A decorative fireplace with his hands: how to build

To put in the apartment a full working fireplace, unfortunately, impossible. In this aspect, the luckier owners of private houses. To build a fireplace is quite real, especially if to consider at the design stage of the building. But the inhabitants of apartments in modern high-rise buildings is a worthy alternative: they can make a decorative fireplace with his hands. This will allow you to create the interior space a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Even a decorative fireplace can bring comfort to the house and become an original interior detail

The contents

1 simulation Options decorative fireplace with his hands

2 the Manufacturer of the fireplace with their hands out boxes
2.1 What you will need materials and tools to manufacture their own hands fireplace out of cardboard

3 Manufacture their own hands fireplace brick
3.1 features of the construction of decorative brick portal for the fireplace with his hands

4 Creating decorative mantels plaster

5 Features manufacturer corner raised fireplace made of plasterboard
5.1 What will need tools and materials for making false fireplace made of plasterboard
5.2 commencement of works on installation of a corner raised fireplace made of plasterboard
5.3 installation of corner decorative fireplace made of plasterboard
5.4 the Casing frame and decoration of raised-hearth

The options simulate a decorative fireplace with his hands

Decorative fireplaces are divided into the following groups:

  • symbolic. To create them can be applied to any material. A feature of this decorative fireplace in the apartment is the dissimilarity with the usual fireplace. An example is his picture on the wall with decorative items;

The conditional remind you of a real fireplace, but this flame in him is no

  • conditional. Thanks protruding from the wall created by your own hands to the portal, the fireplace of this type is very similar to the real one. At the same time to decorate it as they wish, for example, by placing in the furnace of firewood or candles;
  • authentic. This option is the most complete simulation of a fireplace in the apartment, with observance of the principles of design and the appropriate dimensions of the structure. To create the effect of the flame the inner part of the pseudo-furnace is equipped with vigorelli. Impressive price of this option is offset by its extraordinary realism.

To make a decorative fireplace with his hands from a variety of materials. Moreover, any such design is ease of implementation. The materials you need can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store, and a number of them can be detected even at home.

The manufacturer of the fireplace with their hands out boxes

It is noteworthy that from this material you can create with your own hands portal to the heater, and not just purely decorative designs. Of course, this option eliminates the installation of gas burners because of the presence of an open flame, which could cause a fire. To place a heat exchanging fireplace with a casing and a water boiler is impossible due to the fact that overheat the cardboard to catch fire, and because of the bulkiness of the final design. For the same reasons, unacceptable setting with his own hands the heater with integrated heating and open fires.

A fireplace can be a decoration of any interior, even executed in style hi-tech

From the above we can draw this conclusion: in design, created from the box is allowed to install only electric fireplace with simulated flame with a backlight or LCD screen.

A useful tip! To give more similarity with a real fireplace, decorate the product boxes decorative plaster or paint with acrylic paint.

The only drawback of such structures is their lightness. So the mounting the homemade fireplace out of boxes need to exercise to the floor or wall.

This material allows to realize the most varied design ideas. Styles created by your own hands in the apartment fireplace of the boxes today, there are several.

Modern. The design in this style of fireplace portal assumes a variety of colors and textures, the combination of original elements (sockets, stucco, etc.) and modern forms. This fireplace will blend in perfectly with almost any decor.

A fireplace in classic style will be appropriate in every apartment

Hi-tech. This style involves a kind of futurism. Therefore, in this case to create with his hands the fireplace in the apartment used modern materials such as plexiglass, steel. It would seem, at what here the box of cardboard? However, even they can make a fireplace in a modern style. Enough to give it an interesting geometric shape and painted in steel or black color, and the furnace simply insert the mirror. Allowed and laying glass on the mantelpiece.

Classic. This style is always in fashion. A minimum of extra decorations, strict lines – to put a fireplace in every apartment.

