Construction of houses of timber with his own hands: technology features

Selecting technology and material for building a house, many owners prefer houses made of timber. This decision is due to several positive aspects, including the ability to independently perform all the necessary work. Consider how it should be carried out the construction of houses of timber with his own hands so in the end we got a beautiful and safe building.

The house of timber you can build yourself or purchase services of design and construction of turnkey

The contents

  • 1 Construction of houses of timber with his own hands: the rules of choice of wood
  • 2 House made of timber with his own hands: which is better, solid, or glued profiled beam?
    • 2.1 Construction of wooden houses from profiled timber: advantages and disadvantages
    • 2.2 Construction a wooden house from a bar: the benefits of using solid timber
    • 2.3 Features of construction of houses from glued beams
    • 2.4 the House of laminated veneer lumber: reviews and recommendations of the owners
    • 2.5 Wooden house from a bar: preparing for self-build
  • 3 On what Foundation you need to build a house made of timber: selection rules
  • 4 How to construct a one-storey house from a bar: step by step instructions on the construction of walls
  • 5 How to build a home from a bar: features installation of roof and floor
  • 6 Features finish the home from a bar: photo examples
  • 7 timber Houses under the key: examples, projects, prices and descriptions
    • 7.1 House from profiled beam under the key to the company DomaTo
    • 7.2 “Woodstein” — the house of laminated veneer lumber: photos, description, reviews, cost
    • 7.3 single-Storey house from a bar under the key: draft OD-7 8×12
  • 8 Finnish houses from glued beams: what they are and how they differ from the rest
  • 9 the Rules of the care home from a bar: how to extend the life of a wooden house
  • 10 How to build your own home from a bar: video instruction for beginners

Construction of houses of timber with his own hands: the rules of choice of wood

Choosing the right quality of wood is the first and one of the most important aspects that determines the success of the construction. And since wood, like any other material has its own characteristics and advantages, should take a responsible approach to its selection and acquisition.

Through the use of laminated veneer lumber for building, construction work durable, reliable and durable

The first characteristic that you should look for when selecting wood is its density and strength. For various wood species this indicator is different and there are even some that are no worse than the metal. Therefore, in the selection process it is important to pay attention to it, because even a small house of timber must be built to withstand the serious load.

These are the basic requirements that must be met for a good home from a bar:

  • the walls should be strong, reliable and durable;
  • the level of heat and sound insulation must be sufficiently high;
  • the project should be designed in such a way that the load did not provoke the subsidence and deformation of the walls.

If you decide to build a house from timber, to make these indicators more than real. Nevertheless, there are some shortcomings of wood still have to put up with. For example, timber has a very low level of fire safety. In addition, he tends to react negatively to precipitation, partially deformed as a result of their exposure.

Quality wood for the construction of the house determines the duration of the field period of the whole building

Important! The process of sedimentary deformation is particularly relevant for the first few years of operation of the house. In the future, if it will be observed, to a much lesser extent.

To build a house with timber of coniferous trees. This way, you will get several advantages: the lifetime of such a bar long enough, it is as resistant to decay, light weight, which positively affects the Foundation and eventually cracks.

Thus, the selection of a suitable material, and of no less importance than compliance with the prescribed construction technology. In the purchase process should pay attention to the quality of the purchased timber, choosing only the best material that can last for many years.

To ensure that the building possessed all the necessary characteristics, should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of timber as construction material

A house made of timber with his own hands: which is better, solid, or glued profiled beam?

There are two types of timber: solid and profiled. For the construction of houses apply both, but to choose the most suitable option, it is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Construction of wooden houses from profiled timber: advantages and disadvantages

In the case of use for the construction of the profiled bars required profile. In this case, can be spikes or ring grooves. With their help timber fastened along the entire length, then polished. Usually the timber for construction is sold fully finished, so that the owner can only collect from the provided design elements. Here are the advantages of such solutions:

  • the resistance to deformation of such structures is extremely high;
  • with this technology the cost of construction significantly reduced;

The cost of construction of hand-chopped logs is much higher than that of the profiled bars

  • technology of construction of such houses is somewhat simpler than in other cases;
  • the wall surface is even, which eliminates the need to sheathe;
  • inside the walls will not gather rainwater and melt water, so the level of protection from decay you can also call pretty high.

