Mortgages for the construction of a private house: bargain for housing

Private house is the most appropriate scenario residential ownership for many people. However, not everyone has the necessary large amount of money to realize his dream. You have to consider various loan options. One of the most reasonable solutions is a mortgage for construction of a private house, which is explained in detail in this article. A mortgage is one of the most common types of loan for the construction […]

Projects of houses with flat roof: the best ideas for construction and design

House with a flat roof can be found in our country infrequently. Today, however, the projects of houses with flat roofs were again to be seen, so you should pay attention to their advantages, disadvantages and features. This article will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of such projects, the styling features a flat roof and the dimensions of the roof. The arrangement of the flat roof allows you to […]

Interior design

House with panoramic Windows: photo examples of beautiful French glass

From the article you can learn what advantages and disadvantages has a house with panoramic Windows: pictures of country cottages and city apartments with the best window design will be presented as an example and inspiration. The text discusses the specificity of window designs, designed for panoramic glazing of buildings: technical parameters, features products, prices, selection rules Windows and their installation. French glazing has been successfully used in different styles […]

How to put tile on the wall: instructions for independent work

About the benefits of using tile as a cladding material has been discussed more than once. For ceramics easy to maintain, it is resistant to mechanical stress and is able to properly serve for many years. However, to order a professional tiling can be quite expensive, that is why many carry out installation work yourself. In the article, you will learn how to properly prepare the surface and how to […]

What should be the decor of the interior in the art Deco style

There are many design styles that can be used for the original design of the house or apartment. The main challenge here is to create an environment in which you and your family will be comfortable any time of the day or night. It is important to make the household a sense of harmony and peace. Someone feels as in a classical setting, someone will approach cute Provence, and someone […]

Ceramic tile in a bathroom: design a contemporary finish

This article examines a popular type of finish, such as ceramic tile in the bathroom: the advantages and disadvantages possessed by the material, technical and decorative characteristics. The text contains information about the current options tile products, prices, photos of interesting designs and interior solutions with the use of this material. Ceramic tile is one of the best solutions for bathroom design The contents 1 Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: […]

The design of the baths: the important aspects

Each of us dreams of escape from the urban bustle and spend the weekend in the lap of nature in your warm cozy house. To make the stay a memorable one will help the bathhouse, because for the Russian people is not just a “wash”, but a real ritual. Bath is a philosophy. That is why the creation of comfortable interior and well selected materials and accessories, is as important […]

New life of old things: the creation of the original decor on the plot of old garden barrel

Well-kept garden is not only a beautiful house, tidy the beds and evenly trimmed grass. It is also a lack of different objects for household purposes, which over time lose their attractive appearance. This is especially true of old barrels, without which many gardeners can’t imagine farming in the countryside, because they are so convenient to burn the garbage. A rusted barrel immediately catches the eye. While it remains completely […]

The project “the Way home” – light Provence for active couples

9 Jan 2017 We offer you to start the new year with a fun new project of the architectural Bureau “Victory Design”, which has a cozy name of “the Road home”. The Bureau designed the interior of the apartment with an area of 77,9 sq m for couples living in Izmailovo. Interesting details about the project, says art Director of the architectural Bureau “Victory Design” Stepan Bugaev. “The project with […]

The project “inspector Rex”: loft with elements of Japanese style

The new project of the architectural Bureau “Victory Design” is called “inspector Rex”. The specialists of the Bureau were challenged to design a two-room apartment of 56 square meters for the business person and his pet. Suggest No related posts.