Country. Rustic style preferred by many of our contemporaries. Differ these fireplaces is the fact that they are made from natural stone. To give the product from the box this kind enough to glue it self-adhesive paper or film with print under a rock, in the furnace necessary to place firewood.

The easiest way to build a raised fireplace from cardboard boxes, but heavy items, it is better not to put

What you will need materials and tools to manufacture their own hands fireplace out of cardboard

It is clear that you first need to have a few large cardboard boxes. In addition, in this case, you’ll need to create a imitation fireplace buy:

  • glue to connect the boxes with each other;
  • the adhesive on a polymer basis;
  • paint suitable for cardboard “materials” (usually water based);
  • paint “under the gold” in the can;
  • colourless varnish;
  • molding to ceiling;
  • brushes and sponges;
  • masking tape and Scotch tape;
  • a ruler, a level, measuring instruments.

    Raised fireplace from cardboard boxes to paste over with paper and paint colors

A brief look at the question how to make a decorative fireplace with his hands. Stem length on the order of 120 and a height of 50 mm. From the cardboard boxes constructed basic body and paste with tape. As a result, need to obtain the workpiece having the form of a Dollhouse.The portal is also created out of cardboard. To simplify the process, stop your choice on the option that has a solid back wall.

Note! When drawing lines, cutting cardboard boxes, do not use felt-tip pens and markers. They will show through the paint and ruin the entire look.

The front part of the portal is made of cardboard cut in the form of a strip. Then cut the combustion part. For the connection of all parts between uses of the tape.

Homemade decorative fireplace you can arrange according to your taste and in accordance with the General style of the interior

On the top shelf. You need to understand that the strength created by your own hands faux fireplace is determined by the quality of this item. To install heavy objects on the top shelf did not lead to its deformation, it is necessary to glue several layers of cardboard between them. And to give this part of stiffness, the pressing machine until completely dry. Fixing the top shelf on the portal is possible by using a glue polymer based. Then sealed the joints between all parts of the fireplace, using the masking tape.

The process of decorating your handmade fireplace decorative cardboard is the most pleasant and easiest of all the works for its manufacture. One of the most attractive options is the use of stucco. But most often for framing the fireplace applied moldings or moldings made of foam.

To furnish false fireplace it is possible to apply the most conventional foam moldings, which can be easily painted in the desired color

Manufacture their own hands fireplace brick

This material is used to ensure the similarity of the appearance design with traditional fireplace. Usually apply a decorative or facing brick. The clutch is necessary to produce according to a predetermined drawing or sketch the order. To perform this type of construction can only master with experience in masonry work.

Decorative brick fireplace in additional finishing is not needed. This material itself looks very original. To decorate the design of the type suitable wood shelves and real wood. A special romantic atmosphere will reign of the apartment during the construction of her brick false fireplace with candles.

Decorative fireplace for living room, made of brick and wood

Features of the construction of decorative brick portal for the fireplace with his hands

To use this, you can brick any kind:

  • silicate;
  • facing;
  • core;
  • decorative;
  • color.

Experts identify the following features of the creation of the portal brick decorative fireplace at home:

  • because a sufficiently large self-weight construction it is desirable to create a small brick pillow, performing the function of the supports of the walls of the fireplace;
  • for those who don’t know how to make a fireplace in the house, and holds a construction site for the first time, say that, first of all, it is necessary to control the quality of the brick. Each unit of this building material must be, at least, visible defects. That the roasting procedure was carried out correctly, said sufficiently smooth surface and uniform color of the brick;
  • another important point concerning specifically the question how to make a fireplace portal of this type. To start laying to be with the corner bricks. A vertical wall periodically check with the plumb line. Try to keep the seams were narrow. Fill their special construction with a mixture of sand, clay, cement with a small content of the latter component. The excess mix be sure to delete;
  • laying the fireplace — series. Before moving to the next row, the previous is desirable to give time to dry. The face of the brick be sure to wipe clean;
  • between all the metallic components and bricks leave a gap of 5 millimeters. It will get the same width of asbestos cord. Leave a gap to prevent structural damage models of the fire, caused by different coefficients of linear expansion of metal and brick.