Important! In the process of production of high quality profiled bars produce certain calculations, to prevent the ingress of precipitation mezhventsovyh seams.

Clear and beautiful shape of the material allows you to quickly and efficiently carry out all necessary construction work. In addition, these homes are characterized by a high level of insulation and have an attractive appearance.

Building complex structures requires careful calculations in the design phase

After the house shaped house sits, no need to spend the time and effort to caulk the wall. Natural windscreen of the walls of such a house will be quite sufficient, and the insulation also makes a very decent due to the high density of ring compounds.

Of course, as with any other material, have profiled timber and disadvantages. For example, any atmospheric effects it brings bad. In addition, the material is extremely light easily and actively supports combustion. In order to reduce these negative factors, be sure the wood is treated with special protective impregnation.

Important! Due to the impact of natural atmospheric humidity in the warm beams quite often crack. So you should take care to search for such a material, the moisture content which was initially reduced not less than to 20%. Doing this, resorting to technologies of drying chamber.

Another important aspect is the thickness of the walls made from profiled bars, enough for a comfortable stay in the conditions of a harsh climate of our country. Therefore it is best to resort to additional external insulation.

Construction of houses of timber requires careful adjustment of each element

Construction of wooden houses of timber: the benefits of using solid timber

Of course, you should pay attention to the construction of houses of solid timber. Despite the fact that its appearance is greatly inferior to the first embodiment, it is used in the construction of quite widely and has some advantage. One of the main cost. Another important factor in the process of preparation of wood, its natural moisture is retained, which significantly reduces the duration of the preparatory phase and eliminates the need for a range of additional activities.

Buy solid timber easier than any other kind, since the production of this material takes much less time. In addition, in order to build a quality home from a bar don’t require special equipment.

But there are such solutions have drawbacks:

  • the surface of the walls will definitely need some serious finishing work, which will increase costs. Most of these houses sheathe siding or sheathing;
  • there is still a danger to purchase of substandard material for inexperience;

Timber as a natural material, requires the use of special protective equipment

  • solid timber exposed to the fungus because the special procedure of drying is not provided. This can be partly solved by using a special impregnation, but it also entails costs;
  • because mezhventsovyh joints a house is blown pretty bad. Therefore, high-quality thermal insulation will have to think anyway;
  • very often, after shrinkage in the wood cracks.

Construction of houses from glued beams

Houses from glued beams under the key today is not uncommon. This wood product is widely used in construction and is well suited for self-implementation of the project. One of the main advantages of this solution – box of a house being built quickly enough. The walls in this are extremely durable and able to withstand the serious load.

Glued laminated timber is one of the most popular materials for building a house

Due to the special production technology, can not worry that glued laminated timber will crack or deform under the weight of the roof, due to the fact that the fibers of the lamellae are directed in different directions. Glulam can be called environmentally friendly material. However, there is one subtlety – in the manufacture of important, how well was the used adhesive composition, as its components can have a negative impact on the health of people living in the house. That is why the price of houses from glued beams should not be too low.

Glued laminated timber is better than all other materials resistant to the action of fire. To a house on fire, takes about 10 minutes of continuous exposure to open fire. Also, this type of timber is resistant to decay and mold.

Interesting! In the walls of the adhesive rod are not live insects, because every detail is carefully dried and sealed very tightly. For this reason, inside misses rain water and snow.

To build a house of laminated veneer lumber can own hands, using ready-made project

Do not forget about some of the difficulties associated with the construction of houses from glued beams. Owner reviews, for example, indicate that this material is very cheap, and call it is available to all does not. Besides, as already mentioned, the important role has the quality of glue used in the production process that is almost impossible to check for sure.

