Children’s room design for boy: photo examples of comfortable space

Create personal interior room for a boy is a very fun and responsible job. The result should be not only a functional space but a unique world, where they will observe their own laws and regulations a little master. In this article we will consider the question of how to correctly plan and implement a child’s room design for boy: photos and tips will be a visual aid for ideas.

Stylish and bright boy’s room

The contents

  • 1 Design a child’s room, depending on the age and interests of the child
    • 1.1 Ideas and photos of the nursery for a boy up to 3 years
    • 1.2 versions of the interior of the nursery for boy 3-7 years old
    • 1.3 Photo of the interior of the nursery for a boy of school age
    • 1.4 the Options of room design for teenage boy
    • 1.5 Room for two brothers
  • 2 Room 12 sq. m. for a boy: photo design child
  • 3 Theme design and children’s room design for boy: photo
  • 4 Options of furniture for room for a boy
  • 5 Wallpaper for children’s room for boy: photo of interesting ideas
    • 5.1 Types of Wallpaper
  • 6 Additional elements for registration of children

Design a child’s room, depending on the age and interests of the child

Planning possible design options children’s facilities, should be based not only on personal preferences, and take into account the child’s wishes. Boy’s personal room plays the role of not only the bedroom, but the place where you can be alone and deal with a personal matter. It has its own special atmosphere, environment, rules and laws. The room should not be dull and boring. Here is to escape from habitual patterns. The final design project is bound to get interesting, harmonious, cohesive and unique.

Modern children’s room design

The ultimate idea of a children’s room for boy depends on the age of the future owner of the premises. Room two-year-old will be radically different from the bedroom boys 16 years. And we must not forget that children grow up, changing their interests and preferences. This fact should be taken into consideration when creating an interior room for a boy for several years.

Ideas and photos of the nursery for a boy up to 3 years

Think this is the optimal age when the baby is still much not understood. And create a room of any design based on personal preferences. However, this is very misleading. The child is in the age of active development and personality development. Right now there is a tab of core values.

In the room a child up to 3 years must be outdoor carpet

Colors for children’s room two or three year old boy should be extremely bright. You can add bright accents with the help of various decorative elements: paintings, inscriptions, photos. The room should be plenty of space for active play of the child. You should carefully consider the successful placement of toys and various teaching AIDS, to make the child comfortable to get them after the game to put in place. With this task perfectly cope open cabinets and shelving. To place toys on different shelves according to the height, depending on the nature of the game and personal preferences of the child.

In this room there is no place hazardous items, items with sharp corners. Should purchase a kids rug for your room boy will need to insulate this room and eliminating the option falling as a result of a slippery floor during active play. This is a convenient solution for kids who are beginning to crawl.

Neat interior baby room

The room should be well lit. This can be achieved not only through natural light. Here should provide a good artificial lighting, which can provide a chandelier. In the nursery for a boy it is worth to make a night light for comfortable reading bedtime stories.

In this room there is no need to separate gaming and work area. As for children of this age lesson drawing or similar business is not different from the game.

In a child’s room it is advisable to buy furniture from a natural tree

Versions of the interior of the nursery for boy 3-7 years old

This age period is characterized by the manifestation of individuality of the child. Now the child is active, restless, enthusiastic and inquisitive. At the same time he is interested in many issues, he had hundreds of Hobbies and favorite activities, which change with lightning speed. For a boy of that age, the design space will be much different than for a toddler younger.

In the room to provide more space for further development and creativity of the child. Play area should be spacious and bright. All the necessary things and toys can be stored on convenient low shelves or in drawers with stop.

Boy’s room preschool

For good physical development it is useful to equip a sports area, a children’s room for boy to buy for this wall bars with rope and rings.

Wallpaper for room, you should choose washable, as any child will want at least once to realize the skills of mural painting. The color scheme of the decoration of the room gets quiet tones with the bright flashy accents. This role can perform toys, bedspreads, curtains, items of children’s furniture.

The interior of the room boy decorated in blue tones

After reaching five or six games remain an integral part of the life of the child Prodigy. But now his routine is added to the class. For this purpose it is necessary to equip a good Desk with a comfortable chair. On the shelves of toys added to the new neighbors book.

For creativity and at the same time for training sessions is ideal magnetic boards. They are easy to paint, install various training units on magnets. Such boards are very popular because they can turn into a game of which the child will love it.

Minimalist architecture in the design of the nursery

A useful tip! For ease of teaching little genius Desk is better positioned by the window.

Photo of the interior of the nursery for a boy of school age

For children who have reached school-age, there comes a transition period in life. In addition to games and fun the student have new duties: lessons, assignments, reading, writing. It is very important to plan the room in which have to be gaming, working and functional area.

