Children’s sports complex in apartment: interesting leisure and physical development

During the day children are in constant motion. They love to run, jump, climb. To throw out a huge amount of energy on the Playground. But what if weather conditions do not allow to go outside? To provide your child the opportunity to play outdoor, active play regardless of the time of year and weather conditions, enough to buy children’s sports complex in the apartment where the child can enjoy and develop at any time.

Sports complex the apartment allows you to not only entertain baby, but also strengthen muscles and motor skills

The contents

  • 1 Children’s sports complex at the species and grade
    • 1.1 material for the manufacture of DSK
    • 1.2 installation Method DSK
    • 1.3 Equipment home sports complex for children
  • 2 How to choose a safe sports complex for children in the apartment
    • 2.1 When is the best time to buy a children’s home sports complex?
  • 3 a Rating of the best manufacturers of children’s sports complexes for apartments

Children’s sports complex at the species and grade

There are many varieties of children’s sports complexes, which can be installed directly in the apartment. They differ from each other according to certain characteristics:

  • production material (metal, wood);

A variety of sports areas for the apartments allows to choose complex, even for the youngest

  • according to the mounting method (wall, wall nut, wall-push-in, standalone);
  • the composition of component elements (classical, multi-element).

The material for the manufacture of DSK

Home center for sport must be made of durable material that is easy to care for. There are some models that can be used with plastic nozzles are the most wear.

Complexes made of metal capable of withstanding considerable loads. Their design consists of uprights (pipes) wall thickness of 2 mm and a diameter of 42 mm, is coated with a special paint. To the surface of the beams does not slip and maintained a normal comfortable temperature, their proregenwald. Such designs can be easily adjusted for height, which offers the opportunity to practice on them, even adults, and the thin rails make them the most comfortable for small children. Many models are capable of holding weight up to 150 kg Metallic DSK is able to maintain its original appearance.

When on the bar security is very important, so sports complex should only buy from reliable companies

Wooden complexes are usually made of oak, birch, Linden, beech or pine. All of these materials can withstand heavy loads, practical and reliable. To protect children’s hands from minor injuries, the wood is carefully processed and coated with a colourless varnish which is odorless. Wooden DSK are less traumatic. Because wood is a warm, “living” material, this set will look in the apartment for more than aesthetic, and will bring additional warmth and comfort. The complex of wood is able to withstand loads up to 70 kg.

A useful tip! For a large family it is better to buy metal children’s sports complex.

Installation method DSK

All homemade children’s sports complexes can be divided into categories, which differ in the method of installation, equipment and type mount.

Children’s sports complex should be made of sustainable materials

Autonomous children’s home sports complex is a outdoor children’s Playground. It is composed of: inclined ladders, hills to roll down, wooden swing, mesh, gymnastic rings, mats, ladders made of rope with wooden rungs, a climbing rope, horizontal bar-monkey bars. This option is ideal home children’s sports complex for kids. The most popular examples of such complexes are the model of the “Pyramid”, “Early start”, “Gay kid” that can complement a variety of shells.

Hanging DSK represent the Swedish wall or a bar with attachments in the form of rings, ropes and swings. This design attaches to the wall using U-shaped fasteners or anchor bolts. This is a great option for students. For preschool children such a complex is traumatic. Subsequently, it can be equipped with new missiles that can be used by adults to maintain their physical form. The main advantage of this DSK is a low price.

Wall children’s sports complex can be retrofitted to a variety of shells with the development of the child

Wall children’s sports complex more functional in contrast to attachment. It can be equipped with a large assortment of sports equipment (swings, rope, rings, ropes, nets). Mandatory element is the Swedish wall, G – or T-shaped modification. The latter option is considered preferable, because it creates the opportunity to use the wall on both sides. This complex is able to withstand significant load, but not exceeding 200 lbs. Is a good option for tight rooms for a modest fee.

A useful tip! Hanging and wall DSK is better to fasten to the bearing walls.

The most versatile among the other options are expansion of children’s sports complexes. DSK installed in any convenient place in the apartment, and are fixed to the ceiling and floor using spacers, it makes a fairly reliable construction, able to withstand any weight. This construction optionally can be transferred to another location.

It is recommended to buy sports complexes, intended for a certain age of the child

Price children’s sports complex spacer type depends on the number of objects and the spacers, which are included. The design can be represented as a T – or l-shaped modification, or be of irregular shape (three – or chetyrekhyadernye installation). With constant use of a wide range of components in the form of parallel bars, horizontal bars, benches for rods and pumping press, ropes and rings, spacer installation needs regular tightening the spacer screws, which will increase the lifetime of the complex and to protect athletes from injury.

Please note! If the room suspended ceilings – installation of spacer design fails.

Wall-spacer complexes combine two types of fastening. These solid designs allow you to use the pigs with increased load, for example, swings, ropes, horizontal bars, rings. They can be equipped with vertical and horizontal ladders. Such sports complexes are highly reliable, however, the cost is quite high.

DKS can have different attachment methods, so before buying you need to choose a suitable place where it will be installed

Equipment home sports complex for children

Standard components of a children’s sports complex usually are: the horizontal bar, Swedish wall, ropes and gymnastic rings. However, the wide range of extra accessories will improve the DSK based on the preferences and age of the users. Next, let us briefly consider the purpose of each element of the sports installation.