Please note! Jointing of masonry to be completed immediately. Then you will not need additional finishing.

Stone oven is flattering shelf solid wood

To decorate the design, it will be enough to set it on the mantelpiece of solid wood. As a budget option – the regiment of foamed concrete. Inside the furnace opening, you can install an electronic portal with features simulate live fire and sound. Of course, the use of such hand-made fireplace brick for heating is impossible, but the visual perception of “dancing” flames bring to room touch of warmth.

Create decorative mantels plaster

Gypsum is included in the group at the same time the most practical and cheapest materials for building and decorating false fireplaces. It is safe for your health because organic. The plaster can absorb excess moisture in the room and, conversely, to give it, if the air is very dry. The plasticity of the material allows for easy process of decorating the surface of the product.

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The plaster can be decorated with items appropriate to the style of the interior of a particular room. A wide range of available policy choices of artistic treatment of this design – this is the main advantage of this material from the point of view of implementation design ideas. For example, the surface can be decorated almaney painted or covered with gold leaf, to make the imitation of marble or wood, toned with acrylic or latex paint in any color.

Plaster easily create a decorative fireplace in a restrained, simple style

The answer to the question how to make a decorative fireplace portal from gypsum depends on what it mean the landlord will give preference. According to the criterion of “manufacturing method” experts there are two main types of such structures:

  • profiled. On the profile are attached to individual elements of the decorative framing: cutting, pilasters, moldings, friezes, thrust;
  • the sculptural. This assumes the use of such sculptural elements as Atlanta, bas-reliefs and caryatids.

Good help in choosing will be to study photo simulation of fireplaces with plaster portal.

Features manufacturer corner raised fireplace made of plasterboard

In accordance with the name of this decorative fireplace is in the corner of the room. Thus, as the supports of the structure are the floor and two adjacent walls. The use of gypsum Board helps to give the fireplace a smooth and curved shape and perfect fit the interior of his apartment.

From drywall you can build a compact, decorative corner fireplace

In this embodiment, the final product is often fitted with a top shelf. Placing it on a decorative purpose, the owner will bring to shelter a touch of sophistication and originality.

It is possible to allocate following advantages of such a design decision:

  • saving the room space;
  • virtually any room can be found a free corner and to place a false fireplace;
  • this placement allows you to increase the dimensions of the corner fireplace. Due to this, the decorative component of the interior of the housing will increase;
  • installation raised fireplace in corner does not obstruct movement around the room;
  • any handyman should be able to mount design corner decorative fireplace with his hands. A photo of this product will be the best assistant in such work. To increase the level of visual attractiveness decorate corner trim-oven natural or artificial stone, ceramic tiles, etc. in addition, for decoration, you can use the elements of polyurethane and gypsum, for example, in the form of columns.

Fireplace installed in the corner opposite the front door will be a bright accent in the interior

Please note! One of the most common design solutions is to install a false door in the corner opposite the front door. Then the decorative fireplace will be a Central focus of the interior.

Do I need any tools and materials for making false fireplace made of plasterboard

Beginners who do not know how to make a faux fireplace portal of plasterboard should listen to the recommendations of professionals. The General advice is that before you begin, you must determine the design of the product and create a drawing. Such a scheme will allow you to calculate the approximate quantity of materials.

Typically, the housing will need:

  • drywall. It is sold in sheets with different dimensions;
  • metal profile. Of a frame;
  • screws;
  • filler and primer;
  • the material for the cladding.

For veneer decorative fireplace it is possible to select any material regardless of its temperature

As a basis for fixing elements of a portal of a fireplace acts as a metal profile, made of galvanized sheet. When the installation uses several types of such products: arched, guide, rack, corner profiles.

