3 options-plan rectangular kitchen in the block house

In a typical small apartment in the block house series And-209A very comfortable kitchen correct form. The area nearly 10 squares allows as to divide the kitchen into zones, and use the combined space. Architect Anastasia Kiseleva offers three ideas room layout without major changes. And expert alterations Juraev Maxim advises to agree on each of them.

Anastasia Kielivalintalohkosta interior Studio “Prodizajjn”. Each new project for Anastasia is a new experience, inspiration and interesting discoveries.Brief information

Square one-room apartment in the block house of typical series of I-209A total of 34.8 sq. m. But the layout is very good and the room, and a kitchen large enough. Internal partitions are not load-bearing but combine living space with the kitchen or to change the trajectory movement in the apartment will not.

Option 1: with lounge area

If only the living room the owners of the apartment decided to have a standalone bedroom, in the kitchen, you can organize a living room with a sofa and TV. Dining area place near the entrance – it will pass. Headsets will choose U-shaped, all communications will move to the wall with the window. Here install the sink, while washing dishes, you can admire the views from the Windows. It is not quite a perfect work triangle between the sink, stove and refrigerator, but there is a place for the dishwasher next to the sink.

Option 2: with linear unit

The second option is the most traditional and the most common in model homes. Spacious linear headsets allows you to set all the necessary appliances. At the same time and work surfaces, and storage is enough. The opposite wall will stand rectangular dining table. The dishwasher position at the center of the kitchen next to the sink. So to put the dishes will be convenient as with a plate or work surface and once from the table.

Option 3: with Breakfast bar Peninsula

A couple without kids or singles can afford to abandon traditional dining room table in favor of the bar. The Peninsula is a continuation of the kitchen units cropped, it can be integrated hob with island hood. Place the dishwasher between the sink and refrigerator – inside absolutely the right of the triangle.

He across the kitchen Peninsula zoned space and visually makes it less long and narrow. In addition, between the window and the bar will be a great display Cabinet or a chest of drawers for serving utensils. But it is worth considering that unlike a table, a bar counter could not increase in size and welcome guests in this kitchen just will not work.

Expert opinion INMYROOM: all three layouts can be reconciled under the simplified scheme. It will be enough for the sketch. But if you change the design of the floor, you have to make a redevelopment project in an organization that has a permit for the design. In addition, if the kitchen has a gas stove, in the third case, the transfer would have to agree with the territorial Department of JSC Mosgaz. For this purpose, the distance from the plate to the sink and communications shall be not less than 30 cm.

On the cover: design project Marina Sargsyan.

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