Sports corner for children in the apartment: how to organize the space

In the process of upbringing children is very important to take care of appropriate conditions for their comprehensive development. Along with the intellectual skills necessary to develop and physical that are the Foundation of health. Sports corner for children in the apartment will give the child the opportunity to develop fully in the game. Consider what you should pay attention to when building and how to make the children interesting and safe.

Sports and play area for active recreation for children

The contents

  • 1 whether a sports area for children in the apartment: which is better to choose
    • 1.1 what you should pay attention to in the process of development of the sports area for children
    • 1.2 As settling in children’s sports corners for the home
    • 1.3 What to buy a sports area for children the apartment is a small square
    • 1.4 Additional elements of children’s sports area for apartment
    • 1.5 How to choose and buy children’s sports area: original solutions
  • 2 Sports area in the country or in the apartment for the whole family
  • 3 How to make children’s sports area with their hands
    • 3.1 the Swedish wall for a sports area with their hands
    • 3.2 How to make other items for a children’s sports area with their hands

Whether a sports area for children in the apartment: which is better to choose

Many parents want their children to have not only a physical development, but also played sports on a professional or semi-professional level. For this there are a wide variety of groups and clubs that offer classes for every taste.

Classes at the children’s sports complex is an effective way for the formation of correct posture

However, it is important to understand that the organization of space for sports activities the house is just as importance in education. First, the baby from the earliest years will be to move actively, gradually mastering all new and new inventory. Second, if the child will play outdoor games in a specially designated place, parents will be easier. In addition, many children are restless, and the sports area will offer them the opportunity to expend their energy.

Today you can find a huge variety of designs and individual components designed to accommodate in the apartment. To make the choice based on the available data: the amount of free space, age of the child and personal preferences.

In the market you can find designs intended for installation in rooms of virtually any size and geometric shape. For example, if free space not enough, should pay attention to the l-shaped corners. For apartments larger area can be considered the embodiment of the letter P.

Enabling the child to develop rapidly, enough to buy a children’s sports area in the apartment

You should pay attention to in the process of development of the sports area for children

The basic requirements that apply to sports equipment, including sports corner in the apartment, the safety of using. It is very important that separate items from each other at a proper distance, and the child could not strike component parts of the design in the game. It is especially important to pay attention to it if two children or more.

Another important aspect of all components of the area (wall bars, rings, parallel bars, etc.) should fit harmoniously into the interior of the room and not stand out in appearance. To do this, you should pay attention to the material from which it is made and coloring. Also you need to correctly place all the elements.

Wood is the best material for this purpose, as it is very environmentally friendly but less durable and inferior to metal, when it comes to allowable loads. If the area will be used by multiple children at the same time, it is better to prefer metal.

Children’s sports area is the best place for outdoor games

Depending on the type of attachment you can also find several models design: mobile, mounted, spacer, wall and wall-stud. At the same what variant to prefer, everyone decides for himself, based on the possibilities of space and personal preference.

As settling in children’s sports corners for the home

The improvement of children’s sports area is an important issue, which requires parents attention and careful consideration. On the one hand, there is the issue of security, and with another – the flow of Finance. After all, quality sports equipment is expensive, and children grow very quickly, so it is important to choose the option that will last for years.

The children’s sports area in the room may include the following elements:

  • Swedish wall of any configuration that can be expanded, for example rail;
  • horizontal ladder;
  • gymnastic rings;
  • rope ladders and rope;

Wall and wall-stud model mounting the wall

  • optional for small children you can hang the swing, however this will require quite a lot of space, so that the child can safely swing;
  • the punching bag;
  • basketball Hoop for practicing accuracy of throws;
  • mats.

Quality soft mats – an indispensable element of such parts as they should soften the fall and serve as the basis for the security of the baby. All other items can be pick up at will, creating a variety of combinations.

A useful tip! For spacious rooms can be used for more entertainment, including a trampoline. Many children love to jump on beds and jumping would be a great alternative and allow your child to use their energy.

Brightly colored sports area will decorate the nursery

When buying ready-made area pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations. In particular, you should pay attention to what maximum weight is acceptable for a particular design. Also do not neglect the advice on installing of the complex.

