all the delights of the garden. Depending on preference, the decorative lighting can fill the area with a festive glow or to bring a touch of romanticism.

Wanting to create a decorative lighting of the site, it should be remembered that warm light creates a feeling of proximity of the object, while cool visually pushes the. These properties of artificial lighting can be used for the zoning of the adjoining territory, and even visually to expand its borders.

Buildings erected on the land for recreation such as arbors, terraces and other, is meant to create a relaxing, intimate environment. This effect at night can be achieved by using a warm ambient light.

If you wish for garden lighting you can use different colored lights. In order not to overdo it with color, you will choose two or three options, harmony with each other. With caution should treat white, red and brown colors.

To create a festive atmosphere at your summer cottage is perfect all kinds of lights and led tape. They can be placed on fences flower beds and flower beds, to hide in the trees or decorate the gazebo. By the way, trees and shrubs are good not only for holiday illumination. With the help of mini-floodlights mounted on the ground, you can effectively highlight plants in your garden.

The beautiful decoration of the site is a small pond or a fountain, and make it night time even more unique, you can use the backlight. In this case, suitable colored and monochromatic light. Reflections on the water create a truly fascinating spectacle.

To create lighting infield fit all kinds of lamps: energy-saving, fluorescent, incandescent. But most often in suburban areas use the solar-powered lights. Equipped with special batteries, data lighting devices are convenient because they do not need wiring. Charged during the day from sunlight, at night they provide sufficient illumination of the selected objects. They can be moved from place to place, experimenting with lighting, while in winter – time to clean house.

Recently, the specialists in landscape design are increasingly using led lighting, creating the effect of “hidden lighting” on the site. Support for this type of lighting can become almost any garden close to fence flower beds, the crowns of shrubs and trees. With led lamps at night, the area can be transformed beyond recognition.

Lamps, with which the evening and at night creates functional and decorative lighting the infield, capable and light act as decoration. The original design of lighting can create with their hands or to acquire unique lamps in specialized stores. For parcels, the design of which is quite simple and minimalistic, suitable for lamps of unusual shapes, vintage lanterns and coloured lights. If the site includes a variety of decorative elements, be it rock gardens, flower beds, open areas with elaborate furniture, etc., it is advisable to choose lighting more simple and austere forms.

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