Ceramic tile in a bathroom: design a contemporary finish

This article examines a popular type of finish, such as ceramic tile in the bathroom: the advantages and disadvantages possessed by the material, technical and decorative characteristics. The text contains information about the current options tile products, prices, photos of interesting designs and interior solutions with the use of this material.

Ceramic tile is one of the best solutions for bathroom design

The contents

  • 1 Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: features products
    • 1.1 Why it is profitable to buy ceramic tiles for the bathroom as decoration
    • 1.2 What drawbacks does the ceramic tile in the bathroom
    • 1.3 Overview of ceramic tile Kerama Marazzi: price catalog
  • 2 the Choice of tile design for bathroom: photo finish in different color
    • 2.1 Design of tiles for bathroom: photo of rooms black
    • 2.2 the Use of glossy ceramic white tiles in the interior
    • 2.3 Selection of the red tile in bathroom: photos of interiors
    • 2.4 Purple ceramic tile: pictures of bathrooms
    • 2.5 the use of the blue tiles in the bathroom: photos of finishes in the room
    • 2.6 Selection of green tiles for bathroom: photo beautiful interiors
    • 2.7 Design of tiles for bathroom: pictures of the interiors in yellow
  • 3 Unusual design ceramic tiles: photos of the original interiors
    • 3.1 Eco-friendly bathroom design using tiles under the tree
    • 3.2 the Use of ceramic tile for the bathroom mosaic
    • 3.3 Ceramic tile the bathroom is complete with imitation of natural materials

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: features products

Bathroom belongs to the category of spaces with special operating conditions. Walls it is subjected to the permanent influence of such negative factors as high humidity and temperature changes. The presence of constant moisture adversely affects the condition of the coating and creates optimal conditions for the development of fungi, mold and other microorganisms that are dangerous to human health, so the question of the selection of finishes should be approached thoroughly. Ceramic tiles are suitable for these purposes best of all.

The thickness of ceramic tiles for the floor more than the wall and is not less than 9 mm

Why it is profitable to buy ceramic tiles for the bathroom as decoration

Ceramic tile is the most popular material used as a decoration in the bathroom. This is due to the moisture resistance of the coating. Tile products do not tend to accumulate moisture and dirt, so harmful to people microorganisms can not multiply on their surface.

The surface of the stoneware does not absorb odors and is resistant to the effects of chemicals. This advantage allows you to eliminate impurities from the coating, applying any cleaning products. While tiles can last for several decades without losing its appeal. The most durable coating option is created on the basis of products obtained with the use of dual-firing.

Please note! The highest resistance has tiles covered with glaze.

Ceramic tile is not susceptible to the destructive effects of an aggressive environment

In the catalogs the price of ceramic tiles varies in a large range. A huge number of manufacturers and collections allows you to choose beautiful finishes, an appropriate financial capabilities and needs of any buyer. You can find both budget options, finishes, and products of the elite class with design. The practicality and long service life, buy ceramic tile is much cheaper than buying other materials.

This type of coating is environmentally friendly and safe. As raw material for the production of tiles used clay, which has a natural origin. The material is almost completely absent of toxic substances, because most of them evaporates in the firing process under the influence of high temperature. In addition, tile is an appropriate level of fire safety.

The coating is a conductor of electrical current. This material property is an advantage for the modern bathroom, where there are such appliances as hair dryer, washing machine, shaver etc.

When buying ceramic tiles it is important to pay attention to the fact that the edges of the products was smooth and without chipping

Manufacturers offer products that differ from each other such parameters:

  • coloring;
  • invoice;
  • size;
  • a decorative design;
  • form.

The proposal of the modern market of finishing materials gives consumers the opportunity to buy the bathroom tile with a simple design in a classic performance without any extra costs or use exclusive products to create a unique interior. Photo ceramic tile design for bathroom not only looks attractive, but also versatile.