How to buy a sports area for children the apartment is a small square

Unfortunately, not all are the owners of spacious homes and apartments, where there would be room for the realization of all dreams and ideas. Most people have to live in small apartments and the regeneration of the sports area for children this has to be considered.

If you start because children’s room is usually small and the area does not exceed 10 m2, you should consider how you can arrange the space in this case. One common way of solving this problem is the use of the doorway. Applying a minimal amount of equipment (wall bars, basketball Hoop and gymnastic rings), can be equipped sports area, which will occupy not more than 1 m2.

Some variants of the sports walls can be installed without using additional fastening

A useful tip! To save space, you can attach the inventory is not to the wall, and the ceiling of the room.

You can consider the option of purchasing transforming furniture, which in addition to its primary function may perform the role of sports equipment. This will save space and choosing the appropriate design of furniture, you will be able to maintain the stylistic direction that is inherent in the design of the room.

If you are too limited in square metres, the possibilities are greatly enhanced. In this case, you can purchase a children’s sports area to apartments in any configuration, providing, in addition to the standard set, obstacle course, additional facilities and even exercise equipment.

Not to say that the arrangement of the space for sports activities is cheap. However, in this case you know exactly what you pay for, because it is necessary in the first place the child for proper physical development and good pastime.

There are many models of reliable and high-quality children’s sports corners

Additional elements of children’s sports area for apartment

Outfitting a space for sports, if you have free space, it can accommodate several additional elements that, although not essential, will make you more comfortable.

Lockers. Storage space it is necessary to equip for several reasons. First, there can be stored sportswear, various small equipment, such as dumbbells, etc. on the other hand, it will help you to accustom the child to order and to put things into place.
Music center. To take accompanied by your favorite songs much more enjoyable for both adults and children. In addition, many children love to dance. While some may prefer to listen to music any instructional audio program.
Lighting. For enjoyable games and activities necessarily require high-quality lighting. It is important to understand that a good and bright light is not one and the same. It is unlikely that in the sports area the child will write or embroider, so you need not to overdo it. Abstain from too bright of lights that are tiring. The light should be diffused, but it should be sufficient.

Children’s sports area can become an interesting focus of the room

A useful tip! To provide soft and uniform illumination, can place a few lamps on the ceiling. In this case, the light will be diffused and not radiation.

How to choose and buy children’s sports area: original solutions

In order to buy a sports area for children of the appropriate types you need to understand what selection criteria are basic and that should serve as a guideline for the selection.

In addition to the high degree of security and strength, sports area should satisfy aesthetic requirements and to fully perform its role in the room. However, when there is insufficient amount of free space it is possible to consider the option of purchasing not quite traditional sets, for example, the area of the convertible or combined sports area.

Multifunctional design allows children to perform a variety of exercises

For area-transformer, as a rule, as the basis for use ordinary wall bars. In this case, the word “transformer” I mean the ability to use additional equipment, such as hanging ropes, rings, rope ladders, etc. In another variation used by folding the lower part that allows you to climb a rope net and doing other exercises.

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The zoning of the premises. Interesting design solutions. Features of the rooms of the boys and girls.

Very small apartments the perfect solution is a combination of parts, which simultaneously combines not only sports equipment, but also various pieces of furniture. Cost of this purchase will be a lot, however, so you will be able to place on one square and sports equipment, desks, lockers or even a bed.

So if you value space and it is understood that a full equipped area is just not enough space, it is possible to consider one of these options.

The sports area will allow your child to develop physically from an early age

Sports area in the country or in the apartment for the whole family

There is no denying that sports are important to adults no less than children. In addition, the family may be several children of different ages, so that teenagers will not be exciting fun for kids. In this case, before you buy a children’s sports area for the house, you should carefully consider all of this to do and could adults and children.

Standard size sports corners provide the area from 1 to 3.5 m2. The height ranges from 2.5-3 m. due to additional equipment of the size and potential of this area can be significantly expanded. If will be engaged both children and adults, it is better to give preference to cases in which the supporting part is made of metal.

A useful tip! Opting metal construction will protect you and children from the risk of pain in the process of training.

