3 ideas layout small kitchen in the “Breznev”

Kitchen in a typical three-series II-67 “Smirnoff” is quite small – 8,9 sq. m, but this disadvantage is compensated by a spacious loggia where you can organize the storage system or to place a dining area. Architect Anastasia Kiseleva has developed three layout options for a large family who love to cook or enjoy the views over lunch. Expert alterations Maxim Juraev told how to legalize each of these layouts.

Anastasia Kielivalintalohkosta interior Studio “Prodizajjn”. Each new project for Anastasia is a new experience, inspiration and interesting discoveries.Brief information

Despite the fact that the area of three-room apartment in the brick house of typical series II-67 “Smirnoff” just 65,98 sq m, kitchen is quite convenient. In her nearly 9 squares, and the adjoining loggia allows you to expand the space of 3.7 square meters. The entrance door is located in a small corridor, so it does not interfere with furniture arrangement.

Option 1: with corner furniture and cabinets in the loggia

The most versatile version of the plan a small kitchen with a corner Suite and a dining table. It will suit to a bachelor and a family with a child, because at the table there is room for a highchair. Such planning develops proper work triangle between a gas stove, refrigerator and sink. It will include, and dishwasher. To sacrifice for the sake of it storage systems do not have. To do this, use the balcony and set it to the ends of the two spacious wardrobes.

Option 2: with sofa and dining area on the loggia

If a family has two children, even two-bedroom apartment, especially such a small area, it may be tight. Therefore, in the kitchen, you can organize a full-fledged living area with small sofa and TV. Headsets here, too, install the corner. Although part of it will have to sacrifice for the installation of the TV, the lower cabinets it is possible to use and to embed them in the dishwasher. And the dining group will give to the loggia, it pre-warmed.

Option 3: with Breakfast bar on the balcony

In a two-bedroom apartment is quite possible to find a place for the living room with a dining area, so place dining group in the small kitchen there is no need. In this case, the whole kitchen will become the working area for cooking, while the opposite wall from the headset appears comfortable high storage cabinets. Dishwasher successfully stand up in a working triangle between the sink and stove. And to look out the window during meals, warm loggia passed the bar.

Expert opinion INMYROOM: all three options have to move the stove or sink. These are the main changes in the kitchen, because these objects are indicated on the plan of the BTI. To agree on such alterations can in a simplified manner by the sketch. For this purpose, copies of the plan BTI, you need to specify the new location of the stove and the sink. In houses of this series on the kitchen supplied with gas. Therefore, if the plate is not replaced by electric, the move to be agreed in the JSC “Mosgaz” – submit documents for approval to the IFC. Transfer of household appliances, e.g. refrigerator and even a washing machine and dishwasher to confirmation is not required.

On the cover: design project of Ekaterina Domracheva.

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