Choosing tiles for the bathroom, you need to consider its properties, since not all types are suitable for moist environment

What drawbacks does the ceramic tile in the bathroom

As with any type of finishing material, ceramic tile has advantages and disadvantages. The most important disadvantage of this coating is time consuming and complicated mounting system. Walls tiles is carried out exclusively on a flat surface, so you’ll have to work hard in the preparatory phase.

The process of masonry products is also accompanied by difficulties. Not allowed even a small difference between the lines. If the series get rough, you will have to redo the work, otherwise the clutch is not only unattractive, but also subject to imminent destruction.

A useful tip! Tiling is best left to professionals. Installation of the cover requires skills and knowledge, and the material is quite fragile. The average price for facing of walls with ceramic tiles is 800 RUB/m2, which is a small price to pay for a quality and durable result.

The white tile on the floor and walls requires careful care seams

Ceramic tile can be used for finishing floors, however, this kind of coverage is quite slippery and cold, so the process of selection of material and its assembling becomes more complicated. In the catalogs of ceramic tile for bathtub you can find products with anti slip coating. The problem of cold floors can be solved only by resorting to additional tricks. It will have to use a concrete screed or insulation layer to perform the installation of “Warm floor”. Both requires money.

In the space of the joints between the tiles in the process of operation gradually accumulates dirt. Seams darken and spoil the appearance of the finish. These areas are difficult to clean and can create optimal conditions for bacteria. To prevent this, will have to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the joints between the tiles and a few times a year to treat them with special antiseptics.

Price of ceramic products is an advantage and a disadvantage. Of course, you can buy stuff cheaply, tiles for bathroom from 200 rubles to 500 rubles per 1 m2 is not a deficit. However, really high-quality material is much more expensive. In addition to the cost of finishing should add the grout, glue, materials for surface preparation, etc.

Modern manufacturers offer customers a variety of collections of ceramic tiles of different shapes

Review of ceramic tile Kerama Marazzi: price catalog

Company Kerama Marazzi is a leading Russian manufacturer of tile products intended for finishing floors and walls. The products of this factory includes both budget and luxury options for materials with improved characteristics.

Directory of ceramic tile of Russian production Kerama Marazzi includes the following collections:

  • English;
  • Two Of Venice;
  • Indian;
  • Neapolitan;
  • Roman;
  • Scandinavian;
  • French style, etc.

Data from the directory of ceramic tile Kerama Marazzi:

Please note! Production Kerama Marazzi is created using digital printing, so the design of the tiles in the bathroom makes an exact and clear. The manufacturer uses its own patented glaze, through which the image is three-dimensional and alive. The most famous of them – crystallin has no analogues in the world.

Wisely using all the variety of colors and shapes of ceramic tiles, you can create any bathroom design

The choice of tile design for bathroom: photo finish in different color

Finishing work in the bathroom is much harder to do than in the living room or bedroom. It is therefore unacceptable to make a mistake with the design or coloring material. Experts recommend to avoid too bright colors. They quickly get bored and can have a negative impact. Also, not the best option for the bathroom is a plain tile. This design looks too simple and boring.

The tile design for bathroom: photo of rooms black

Not every landlord will decide to choose black color as the color for the bathroom. Although these interiors look elegant, chic and simple. Especially attractive tiles with a glossy sheen. The disadvantage of black finish is that on its background traces of dried drops of water.

Choosing the finishing material for bathroom in black color, should consider the lighting. One bulb is not able to provide a sufficient level of light. Best solution for dark bathroom will be the a few lamps built-in type, placed around the perimeter of the ceiling. It is desirable to use fluorescent lights.

Attractive looks in the photo tiled in black and white without pictures with a smooth surface. But in this case it is not recommended to use normal bulbs. Better to stay on the energy-saving lamps with fluorescent lighting. This approach allows to keep the contrast of black and white in the interior. The fact that conventional lighting distorts the real color of the material, causing the dark tiles can appear brown. To dilute the General background you can use white color. Other tones of the palette is not suitable for this purpose.

