Bedroom at the cottage: the creation of beautiful and stylish interior

13 Oct 2017

Coming to the country, we crave not only unity with nature and fresh air. As a rule, we want a full night’s sleep in the rural silence, where we will not be disturbed by various noises that filled the metropolis day and night. Make your dreams of a comfortable dream come true, should be carefully prepared bed.

The interior of the country bedroom should be combined with the design of the house. If your rest room will be the first step to global change, we should make all the other rooms to match the bedroom to create the overall style and uniformity throughout the house. To understand how best to proceed, it is desirable to remove all belongings and items of furniture – so you can see its true dimensions and to assess the availability of space. If you want to make a layout, then use a special computer program (or create a drawing by hand), in which it will be possible to calculate all the necessary parameters and look at the arrangement of furniture in the room.

For walls at the cottage it is more logical to use a natural tree, which not only will make your interior eco-friendly, but also give elegance and natural beauty of nature. The wood is safe for human health, undemanding in terms of care, and is never out of fashion. If for any reasons (e.g. Finance) you can’t use wood as a finishing material, it can successfully replace the lining. The modern lining is of good quality, durability and practicality. In addition, it has a fairly wide range of colors and shades.

After decorating the bedroom, the wood can be left in its original form or to give it highlights with paint. Correct the composition of paint will give it a noble shade of dark or, on the contrary, bleached it, filling the room with light and ease.

If you want to be creative, then one of the walls can be covered with decorative plaster: it will give the bedroom a unique rustic flavor. However, if you like the Wallpaper, then by choosing a bright floral colors, can paste them one or all the walls, and without losing the charm of “rustic” style. If your cottage is built from the calibrated logs, the walls are quite tidy with stain and clear varnish. However, you can choose coverage for any pleasing hue.

The choice of furniture is one of the most important stages of the design of the suburban bedroom as pleasant and comfortable interior will allow you to feel comfortable every minute spent in this room. The win-win solution, suitable for almost any style of room, is wooden furniture. If you prefer wicker furniture, you can be sure that it will give your bedroom comfort and a certain tenderness. Tables, chairs, chests – all of them perfectly fit the rustic interior. Wrought iron furniture is quite expensive, but very stylish design. However, if you are limited in your financial resources but still want to acquire such things, it is possible to find a compromise. It is not necessary to buy furniture made entirely in this technique – they can be wooden, wrought-iron inserts. Or, alternatively, you can purchase a separate decorative elements of metal, such as candelabra, chandelier or picture frames.

All of the above things is certainly important to get the space country bedroom. However, there are some items without which the bedroom is simply not enough. For example, the bed. Her purchase should be treated very responsibly. If your bedroom has a fairly large dimensions, the bed on giving the best to buy a double bed with orthopedic mattress. At the foot of the bed you can put the original trunk to store extra pillows, blankets or bed linen. The edges of the bed should be put soft rugs in neutral colors, or, conversely, to make them bright accents of the room combined with beautiful decorative pillows.

In order not to overload the room with unnecessary items instead of bedside tables you can use hanging shelves. Quite enough to put the most necessary things: phone, books or jewelry. Also in the bedroom you can put a couple of chairs and a coffee table with a lamp. For clothes that require special care, you should choose a small wardrobe with a mirror, and for other things like a chest of drawers.

Curtains or blinds will look very harmoniously, if they choose to match the bedspread. They do not need to be the same, the main thing is to take it in a single color and ornamentalistike.

There are many styles of design suitable for decoration bedroom in the country; and they generally interact among themselves. Of course, it is possible to sustain this space in the style of hi-tech or loft, but still much nicer to surround yourself with things that will give you comfort comfort.

Remember that the most important the main interior colors. If you are creating a bedroom, for example, in the style of Provence, the whole of the textile should be chosen in pastel colours and floral prints. Scandinavian style white color dominates with the addition of black or gray shades; welcome well as images of plants, trees and animals.

In any case, whatever design style you choose, it should help you to create original, unique interior country bedroom. Do not blindly follow fashion: it is enough to examine the current trends and take advantage of the General recommendations of professionals, drawing from them all interesting and useful information.

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