The interior of the room boy

Functional area plays the role of bedroom and storage space for clothes. The working area of the nursery for a boy-student must be equipped so that during training the child is not distracted by game. This can be achieved by putting the child to all the toys back. The design of the workplace should be kept neutral, without distracting the child’s attention with bright accents.

Now most of the time the little men busy with classes. Are appropriate shelving that had previously housed toys, be converted into places of storage of books and useful literature.

Discreet interior design with elements of eco-style

Many children are addicted to travel and study different countries. In this case, on one wall you can put a map of the world, to complement the interior of the globe. This idea will be both interesting and useful for the child. Clearly you can see this as a solution to photos of children’s room design for boy 10 years old.

Don’t get too overloaded space solid furniture. Sufficient a minimum of furniture, alternatively, will be the bed, wardrobe, light hanging shelves, comfortable writing Desk.

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Interesting colours, proper zoning and practical furniture. Competent selection of decor and accessories for each child.

The options of room design for teenage boy

Adolescence is considered one of the most difficult periods in a child’s life. Creating a room design for younger men, you should take into account the interests and wishes of the boy. Parents should find a reasonable compromise acceptable to both sides.

Modern interior room teenage boy

For the wall design children room for a teenage boy to approach any subject that was close to the guy. Bright accent can be done on one wall, filling it with decorative brickwork, glued photo Wallpapers with a panorama of the beloved city, artist, athlete, movie character. Do not forget that the preferences of boy at this age are constantly changing. Accent the notes of the decor of the characteristic direction must be mobile to at any time it was possible to replace one subject to another without significant harm to the overall design of the room.

A useful tip! The original placement will give the Wallpaper with photo printing black and white that you can repeatedly paint. Their surface is easy to clean.

In the boy’s room must be comfortable working place

If your son insists on dark shades in the design of the room, then there will be a bright, eye-catching textiles, which is a children’s room for a boy-teenager (a photo clearly showing it) will cease to be gloomy.

Special attention should be paid to the zoning of the room. Play area can be designed not only for games but also creative activities such as music, sports.

In this room should be the area where the kid will be able to make friends, watch TV, engage in a hobby. Different options and photos of children’s room design for a teenage boy can be found on the Internet.

Small children’s room in the attic

Room for two brothers

At first glance, the arrangement of the room for two children is a double problem. But a lot of design ideas easily cope with this task.

One of the rational solutions for the use of space is a bunk bed. If the age difference boys large, you can apply for the younger brother a loft bed and under it to put a full bed of the older child. This arrangement adds a space to install a system of storage or creative and working area.

The room the two brothers must have shared and private areas

If children’s room for boys is of sufficient dimensions, the ideal would be to have separated beds. Next to them each child will create a unique personal space with the characteristic elements of the decor.

Both boys should take care of the organization of individual jobs. They should be located in well lit area.

The Internet and interior design publications you can find a large amount of photo design of children’s rooms for 2 boys who will be able to satisfy the tastes and needs of future owners.

Bunk bed in the room two boys

Room 12 sq. m. for a boy: photo design child

Few apartments can boast of overall rooms. Usually a child is allocated the smallest room in the apartment. The parents have an important question, both in the small dimensions of the room to accommodate everything needed for a child?

For a small child’s room boy’s furniture you can use your mobile. It can be foldable sofas, beds with built in drawers, trundle beds, chairs, beds, tables, books, folding desks, multipurpose corner sofas, mobile shelving, which can easily be transformed for books or sports equipment, Ottomans with interior storage space. In small rooms look good hanging open shelves.

Small children’s room can be comfortable and functional

To visually enlarge the size of the room, walls should be light colours. Photo of the interior of the room 12 sq. m. is clearly demonstrated.

A useful tip! Wardrobe to store your belongings you can perform with mirrored doors. This will visually enlarge the room.

A good option for small rooms will be used as sleeping space of the bed-loft. It is possible to organize your work or creative area. In this case, care must be taken to ensure sufficient artificial lighting of these areas. Such an interesting design idea of a small child’s room the boy attempts to create additional free space.

Zoning the playing and sleeping area with a different colour

Ideal space-saving will become built-in furniture in the nursery for a boy, which you can buy on pre-order in the furniture stores. This furniture contains a bed, the dimensions of which should be chosen with a margin, Desk, wardrobe and open shelves.

Another way to save space is located on a small hill bed. In the depths of such a thorough podium you can put a capacious storage system.

Functional furniture garntitur in the nursery

The themed and children’s room design for boy: photo

There are many different ideas for children’s room for boy (photos prove it) that can satisfy every whim of the little owner of the premises. The most popular of these are the following options.