Sometimes you have to face the fact that the manufacturer is irresponsible approached the process of forming a profile or a corner of the castle details. In this case, you could face a violation of the proportions of all boxes that have a negative impact on the entire building and hence the price of houses from glued beams under the key in this case is quite justified. Also worth noting is the rather low level of insulation of such material: glulam hardly keeps the heat inside the building.

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House of laminated veneer lumber: reviews and recommendations of the owners

Taking into account the cost of construction of houses from glued beams, before the construction it is useful to note that owners of such buildings, because only they can provide the most accurate information about the quality and practicality of operating such homes.

Glulam is an environmentally friendly material, but you should pay attention to the presence of the quality certificates from the manufacturer

“We contacted the company, which is engaged in construction of houses from glued beams under the key. The construction itself took about 1.5 months. Live second year and one winter already experienced. I can say that the house is very comfortable. Warm well maintained and no problems with the wind blowing out there.”

Vyacheslav, Yaroslavl

“It is not surprising that the cost of houses from glued beams is the highest. I have studied the options, many times I read that this is the best option. So one of these built. Generally, wooden houses from glued beams – it’s like a good designer: to work extremely easy, pleasant and all very quickly.”

Yuri, Krasnodar

Wooden house from a bar: preparing for self-build

Identify with what type of timber is more suitable for the construction of your house, you go to the preparatory work and purchase of materials. The easiest way to order a Board of the required size. Then all that’s left to do is put out a box according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Construction of two-storey houses of timber requires careful calculations to ensure the building was safe and had a long life

In the preparation process, be sure to pay attention to the wood used was of a proper quality. The detection of large cracks (especially through), the element must be replaced. It is also necessary to inspect for the presence of insects. In addition, do not forget about the importance of material processing antiseptic.

In order to carry out all necessary works on the construction of the buildings themselves, will require a set of tools, among which must be:

  • electric or gasoline saw;
  • building level;
  • electric drill;
  • measuring tape;
  • the perforator;
  • axe;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • nails, screws and other fasteners.

The project for building a house can be developed independently or purchased from the construction company

Equally important is a drawing of the house from a bar. In the process of drafting a detailed plan to be carried out all the necessary calculations. Even though, it is quite possible to do yourself, many people prefer to contact the experts to eliminate the risk of error that can lead to serious consequences.

On what Foundation you need to build a house made of timber: selection rules

Preparing all necessary drawings and materials, you can begin laying the Foundation of the future house. And in order to choose the most suitable in the specific case of substrate type, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

  • the characteristics of the soil existing on the site;
  • calculations to determine the anticipated load on the Foundation;
  • other features of the house construction.

The Foundation for the house from a bar, you must choose on the basis of the parameters of the building and geological data of the area

As the base can be used as a wood and concrete Foundation. If anything, come for the second option, laying on top of the brick plinth, and on top, spreading the walls of the timber. Although a wooden base is also quite acceptable.

Building the log home can be produced on the pier Foundation, as on a tape basis. Also resorted to low-depth recessed to the Foundation. But given the small total weight of the structure, usually the base not doing too great. Usually 50-70 cm below the house is securely standing.

How to build a one-storey house from a bar: step by step instructions on the construction of walls

Construction of houses of timber with their hands without the experience of construction is not really such a bad idea as it might seem at first glance. To produce laying yourself it’s possible, especially if you pre-determine the technology of Assembly. The walls lay out in rows, just stacking the next layer on the previous, until the wall reaches the desired size.

There are several options notching of logs “in the bowl” and “paw”

Fit logs to each other to provide the grooves. But these places definitely need to be insulated to prevent heat loss. And in order to increase the strength of the walls, it is recommended to fasten together boards by means of special spines.

