Cottage Style – Helpful Tips to Design your House in Cottage Style

Cottage houses are like that dreamy pictures that you see in the storybooks and you close your eyes and dream of living in one of them. What makes the cottage houses more amazing is the history they hold behind their doors. The cottage style was first applied by the farm workers families in Europe in the middle ages, these houses were mainly made of stones and they had thatched roofs to shed the rain and the snow.

Simplicity, relaxation, coziness, quietness and low maintenance are the top benefits that you will enjoy if you have a house in cottage style. Who doesn’t need to get away from the noisy crowded city life and live for a while in a quite, warm and cozy place like a cottage house? Pause your busy life and spend your summer time, vacations or holidays in such a nice place.

The cottage house doesn’t require big spaces; the rooms should be small and warm to perfectly apply this style. The good news is that the small space won’t require a big budget and what is even better about the cottage style is that it costs almost nothing when it comes to maintenance and heating. The materials that you will use in your cottage house should be mainly natural like, wood, metal and stones. Saving a space for a beautiful green garden is really essential if you want your cottage house to look perfect.

Generally the space of the rooms should be small, but deciding which room should be smaller or larger than the other will be totally up to your needs and style of life. For example, if you need a big place for entertainment, then you need to save the largest room to be your living room. The number of the bedrooms will also depend on the number of your family members and the number of the guests that you will invite to your cottage house. Just make sure to design small bedrooms to enjoy the coziness and the relaxation of the cottage style.


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