The use of black tiles in the bathroom requires quality lighting and bright accessories

The use of glossy ceramic white tiles in the interior

White shade symbolizes purity, it is used for bathroom design in classic style. This color never goes out of fashion, but use it with caution. All white bathroom looks too bright and catchy. This interior is sterile, so tenants will be uncomfortable to be in the room.

To get a harmonious and attractive bathroom design, enough to buy a white ceramic tile with small amount of decorative elements. The coloring goes well with all colors and shades, so the choice is hard to make a mistake. However, the white tiles and is a significant drawback: on a light background contaminated joints will be evident. So you have to constantly maintain the bathroom in a perfectly clean condition.

A useful tip! To solve the problem with blackened seams between the white tiles, the experts recommended to use grout of a different color. Due to this, the presence of contamination in this zone will not be so obvious.

Black and white tile in a mosaic, looks nice in the bathroom

The red tile in bathroom: photos of interiors

Red is the color of determination and passion. A similar shade of tiles will suit a strong, passionate people, leaders by nature. It is not recommended to use red color for the walls, if the house of people with an aggressive nature. This design has a serious impact on the nervous system, excites her, and irritating.

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Bathroom design: photo finishing tiles, best interiors

Features tile as a finishing material. The variety of products. Options for laying tiles in the bathroom. Popular brands.

Tile, made in red color looks bright and attractive in the interior of the bathroom. To reduce the negative impact of that shade on people, it is enough to dilute the decoration of the walls other colours. Perfectly between tile red and white. The result is harmonious and inconspicuous. Due to the contrast color trim will look expressive. Not interfere with the use of elements with small decorative pattern. For this purpose, suitable geometric patterns and floral motifs.

For interior design bathroom, red tiles should be used with caution

Purple ceramic tile: pictures of bathrooms

The purple color belongs to the category of dark shades and quite difficult to read. However, its use is permitted in a bathroom as individual accents. Otherwise, the interior will be too congested. The best option of the design will become the walls pink or light purple with inserts of a darker shade.

Perfect combination:

  • purple and plum;
  • purple and pale lilac;
  • lilac and pink;
  • purple and gray/white/Golden;
  • pale lilac and wood.

Looks interesting in the interior of the bathroom using a dark-purple tile as a finish for floors. The walls may be decorated with bright tiles with horizontal stripes, made in the same color. The use of fruit and floral tones is always true for this building. The lavender tiled floor it is better to combine with mosaic elements. The beauty of the bathroom in purple color scheme will emphasize the presence in the interior of the metal and glass.

Tile purple should be used as bright accents and not for finishing all bathroom surfaces

The use of the blue tiles in the bathroom: photos of finishes in the room

Tile blue shade suitable for interior in cool colors. It is perfect for creating atmosphere of peace and comfort. It should be remembered that the color blue cools and refreshes the atmosphere, so the interior it is recommended to dilute with additional shades.

Looks great on photos ceramic tile for bathroom dark blue color. This shade goes well with other colors:

  • white;
  • beige;
  • grey;
  • mint;
  • blue;
  • sand;
  • grey.

A good addition to the blue background will become a yellow tile or wood-brown. If the colors selected for floor tiles, walls to make better light. Often the Internet you can find photos of tile in the bathroom, where the blue color combined with cream, purple, yellow or green.

Beautiful bathroom interior with the use of blue tiles in a mosaic

A useful tip! As a decorative Supplement, it is recommended to use a large mirror, because the blue color is visually too dark for the space.

The selection of green tiles for bathroom: photo beautiful interiors

Green bathroom design will be suitable for adventurers and dreamy nature. Tile in olive and light green shade will fill the interior space a light and airy feel. To enhance this effect, experts advise to add to the room decorative items yellow.

The most trending colors are:

  • mint;
  • light green;
  • olive;
  • pistachio.