The minimum amount of hassle will be in the case of untreated pine lumber, as due to its small weight, the computation can be done manually, without the special equipment.

Self-erecting the walls of the timber, it is worth remembering two basic rules:

  • all seams must be caulked to reduce petroproduct walls;
  • after the walls are built, they definitely need to open a special compound that will give them extra strength and fire resistance.

Manufacturer of wood for building a house you can buy logs with the finished grooves

Otherwise, one-storey houses made of timber: laminated veneer, solid or profiled, can build each. A simple but effective technology will allow to make structure solid and reliable.

How to build a home from a bar: features installation of roof and floor

In an attempt to save money on building a house from timber, a lot of people make the mistake of not paying enough attention to the quality of the roof. Often for her, using cheap materials, the type of Ondulin. Doing so is strongly not recommended, as the roof is, first and foremost, safety.

Depending on opportunities, as well as the individual preferences of the Builder, the roof can be of various kind. It depends on the type of roofing and roof system. But in any case, each area should be furnished with the use of boards of different sizes, for example, if the trusses you selected items 150х40 mm for struts and braces you need to take 100х40 mm.

The type of roof you need to choose based on the characteristics of the building and Foundation

As for features decorating the floor, the key factor is the choice of homeowners. The main thing – to take care of the proper level of warmth and waterproofing to cover in a short time it fell into disrepair. The same applies to the installation of the ceiling.

Important! If the house has a basement or ground floor, should pay attention to waterproofing. To lay a layer of waterproofing material in this case, you need before they will perform works by leveling up or pouring of the screed.

In order to ensure the required level of waterproofing in a wooden house, you can use the following materials:

  • waterproofing in rolls;
  • of coating materials;
  • filler system;
  • penetrating moisture protection.

Roof covering must be done according to the rules of installation of roof pie

Of course, home from a bar to permanent residence need investment, but it is better to take care of the quality of the base and the roof so that no further had to correct the effects of errors. The same applies to all materials for warmth and waterproofing.

Features finishing timber houses: photo examples

Having dealt with the peculiarities of the technology of construction of houses of timber, you should pay attention to some of the nuances of the finish. It is primarily performed works on installation of interior partitions, Windows and doors. Then lay subfloor, insulation and finish. Be sure to trim the ceiling.

Important! All work on the laying of communications (water, Sewerage, energy supply and heating) must be completed prior to finishing work.

Routing all communications in the house must be agreed with the responsible utilities

Regarding design, there are many options: you can leave it as is to a house made of logs looked as natural as possible. But in this case you should make sure that you used the timber looks quite attractive for this. Another option is to sheathe the walls, using the siding and then paint it. In the same way using battens and other similar materials.

House from a bar under the key: examples, projects, prices and descriptions

Despite the simplicity of the technology, not every site owner wants to mess with building a house yourself. Therefore there are special companies which are ready to build a house from a bar under the key, if one of the model or your personal project. Consider what is ready to offer its clients the best construction company.

Choose a house from a bar turnkey you can view a directory of finished projects from the construction company

House from profiled beam under the key to the company DomaTo

First the types of projects of houses of timber turnkey, price and quality which will please the customer called D1. It covers an area of 7х9 m, and its total area is about 125 m2. These dimensions will comfortably accommodate the whole family.

This timber home with a loft, that is, in fact it has a 1.5 floor. In addition, the plan has a large terrace and a spacious balcony on the upper floor of the house. In summer, this area is indispensable for travelers.

Take a closer look at the specifications and features of this structure:

  • initially, the project provides a pier Foundation, but if you want, our specialists are ready to individually calculate a belt or screw pile-Foundation for your home;

The project house of logs with a terrace

  • the harness is made of timber 100×150 mm. as a sexual lag put the same size elements with a pitch of 90-100 cm;
  • to the first floor walls using profiled beam 95 (145 or 190) mm 145 mm on jute canvas. Interior walls made of timber 95х145 mm;
  • the walls on the second floor – shaped beam 95х145 mm;
  • Windows provided with double glazing. All accessories also comes. The entrance door is metal, without fittings;
  • for trusses are used the boards 40х100 or 150 mm, the soaking step is not more than 90 cm;
  • the house roof – Ondulin (please choose color: brown, red, or green);
  • the height of the first and the second floor is 2.5 m. For the filing of the ceiling use battens;
  • the staircase is wooden and can be both straight and half-pace.