The easy trainer for climbing and dismount is the Swedish wall with the distance steps up to 20 cm To pull at the hands of used gymnastics rings anchored to the ropes. To this end, also uses a horizontal bar-the horizontal bar, mounted on two racks. The bar-climbing frame is a ladder, which can be horizontal or positioned at a slight angle.

Rope ladder and rope is a good exercise equipment for the development of the vestibular apparatus and the muscles of the feet and hands. These shells are relevant for children aged 2-3 years. Climbing the net-the web is a good prevention of flatfoot. Basketball develops good accuracy and agility. A punching bag would be a good addition to complex for boys. Disk-bungee, swing, hammock are the pleasant attributes of children’s services, which give children a lot of fun and additionally train their vestibular system.

Very convenient and interesting for kids are the DKS that have a large number of different optional accessories

How to choose a safe sports complex for children in the apartment

Before you buy for home children’s sports complex, you need to decide where it will be installed and at what age period is calculated. Often the installation is purchased for the growth of the child. In this case, special attention should be paid to the quality of the rack and secure mounting. Better to give preference to metal racks. They are more reliable than wood. Plastic products are strictly prohibited. To connect the structural elements must use bolts with countersunk heads. All sections of sections of pipes and rails, the heads of the bolts for fastening shall be closed with plugs to avoid wounds and injuries.

To increase the security level of the crossbar must have a rubberized coating. The composition of the sports complex must include a safety Mat, which is located under the installation and avoids injuries in case of an accidental fall. To avoid backlash, which lead to the instability of the whole structure, making it traumatic, you should regularly tighten the bolt into the roof mounting on the spacer complexes.

A useful tip! Give preference to trusted manufacturers that have proved themselves in the market.

Children’s sports complexes, made from rubberized steel, are the most reliable and durable

Sports corner for children should be placed away from sharp corners and Windows. In collecting and installing the DSK should be guided by the instruction and does not replace the provided attachment with glue, nails, ropes, tape.

When is the best time to buy a children’s home sports complex?

To pay due attention to good physical development of the child should from the first days of birth, making the first doing massage and water treatments in the bathroom. When a child makes attempts to get the subject to sit and crawl, it’s time to buy a home sports complex. The most suitable options for kids from birth to 5 years old are considered as Autonomous complexes “Funny baby”, “Early start” and “Pyramid”, which combines the Swedish wall, slide, climbing frame and additional features that can subsequently choose parents (rings, swings, rope swing, basketball Hoop, mesh). These metal DSK, except the “Funny kid”, can be flipped, thereby creating new sports equipment.

For children older than 3 years it is better to purchase a wall or stud sports complex, providing more opportunities for the development of physical strength, endurance and agility of a small athlete.

Mobile children’s facilities are very convenient — they can be reversed, creating a new round or to take outside

A rating of the best manufacturers of children’s sports complexes for apartments

Today there are many models of children’s sports complexes. The consumer reviews will help you choose the most suitable option. The most famous manufacturers that produce reliable and quality products are the following companies.

One of the main Russian producers of DSK is the Leco company that produces a wide range of products, which includes metal wall bars, gym mats and other projectiles. Their products are renowned for easy Assembly, easy placement of shells, bright colors, and affordable cost within 1500-7000 RUB over the complex.

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Company “Fun fidget” produces a wide range of sports mats, metal equipment and several components to it. The main disadvantage is the large weight of the structure. The cost of the complex is within 1500-25000 RUB.

Children’s sports complexes “Vertical” is designed for the youngest children, since the distance between neighboring steps does not exceed 20 cm All sports design is made of shaped tubes, which ensures maximum rigidity and stability of the installation. Buy children’s sports complex is 1000-9000 RUB.

DKC Early start includes sports, sensory and play areas, thereby continually interesting to children

Sports complexes for children “Early start” are made of environmentally friendly materials in line with European standards. They are interesting for both children up to two years, and preschoolers. The frame is made of stainless steel, for the manufacture of shells used wood. The price of the factory starts from 2000 rubles. and reaches up to 15000 rubles depending on configuration.

Sports complex “Carousel” suitable for children of school age. Due to the large number of sports equipment, DSC can be expanded is required by age of the child element. Buy children’s sports complex for the apartments at a price of 2000 to 12000 RUB.

A real gym in one square meter is a children’s sports complex “DSK Leader D2.” Owner reviews prove the high quality of all components of the design, which is easy to assemble and has a bright contrasting color. Price DSK starts from 4000 RUB. and not more than 8000 RUB.

Sports complex “Leader D2” is easily installed and quickly assembled, which is an advantage for many users

Children’s sports complex Kampfer is different from other high environmental friendliness and durability. All components undergo a rigorous quality control. Therefore, these DSC have a high level of security. Price ranges from 3500 to 20000 RUB.

DSK BIOM is made from a special metal frames that cover non-toxic eco-friendly paint. A wide range of company offers to buy children’s sports complex, where can be any retention mechanism that allows you to choose the most appropriate for the particular request option.

Range of children’s systems “Samson” allows you to select how the metal shells and is made of wood. They all have high functionality and have an attractive aesthetic appearance. The price of such complexes is 1500-20000 RUB.

Many parents prefer children’s sports complexes, made of wood

Today the market of children’s sports equipment, you can see a huge variety of different options for sports complexes for children and accessories. Every parent can choose for their child the most appropriate option, according to age and preferences of the child and size of free space in the apartment. Children’s complex will become a reliable assistant for a favorable physical development of young athlete, and the variety of accessories will help to create a unique personal space for the baby.


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