A Maritime theme. This is the most popular subject for the decoration of the nursery. Shades of blue palette are the most loved by most boys. And pirate attributes, decorative elements associated with the sea, ships, causing great excitement among the young travelers.

Themed rooms in a marine style

The bed can be bought in the shape of a boat, a boat with a decorative wheel and anchor. On the wall to hang a clock in the beacon or helm. An interesting accessory will become a globe, a decorative treasure chest, which you can use to store different things.

A useful tip! Many decorative elements allow to make the boy alone.

In a nautical design space can be used illustrations or photos depicting marine wildlife.

The walls of the room decorated with a pattern of your favorite cartoon

Favorite cartoons or comics. Using this subject, you should not fill all the space with an image of your favorite heroes from the comics or cartoons. It will be harsh on the psyche of the child. It is enough to focus on one of the walls (near play areas) and the place where the bright and colorful pictures. No harm will be additional decorative elements of a given theme. It can be toys, posters, photos, drawings, figurines and more.

Designed in the style of the Indians. Many children like to run and yell around the apartment, paint your face and shooting arrows at targets. A good solution for a room this colorful design will be the installation of a small tepee. Children love to retire in a small house. This game will allow the child to enjoy solitude, to reflect, to calm down and focus.

The original interior of the room boy

A useful tip! As the Lodge fit the usual single tent. It is an additional plus for the room, where two brothers live.

A sporty design. Any sport that a child can be beat, when creating a design room for a boy. Photos of children’s spaces are characterized by the presence of sports logos, shells, and accessories depicted on textiles, paintings, posters. Items of furniture can be created in a given style. It may be a small chair, made in the form of football or basketball, the racing.

Creative child’s room with a toy windmill

In this room the child will feel comfortable. Elements favorite sport will cause only positive emotions. You can also think of a special place to host the awards and cups. They will always recall the moments of glory, and stimulate to further victories.

Natural themes. The room is decorated in neutral colours, such as yellow, green, beige, with elements of nature will appeal to many boys. Here special attention must be paid to detail, which will complement the overall design. It may be plants of large size in the noble pots, mural depicting wildlife and animals. Romantic little dreamer will give a starry sky, located on the ceiling of the room. Be sure to set a small aquarium.

3D-panorama of the underwater world in the room of boy

The technical design. Many boys are addicted to different technology, such as cars, planes, tanks, trains, spaceships. This hobby can be easily moved to child’s room design for a teenage boy, photo visual confirmation. Advantageous will look homemade wooden, colourful posters and placards, large themed toys.

Space. If the child is interested in everything connected with the cosmos, then you can create on the ceiling in the nursery for a boy starry sky using a special backlight or glow in the dark Wallpaper. You can buy in a nursery for a boy, a chandelier in the form of a flying saucer, a bed, like a spaceship, to create a matching print on the textile of bed and the curtains, the use of steel by the color of the furniture. One of the walls can be done in the form of a parade of planets using Wallpaper.

The interior of the room the boy in the technical style

The options of furniture for room for a boy

When choosing baby furniture in the room for the boy, photos which you can view the catalog of furniture stores, you need to rely on the son’s age, the size of the dwelling, the functionality of the bedrooms.

The most important piece of furniture is the bed comfortable. The size of the bed is to take stock, considering the stages of a growing child. Convenient additional element of the bed is a drawer. A mattress for a child needs to be orthopedic.

Furniture for the small Explorer should be safe, with no sharp corners, high tables and is made of high quality harmless material.

Furniture from blue ekologicheski clean plastic

For a child’s school years, you can buy a sofa that will increase the free space.

Bunk bed will become the undisputed ideal for two children. This idea has a place for one child. Only on the ground floor you can arrange the working place, the area for creative storage of baby things. Very popular for small kids rooms loft bed. Photo design small child’s room for a boy demonstrate the options for practical use of space.

A functional system of storing things in the nursery

The main aspects when choosing a Desk are convenience, functionality and optimum height. The table should be with lots of drawers and open shelves. Furniture for the work area should choose from high quality, durable material.

A useful tip! The chair of the student should choose a height-adjustable rigid back.

Children bed is sure to complement orthopedic mattresses

Special attention in the nursery should be given a roomy closet for storing clothes and other things. It can be a wardrobe with sliding doors in the form of mirrors for an added space, or design a pattern that fits in with the overall theme of the room. Be sure to view photos of design a small nursery, where we have used functional wardrobes.