A project home from a bar should be designed in such a way as to optimize the load and prevent sagging and deformation of the walls

What exactly will be the price of construction of houses of timber turnkey, specialists of the company is calculated individually, taking into account many factors, including the individual wishes of customers. The only thing that can be described exactly the cost of the materials offered by this company:

  • timber 100×150 mm – 744.;
  • beam 150×150 mm – 806.;
  • timber 150×200 mm – 898 RUB.

With confidence we can say that the construction of houses of timber turnkey, maybe not the cheapest option, but it is more than justified, because it saves you from having to do everything yourself.

When designing the house it is better to provide a relaxation area — terrace

A useful tip! Before you finally decide on a company which will undertake the construction of your home, it is advisable to communicate with specialists of several companies. It is possible to order the free estimates of the cost of construction, and then to choose the best for you.

To summarize, we can say that house from a bar is a great idea, realize that, in fact, not so difficult. Almost all the necessary work, if desired, can be carried out independently. You can also contact one of the companies that specializiruetsya on this issue and will be able to quickly and efficiently build a house of laminated veneer lumber beams under the key.

“Woodstein” — the house of laminated veneer lumber: photos, description, reviews, cost

To consider in more detail the question of how much to build a house of timber can be an example of this model. A construction company advertises the cost of 1 303 170 rubles. The total area of the house is 118,37 m2 (9.7х9.3 m).

The cost of construction of houses under the key from “Woodstar” is laying the Foundation, erection of walls and roof

So the price of houses from glued beams from the manufacturer of “Cedar” includes the following activities:

  • the laying of the Foundation;
  • the construction of the walls of laminated veneer lumber with a height of 2.7 m. Assembly Technology involves the use of wooden pins, which are located at a distance of 1.5 m. Besides, 5 mm Logutova cloth is laid between the rows. Be sure all surfaces are treated with a protective composition;
  • for floors use waterproofing material – gidrostekloizol;
  • for the overlap between floors use of I-beam 50/200 mm;
  • for attic floor apply timber 50х150 mm;
  • rafter – beam 50/200 mm. the Crate is made from edging boards 25х100 step of which is 25 cm as a roofing material is metal.

An example of the finished project from the company “Budstar”

Interesting! The company offers its customers an interesting service – weekly photo progress reports via e-mail. This allows you to observe the process, without spending time on travel to the construction site.

One-storey house from a bar under the key: draft OD-7 8×12

As an example, one-story house, consider a project proposed by the company “Lombroso”. The price of construction of houses of timber in this case depends on how thick the material is used. Customers are offered three choices:

  • timber 100×150 mm – 720 000 rubles;
  • beam 150×150 mm – 806 000 rubles;
  • timber 200×150 mm – 900 000 rubles.

The cost of construction of houses under the key from “Domarus” depends on the thickness of timber used

Originally intended to be a reference pier Foundation, however, there is a possibility to replace it with a screw pile-for a fee. Strapping used a bar of natural moisture 150×150 mm for the 1st series and 150-100 mm for the 2nd series. Floor beams made of timber 50х150 mm increments from 60 to 70 cm.

As material for walls, used timber of natural humidity 90х140 mm together with jute insulation with a thickness of 4 mm. For walls use the same Board, but without the insulation. The frame is going on a wooden birch dowel.

For the ceiling and take timber 50×100 mm with a pitch of 60-70 cm, and then further sutured lining category and roll insulation that provides the proper level of insulation. Vapor barrier material is placed on both sides. Usually use “Nanosol” or its analogues.

