Apartment with posters Bauhaus, where all roads lead to the living room

We present to your attention a new project of the design Studio “design Point”, which was performed in a two-bedroom apartment with an area of 68 sq. m. Its owners – a couple with daughter 5 years. Family loves an active lifestyle and often visit relatives. Details about the creation of the project readers Pro-N.ru says art Director of the design Studio Stepan Bugaev.

“To create a large space combines the kitchen with the living room, moving the kitchen area into the territory of the former corridor. It is located directly opposite the living room and is pretty unnoticeable, not cluttering the space with Palisades of frosted glass. All areas were transferred to the center of the apartment and combined, the result of which was a shared space.

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On the background of the invisible kitchen stands a dining group on lighting company Flos. As bright accents also acts tile and chairs are the same shape, but different colors.

Kitchen design

Living room

Living area combined with kitchen. One wall covered with dark wood, along it houses a library and a sofa, while the rest are made in light color. The room is located chair Womb Chair with velvet upholstery. In the space used a lot of different textures: smooth sofa, the wood texture in different colors, glass, metal, frame transparent invisible chairs and lamps. Attracts attention with unusual lamp standing on the ceiling.

Children’s room

This room is bright and simple, with a beautiful ceiling. In furniture with storage space continues the wireframe. Adherent to her Desk is a structure with colored plates, shelves. However, the emphasis here is not on the furniture and on the geometry of the room. For the headboard you can see the texture of 80-ies in the style of “Memphis print”. The chair is made by a Finnish company Artek, founded by a famous architect Alvar Aalto. This piece of furniture is ergonomically designed and great for kids.


The parents ‘ bedroom

Here attention should be paid to the large quantities of wood as the headboard of the bed, and in its design. The shade of the wood is repeated in the lining of the walls throughout the apartment. Strong emphasis is placed on the door, which visually extends to the ceiling with the top of the panel. A large dressing room allows you to place in the room a minimum of furniture: it is only bed and hanging TV stand. The lamp is designed by Serge MUI (Serge Mouille).


Wash area with double sink, dedicated mosaics, and lamps of the company Gras hang freely in Lisky, which allows them to regulate. In the extended space of the bathroom, divided into layers with the light, it is possible to trace the complete symmetry”.

Project designer Polina Shevtsova

Art project Director Stepan Bugaev

Design Studio “design Point”

All photos for this article courtesy of design Studio “design Point”

According to PRO real Estate

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