Apartment in Scandinavian style for a young couple with a child

7 Aug 2017

We offer you to familiarize with the new work of the Studio “design Point”. The apartment is located in a residential complex, located in a new district of Moscow, which was formed as a result of the expansion project of the city. Interesting details to readers Pro-N.ru says art Director of the design Studio Stepan Bugaev.

“Apartment designed for a young couple with a child”

“Customers are a young couple with a son of 5 years. Family members are fully developed and active, love to travel, spend time together, to enjoy the Nordic nature. Simplicity, lightness, natural materials is that they are able to evaluate in Scandinavian homes, so your interior they wanted to see this bright style.

“Common area kitchen and living room”

We managed to avoid the division in the room and managed to create a common area of kitchen and living room, which was a big plus. The apartment has entrance area with guest bathroom, a common area that divides the apartment into two parts – private area with bedroom, nursery, private bath and office and a guest part, which is placed on the other side. This separation is convenient because the hosts and guests do not interfere with each other, as from one part of the apartment into another, without passing through the General area. The space used to the maximum, corridors do not exist.



On the delicate a light gray background with a variety of textures and reliefs are allocated a dining group. Bright accent is the lamp company Normann Copenhagen. Active wood in the legs of table and chairs supported by warm color countertops and small patches in the ornamental tile on the apron. Black appliances in common with the black mixer.

“In the kitchen stands a dining group”

Living room

The kitchen space and living room is a unified whole. The furniture in the living room area in design of facades close to the kitchen, thereby creating the unity of the composition. Open shelves and a long TV stand does not create a feeling of a long tunnel due to the presence of a zone of watching TV and shelves, asymmetrically located on different levels.

“The kitchen space and living room is a unified whole”

Big textile sofa creates a comfortable space for watching TV and rest of the family. Rounded, topical this year, is presented in decorating the coffee table and marble countertops, echoing with the lamp over the dining group. Small graphic details like the cornice in harmony with kitchen appliances. The warm hue of the carpet supports the wooden elements in the kitchen.


The bedroom area, where it provides recreation, decorated in bright dairy calm colour.

“In the bedroom area in all elements set to rest”

Accent is a small touch of natural wood finish bedside tables and vanity table. Tables and table features plenty of storage space.

“The accent in the bedroom – a touch of natural wood finish cabinets and vanity table”


This room is made for the boy of preschool age. One wall highlighted with geometric patterns in cool tones, the rest is made in bright colors. A variety of walls creates a visually different zones for sleeping, studying, storing clothes and toys. The allocation of walls with different colors is a good way of zoning the space. On the second floor of the bed is the sleeping area, and at the bottom – a kind of living room.

“The wall is highlighted geometric pattern in cold tones”

Under the window is a workplace and plenty of storage for school supplies. Opposite the bed is a storage system for toys and books. The focus of the room is a rug that echoes the colors of the wall and supposedly consists of different pieces.

“The rug is an accent a child’s room”

Entrance hall

This is a small part of the total area, which is similar to her style. White-gray wall and active tile with a geometric pattern on the floor goes into the area of the guest bathroom and shower. Accent is an olive shade that is present in the decoration of sanitary ware and is reflected in the decoration of the wall.

“The curved elements of the lamps create a soft image of the space”

Guest room

This area combines the functions of a guest room and an office for the head of the family. It is made in neutral shades, but there are also accents of colour. Rounded elements like lamps, chairs and tables create a soft image of the space”.

The project’s designer Ekaterina Oleynikova

Art project Director Stepan Bugaev

Design Studio “design Point”

According to PRO real Estate

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