Photo tile ceramic dark green in the bathroom interior look luxurious, but cold. In this case it is better to combine the main background with a white shade. Allowed dark green tiles as accents in a lighter room the same color. This finish is perfectly suited for interior decoration of small size. The decor is uniform and harmonious.

Olive color for the bathroom design is considered to be a trend 2017

The tile design for bathroom: photo of interiors in yellow

If you want to create in the bathroom for a warm and cozy atmosphere it is better to give preference to the tile yellow. This shade offers great opportunities in terms of design. In combination with white bright yellow color has stimulating effects on humans.

If the main background of the selected sand-yellow color, a pleasant interior with brown decorative elements. To create a light and delicate design, you need to take light green and light yellow hue, the latter should not be bright.

When selecting a yellow tile must take into account the lighting. If the room ample natural lighting, it is not necessary to use tiles in this shade. It is also not recommended to use material with a glossy surface. Matte finish in the interior of the bathroom would be more appropriate. Allowed to use yellow tiles decorated with embossing or patterns.

An example of a partial use of the yellow tiles in interior bathroom

The unusual design of ceramic tiles: photos of the original interiors

Manufacturers of tile products for walls and floors are constantly improving production technology and working to improve the design. Because of this on the market you can find tiles of a various configuration:

  • square;
  • clinker;
  • rectangular;
  • in the form of a mosaic.

A useful tip! Fans of wood can be used for finishing of the bathroom tiles under the laminate. This material realistically simulates a natural surface, the coating is completely not afraid of water.

Ceramic tile interesting shape can bring a special elegance to the interior of the bathroom

Eco-friendly bathroom design using tiles under the tree

Tile that mimics wood, often used to create an interior in country style. This type of finish is suitable for lovers of Oriental trends in design. To maintain the General mood will not interfere with the bathtub or sink made of natural stone, as well as classic furniture of precious wood.

Design products made by wood, can include other effects:

  • fading;
  • the brushing process;
  • uneven dyeing;
  • labels.

To create an interior in retro style, you can use a tile that mimics parquet Board. Producers supply the market tiles with wooden composition in the form of a mosaic. This finish suited for areas where there is a sink, tub or shower.

An example of the use of ceramic tiles under the tree for zoning bathroom

The use of ceramic tile for the bathroom mosaic

Ceramic tile made in tile, not only attractive from a decorative point of view, but also comfortable in it. The small size of the elements allows you to finish even in the most remote places and do it as carefully as possible.

The advantage of mosaic is in its universality. The material finishes can be monochromatic or contrasting. Coating combined with other materials and is suitable for zoning or create accents on certain areas of the room. As a complement to the mosaic can be used in wall panels or tiles of large dimensions.

Indoor compact size better to take a pastel cool colors:

  • lilac;
  • light blue;
  • green;
  • turquoise.

Ceramic tile mosaic sold in the form of modules, which greatly simplifies the installation process

Mosaic can simulate different surfaces such as metal, wood or marble. In the case of the stone coating can be monolithic or made up of pieces of different colors.

Ceramic tile in the bathroom with the imitation of natural materials

For the bathroom design, you can use a tile that mimics a natural surface. This interior looks unusual and original. The most common imitation brick or marble. These products have a textured or smooth surface and beautiful pattern. The material should be used for the partial walls or certain surfaces.

There are other equally interesting simulation:

  • under the stone;
  • marble;
  • under pebbles;
  • under the laminate (seamless coverage).

Modern interior design is increasingly used tiles with immigration and natural materials

Online you can find unusual options products, such as relief tiles with a volume form or coating with 3D picture. Even if the store was not a suitable option, customers can always order the tiles of the required sizes. Many manufacturers offer tiles of non-standard sizes or can put any image on the surface of the material under the order. All these advantages and possibilities have transformed the ceramic tile in the most sought after and popular kind of decoration for the bathroom.

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