Arrangement of the sports area in the country has its own characteristics. For example, if you equip a space in the yard, it is possible to build a small climbing wall. For younger children often install a slide, which can also be bought or made yourself. All the kids love playing in the sandbox or the pool, therefore, it is possible to consider and such variants.

Children’s sports area on the street — the guarantee of active pastime child

Also in the case of the arrangement of the gaming sports area on the street, it would be nice to take care of the canopy, which will allow equipment to get wet and will allow the child to spend time there in any weather.

Another important aspect is the decoration of the walls and floor of the sports area when it comes to the apartment. Sports equipment in itself has considerable weight, which is supplemented by the weight of your body. Therefore, in order not to damage the existing floor covering dynamic loads on the equipment, it is recommended to be equipped for this purpose a special podiums that will take the brunt.

In the case of the sports area in the suburban area, the best option for the base will serve as a mound of sand or rubber paving tiles. Supports for fixing can be perennial trees or mounted on metal frame.

Compact sports area with a slide, a climbing wall and swings

To adults and adolescents could safely use the apparatuses, the distance between them and the support elements shall not be less than 30 cm (this rule does not apply to the Swedish wall).

How to make children’s sports area with their hands

If desired, it is possible to make a sports area for the child’s own hands than to buy ready. This allows you to not only save money, but also to take into account all features and nuances of a particular room and those items that you want to use in the organization of space.

It is important to decide what you want to include in the area. As a rule, the basic element is a Swedish wall, installation is always performed first as it occupies the most space.

Approximate size of the wall for different age groups

Swedish wall for a sports area with their hands

To make the Swedish wall with your hands, you will need:

  • two beams, whose height corresponds to the height from the floor to the ceiling of the room;
  • six cuttings for shovels;
  • metal corners and screws
  • clothesline (most robust);
  • sandpaper;
  • saw;
  • drill;
  • plane;
  • glue.

You should start with fit main beams, sawed them to size and as smoothly as possible sakuru sandpaper. Then they need to make the holes symmetrical with two sides to their diameter consistent with the diameter selected for the beams of the cuttings. If the height of the main beams are 3 m, you make 12 bars at an equal distance from each other.

Standard complex includes stationary and the rope ladder, gymnastic rings, trapeze and rope

Because cuttings are usually rather long, you should cut them in two pieces. Then carefully fluff the edges with glue, they are inserted into the holes. It is important not to go to the mount structure to the wall until the glue, otherwise there is a risk that you will have to redo it all over again. The fastening is effected with metal corners and screws. It remains only to paint, to reveal the design with varnish and hang ring.

Be sure to note which wall you are mounting equipment. It is not necessary to secure large items, designed for heavy loads, interior partitions.

This is unsafe and over time, the attachment can fall off. For this purpose the best fit durable load bearing wall.

Classes at children’s sports area useful a child is 6 months

A useful tip! The maximum involve children as to the choice of elements and the process of their installation. Kids can help you paint the details, but the adult children to cope with more serious problems.

How to make other items for a children’s sports area with their hands

By itself, the Swedish wall is not yet a sports area. For its proper arrangement will require more rails, beams and other elements. The easiest way to make rings. It is enough to buy two ready-made ring and the cable, which is designed for such loads.

Using bars and metal pipe to make a horizontal bar, which is also very suitable for training. In this case, and wood and metal items to paint. For this purpose it is best to use modern compositions, such as latex paint. It is much more pleasant when in contact with the body and does not cause discomfort.



To protect the child from accidental fall in the area set Mat

As for the choice of colors for the design, here it is possible to be guided by the preferences or interests of the child. In addition, do not forget about the General interior. Girls often choose a bright color, such as red, yellow or green. For boys more muted: Navy blue, gray, brown.

If you wish to abandon the painting of sports equipment, you can make a choice in favor of synthetic varnish designed specifically for surface coating of wood. For metal also gain special formulations designed to preserve it and prevent corrosion.


Sports complexes for children are made of environmentally friendly materials in line with European standards


More and more parents thinking to buy a sports area in the nursery. However, the set of shells made by hand, nothing is worse than a factory, if you approach it with the utmost attention and responsibility. No matter which option you choose: purchase or separate manufacture of the sports area engage children so they also participated in the selection and installation.


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