Combining the kitchen and living room in a country house

27 Oct 2017

Owners of rural property know that nature is not only good to spend time in silence and solitude, but also nice to meet with friends. In this case, the availability of free space – then even a big company will feel the room is cozy and comfortable. Combining the kitchen and living room country house will become not only a great design, but very functional step, whereby you increase the useful area of the house.

When combining the kitchen and living room are already in the planning phase, consider all the important details. Be sure to carry out precise measurements of both areas, not forgetting all kinds of niches and ledges, and to take into account the dimensions of certain pieces of furniture and placement of Windows and doors. After the demolition of the wall separating these rooms, it should be remembered that to make the premises must, in the same style. In other words, your task is to create a holistic and harmonious interior design. This means that the premises should be kept in one color and complement the same elements, despite the fact that each functional area will have its own characteristics. For example, for the kitchen by way of suitable ceramic tiles, but in the dining area to use it is not necessary.

To split the resulting large spaces into functional areas you can apply various items – arches, screens, racks. However, if you do not want to clutter the living room with various objects, with the same success it is possible to use the floor with different types of textures and patterns. It elegantly and gently divide the space into two areas. There is another design trick that will help you to identify some boundaries: this is setting the bar. Its importance is difficult to overestimate, because the stand will not only serve as a kind of conditional “divider” in the room, it will become an indispensable work surface.

Another interesting way of zoning the living room becomes the use of different colors or shades, thus combined together.

Once you understand the basic principles on which there is a combining kitchen and living room in one space, you should decide on the style resulting from the premises. If some time ago, the designers insisted that the stylistic concept was a single, it is now increasingly propose to combine two different directions in design. If you decide on such an experiment, then, as mentioned earlier, try to stick to the same color scheme or to complement a functional area similar to the accessories and decor to make the interior of disharmony.

There are many different styles that you can choose to design the space resulting from combining the kitchen and living room. Here, be sure to consider the total area. If it is a small, Baroque-style or high-tech is better not to use. Experts recommend to opt for the modern style, classical or ecological style.

One of the most popular design styles are considered classicsthat never go out of style. She carries a noble and graceful forms. In the design of buildings in this style it is customary to use neutral pastel shades. In the classics it would be appropriate to use for zoning of space of columns and arches. Everyone is encouraged to use solid wood furniture with gold-plated elements. The flooring must be of wood.

If you prefer the style of art Nouveau, it means that you are close to a simple form. Its distinctive feature is the “natural” contours, that is, the absence of clear lines and pronounced angles. It is common to combine wood and metal elements. The color palette is dominated by light shades of pink, blue, grey and brown. As in the modern era there was a revival of the mosaic, it would be appropriate to decorate its facades kitchen or hung over a dining table lamp from the mosaic glass.

As sustainability became fashionable a few years ago, and has not lost its leading position, one of the most popular current styles, the interior becomes ekostil. It is perfectly fit in the space of a country house, like a smooth transition from a dense forest and well-tended garden in your premises. The basic idea of this style is widespread use of natural materials, color scheme which also needs to be close to natural tones. To further decorate the room decided to use potted flowers on the windowsills.

Even if after the unification of space you get is very small in size kitchen-living room, it is also possible to equip stylish and comfortable. When choosing furniture, prefer compact and concise models of low-key colors, cabinets and sofas must be purchased corner.

Contrasting the zoning of a small kitchen is able visually to reduce it, so the furniture in both rooms it is better to stand in one color. If you want to make the room look larger, use more glossy surfaces.

Any room can be turned into a dream, if you follow all the recommendations of the designers. Most importantly, do not forget that your combined kitchen-living room should be not only beautiful and stylish but also functional.

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