6 ways stylish and functional design of the veranda

Author: Akita     25 Aug 2017

Porch – an open or glazed room, which serves as a kind of connecting link between the house and the street. Many people underestimate the richness of the veranda, pulling her old unnecessary things. But it is best to use this space for recreation, as it is the most extensive and well-lit place in your suburban house. If the show imagination and create on the veranda very special, unusual and surprisingly pleasant atmosphere, you and your friends will want to spend there regularly their leisure time, guests and family members will admire your creativity and design talent.

There are two types of veranda:

  • Open veranda
  • Enclosed or glazed veranda

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Open veranda

Open veranda is more often refered to a long porch that extends along the outside wall of a house and is mostly used for outdooor activities. If you have a veranda open type, it is possible to decorate with climbing plants; this in itself will give her well-groomed appearance. In some parts of the United States, however, it is used to mean any kind of porch, and in India it refers to either a long, open porch or an enclosed area in the front of the house where visitors are received.

modern house, beautiful veranda with furniture


Closed veranda

Sometimes one can close the veranda with glass and use this area as an extension of the living room. Closed same veranda will guarantee you a perfect shelter from the weather. The extension of this type of climbing plants will also look very profitable. Besides, they will also serve as “natural blinds”.

For veranda open type is better to choose light (or folding) furniture, for example rattan. But to sit was comfortable enough to decorate her mini-pillows. For veranda closed type of furniture will suit any, because it will not need to remove during bad weather: bad weather this placement is not terrible.

For a porch of any kind of ideal solution that can save you from the sweltering summer heat, will become a ceiling fan. The extra lighting you can use led or led wire garland – if you stretch them around the perimeter of the room. Garland will give you a never-ending holiday! By the way, for the outdoor terrace sell special – street – wires and garlands.

Glazed veranda
The sun terrace of a private house. Boardwalk terrace with table and chairs. Large panoramic windows overlooking the garden with a terrace.

Below the veranda are not discordant with the rest of the house, it should stand with them in a single color. This can be achieved not only by means of finishing materials, but also by using the same textiles. The walls and ceiling to perform better in light colors to visually increase the space and more of the fullness of the light. Old furniture too can freshen up the paint in bright colours. Don’t be afraid to dream. First of all, the porch should bring you joy and aesthetic pleasure.

Interior design

Imagine a veranda used as a summer kitchen – interior with comfortable, light, bright furnishings; all illuminated by the soft rays of the sun. Or, conversely, imagine a closed terrace – in the form of shelter from warm summer rain. Both options can be implemented without much hassle and cost, because the veranda is essentially the premise is universal and can be used anywhere. For example, to arrange a holidays and birthdays, adding to the interior of the balloon and wildflowers.

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The porch will make a lovely summer lounge. What could be nicer than to hide from the scorching midday sun or take a NAP under the rain, lying on a cosy soft couch, or even in a hammock? In such interior is perfectly comfortable and colourful bean bags, which will be very comfortable to relax in the evening with a favorite book in hand. For summer living will be the actual soft colors with bright accents such as decorative pillows, blankets and vases. As decoration you can use old posters framed, black-and-white photos, and even old foreign Newspapers, which look on the walls, very stylish.

If you have the opportunity to work remotely, it makes sense to turn the veranda in the office. It’s enough to put Desk and comfortable chair (or armchair). As for color, the best there will be a mix of bright colors with dark. And that the sun is not blinded, preventing the employment process, Windows best to decorate with Roman blinds.

Working from home, home office
Imagine sitting on the confortable chair with a laptop and a cup of coffee on the the table in a summer open veranda. Out of office work concept.

If you want your child to be always under supervision, and be able to play your favorite games in any weather, you should properly equip the enclosed verandah, and turn it into a nursery. You could put children’s chairs, table and small sofa – then the kid can sleep in the open air. And that the sun did not prevent him, set on the window blinds. Decorate the space herbarium, collected together with the child, and his children’s drawings. The window can be painted with a special stained glass paints. If the dimensions of the verandas, inside you can even put a small sandbox made, for example, of the inflatable pool. If the child has grown up, equip him the area in accordance with his Hobbies and Hobbies.

If you or your family members – a creative, porch-workshop will be one of the most important places in the house. If you are fond of painting, easel and tables for storage of paints and canvases will be enough. For lovers of crafts will fit a chest of drawers with many functional drawers. Decorate a veranda will not be easy, but it is best to choose decorations “by nature” of your hobby. If you love to paint, your paintings will serve as the best decoration. They transform the room from a workshop into a real showroom. Frame paintings in frames, decorate them with shells or dried flowers – this will give sophistication to the interior. Craftswomen will be able to decorate the walls with paintings in the style of patchwork or put on a shelf unique handmade toys.

And finally I would like to say a few words about home colors. Many owners, leaving to the country during summer, highly anxious because of them. But once is enough to move them out of the city! And then the porch again comes to our aid: it can be easily turned into a greenhouse or home garden. In short, don’t let this rich space is “lost”; use it as you see fit, after all, the lead designer of your country house – is you.

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