Furniture for teenage boy should choose a more restrained, laconic, but nevertheless stylish and modern. In addition to the sleeping place of the owner of the premises in a room need to provide a few extra seats for guests. It may be small armchairs, poufs, bean bags and soft chairs.

A wardrobe and a table with chairs made in the same style

Wallpaper for children’s room for boy: photo of interesting ideas

Important points to consider when choosing Wallpaper in the nursery:

  • colors. It should be a calm palette with a possible bright elements. For contrast you can pick up Wallpaper-the partners can be combined;
  • security. Finishing materials must be environmentally friendly, not contain harmful impurities, are made of certified raw materials;
  • the age of the boy. For younger children you should not make the room bright. As for student can be combined with bright accents. For a teenager would be appropriate neutral shades.

Wallpapers with printed world map

Well-chosen Wallpaper will not only be good protection for walls, but also create a distinctive atmosphere in the room. They should contribute to the harmonious development and formation of the character of the little master.

The structure of the Wallpaper must be resistant to various external influences, wear-resistant, because the repair of the nursery for a boy will not be held every year, and the wall covering will have to deal with children’s drawings, touches the ball.

A useful tip! From a practical point of view, registration of children, you can choose washable Wallpaper, which anytime can bring back the original look.

Wallpaper for painting — the best solution for the child

The color palette should be selected based on the chosen future of the subject premises, the location of the room relative to the cardinal directions. To add additional degree to the North side of the room will help warm colors.

There are Wallpapers with imitation wood surface, brick or masonry. They can be used for decorating the accent wall.

Modern range allows you to buy Wallpaper for children’s room for boy various colors with diverse patterns.

Paintable Wallpaper with imitation of brickwork

Types of Wallpaper

For decoration there are several types of Wallpaper:

  • paper. This environmentally friendly material wall decoration. It will be suitable for the room of a newborn baby. This Wallpaper is resistant to moisture, so after a mechanical impact, drawing, painting, pasting and play-DOH, it will be impossible to restore the look. Is a fragile material;
  • vinyl. This Wallpaper is good at hiding the error surface. They are resistant to corrosion, durable. Often used for decoration of the walls of the room of a teenager;
  • non-woven backing. It is an environmental, safe, durable finishing material. This Wallpaper is designed for 10 colorations without losing their original properties. The main disadvantage is their high cost;

One of the walls of the room papered with images of astrological constellations

  • cork. It is pleasant to the touch, durable, eco-friendly material. The main disadvantage – small range of color variations;

A useful tip! Cork Wallpaper has a good sound insulation properties.

  • liquid. Comfortable, practical, safe, modern look of Wallpaper. This Wallpaper easily and quickly applied and repainted many times. The material has a relatively high cost;
  • Wallpapers. A good option for the zoning of the room, creating contrasting accent. From a wide selection to choose a song for a specific theme, with a picture of your favorite fairytale or cartoon character, item, hobby of the child.

Liquid Wallpaper in the interior of the room boy

Additional elements for registration of children

The ceiling must fit into the overall interior. It needs to be not only aesthetic, but also functional for good lighting. Numerous photos of the ceiling in the nursery for a boy involve the use of ordinary chandeliers for a few light bulbs. The extra lighting can be used above the bed wall sconce variations, Desk – table lamp.

Before you buy curtains in the nursery, is to determine their role in the room. They can be used as part of the beautification of the window, or a bright accent in the overall style of the room. Despite this, the curtains should be light, comfortable and safe. The child needs no outside help to be able to adjust the degree of penetration of daylight.

Decorative elements, capable to decorate the room

Choosing curtains should also consider the age and preferences of the child. From the options of curtains for children’s room boy photo models which are located in the directory design publications, you can choose the most suitable option. You can also choose options for their mounts.

To give individuality to the bed will help bright, with a distinctive theme and is made of quality material bedspreads and decorative pillows. With such a textile can be made contrasting notes in the design of a small child’s room.

The chalk Board in the room to diversify leisure child

To create additional comfort and warmth you need to take care of flooring. To choose and buy the rug in the nursery is possible in salons of outdoor products, which offered many different options for any taste and request of the buyer. In the children’s room for boy carpet buy should be only a short NAP, which contributes to minimum dust accumulation.

Getting repair of the nursery for boy, photos of typical layouts which you can find on the Internet, you should consider the age, character, temperament, Hobbies of the child, his personal vision of the design space where he can comfortably sleep, play, study and receive friends and just relax.

Toy Indian wigwam is sure to appeal to any boy

The main thing – to create a warm atmosphere in which are harmoniously connected design walls, design, textiles, lighting, flooring material and major items of furniture. And most importantly, all the constituent elements for the decoration of children’s room should be made of environmentally friendly materials.

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