3D design of one-storey houses from profiled bars from “Domarus”

Rafters – timber 50×100 mm, located at a distance of 800 mm. as used roofing material “Onduline” one of three colors: brown, cherry or green. 30-inch overhang is stitched paneling.

Windows the house has wooden, double glazed, and all necessary hardware. In addition, the set and the deaf door.

A useful tip! If you take the time to move, you can order a house with timber for shrinkage. In this case, the design should settle for 6-12 months without finishing materials.

The project one-storey house with a terrace

Finnish houses from glued beams: what they are and how they differ from the rest

Intrigued by the question of how to build a house out of timber, every reader is sure to meet the wording “Finnish home from a bar”. Consider what it is, and what are the advantages of these structures.

These houses got their name thanks to one of the Finnish companies that were involved in the production of timber of excellent quality. With the latest technology, as well as considerable experience in this field, their products have gained a leading position in the market, and that was the reason for the occurrence of the name.

What are the benefits of a Finnish house in comparison with the Russian analogues, and why many prefer them? The answer is very simple – it all depends on the quality of the raw materials used. Of course, the market situation is constantly changing, and today, many domestic companies are quite capable to make the Finnish competition, but the reputation of the second still keeps them at the forefront.

The price of timber houses, built according to Finnish technology, is determined by many factors and aspects. This includes the materials used and the size and complexity of the structure. All it is possible to calculate in advance, making detailed project and budget.

For the construction of Finnish homes the timber is premium

What secret keeps the glued laminated timber in Finland? Historically, in the postwar years, the Finnish manufacturers have abandoned the use of the trees that grew by themselves. For this purpose specially planted areas throughout the country. The same growing conditions and care did the trick, and almost all the trees differed in the same size and shape, which greatly improved the quality of laminated veneer lumber, which they did.

Interesting! Today the Finnish houses have extremely little in common with Finland, and in fact, that phrase practically implies just shaped beam, made by special technology.

It is important to understand that the cost of construction of houses of timber of this type is almost never low, and usually superior to the Russian analogues at least 2 times. This is due to many factors, including careful quality control and unique manufacturing technology.

Finnish technology of construction of houses involves the use of timber, made by special technology

The rules of the care home from a bar: how to extend the life of a wooden house

Preview of houses of timber: photos, rates, and features, many are wondering what you need to do to structure lasts as long as possible. Consider recommendations from the experts how to properly care for wooden house and what you can do for each of its constituent parts:

  • The roof of the log home requires extra protection from moisture, since it leads to the destruction of the structure. To avoid this, the outer roof covering must be solid and high quality, and the technical inspection should be carried out not less often 2 times a year. You also need to regularly clean the roof of dry leaves, mosses, lichens, etc. otherwise there can accumulate moisture. It is extremely important to avoid scratching the surface, as even seemingly minor defects can cause serious performance of the roof.
  • The walls of timber houses also require care, which should be reflected in the regular processing of the protective structure, which prevents the appearance of fungus and mold. The most problem are the joints, so that their examination and processing should be given more attention. Also extremely useful to produce a surface with flame retardants that inhibit combustion and will protect the house in case of fire.
  • Oddly enough, the Windows and the window openings have wooden houses also require careful maintenance. Thus, to prevent putrefaction, it is necessary several times during the year to put on their special compositions in following order: antiseptic, primer, water-dispersion paint.

Timber home, requires careful maintenance to prevent putrefaction

If you regularly pay the wooden house due attention, you can be sure that it regularly will last for many years without succumbing to destructive influence of external factors.

How to build your own home from a bar: video instruction for beginners

As the price of prefabricated timber houses under the key is often to buyers is quite high, many people prefer to conduct your own installation. And in order to avoid the common in this case errors, you should watch the training video. Construction of houses of timber – the task feasible for everyone. It is enough just to listen to some advice and recommendations.

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