To build a frame, at hand must have these tools:

  • angle grinder – angle grinding machine;
  • level, laser better;
  • drill;
  • the jigsaw;
  • the long ruler and measuring tape;
  • gon.
The beginning of works on installation of a corner raised fireplace made of plasterboard

The site of installation is subject to the following factors:

  • distance from other objects. The placement of the structure close to cabinets and other furniture is not the best solution. The fireplace here is not to look;

The layout of plasterboard for the fireplace of the future

  • the presence of space – fireplace in it more attracts the attention of others;
  • away from the Windows. Even a decorative fireplace always conjures up the warmth. And close the window opening, this Association can be violated.

By selecting a location, draw a drawing. It should display the parameters of each object the false of the furnace. Here there are two options: choose from the already prepared plan or to create a drawing independently. In favor of the first tells that you will be sure of the correctness of these figures, the dimensions of all parts of the structure.

Making a drawing to put on the floor and wall markings. By doing this, check all the lines on the level. Even the slightest irregularity should be excluded.

Setting the base of a decorative fireplace is strictly on level and previously applied on the wall marking

Note! Before heading to the hardware store to buy elements of the future framework, it is necessary to calculate the optimal thickness of the profile taking into account the size of the load. The evaluation “by eye” is invalid.

How install corner decorative fireplace made of plasterboard

The occurrence of certain nuances due to the angular position of the raised ovens. To assemble the metal sections of the frame, performs this sequence of actions:

  • installed along the walls on the floor of the starting profile. It needs to come together in the corner;
  • then constructed on the floor base of the fireplace. Collect it according to the standard scheme with the help of the guide profiles;
  • the lines in the corner and along the walls fasten the guide profile, part fixed on the floor starting;
  • all fasteners between the profiles and walls, and floors, performed using the dowels.

The Foundation of the fireplace made of plasterboard is the metal profiles of different types

Remember that the key strength of the whole structure is stable and powerful base. After mounting, begin to assemble the frame and the portal niche of the fireplace. First insert the guide profiles in the base and display box. After that fasten between the guide profiles of the jumper. Profiles are connected with screws to the metal. The final stage of installation of the frame wiring, for supply of electrical power to the appliances that mimic a real flame.

The casing frame and decoration of raised-hearth

For covering gypsum boards are used. Meanwhile, in the context of the question how to make the apartment a fireplace of this material, this procedure has the following features:

  • to sheathe the interior of the portal and the base, have to cut plasterboard into small pieces;
  • at this point, you will need a much larger number of perforated angles than the previous one. Only with them the created structure will have ideal angles.

For decorative faux fireplace, you can use any materials

In all other respects, covering the frame with sheets of drywall performed by the standard procedure. On its completion, proceed to the décor of the fireplace with his hands. Selecting finishes, it is necessary to focus, first, on the particular design of the dwelling.

Most often for the outer coating used ceramic tile, decorative brick and artificial stone. For mounting components finish apply liquid nails or tile adhesive. If the veneer is done by tiles of the correct form, they should be laying so that the gaps were the same. To achieve this result will allow the use of a special plastic crosses.

However, for the final design of the decorative fireplace in the apartment high-rise building allowed the implementation of less costly option. For example, the use of paint or decorative plaster. In this case, the surface should be subjected to a thorough treatment of the putty, to eliminate all irregularities and to seal the joints between the components of the plating.

Decorative fireplace with electric lighting in the furnace

Important! At the edges of even carefully cut the drywall sheet will be available notches. Prior to filling must be removed with sandpaper.

In conclusion remains to place in the doorway “firebox” electric heater. However, you can decorate the space in accordance with their taste preferences. So, one of the finest options for classic interior is the arrangement in “the furnace” warm and soft lighting.

Overall, today there are many ideas to design a decorative fireplace. You can implement the proposed solutions or to come up with their own, unique.

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