Kitchen dishes

How to choose the dishes in the house

30 Oct 2017 Stylish and beautiful interior is made up of many factors. It is important not only its main components like the right space division, individual selection of color, the right style of design and create designs which the house will be enough natural light. Not less important are the accessories that complement the decor, giving it a piquancy that emphasizes all her dignity. One of such important accessories […]

Kitchen space

Combining the kitchen and living room in a country house

27 Oct 2017 Owners of rural property know that nature is not only good to spend time in silence and solitude, but also nice to meet with friends. In this case, the availability of free space – then even a big company will feel the room is cozy and comfortable. Combining the kitchen and living room country house will become not only a great design, but very functional step, whereby […]

Design in German style austerity and functionality

25 Oct 2017 As you know, the Germans are very practical people who value rationality and accuracy. If you share these qualities, the interior in German style, will become your perfect design solution. Main features of German style are comfort and functionality. At first glance it may seem that this interior will look too meticulously, and even somewhat austere. Actually it is not so: you will get a lot of […]

home design

The use of fruits and vegetables in creating original interior design

23 Oct 2017 Fresh fruits and vegetables – a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals that should be eaten all year round. They give us vitality, wellbeing, have a beneficial effect on the organism as a whole. However, in addition to the undeniable benefits of fruits, vegetables and berries are mostly still and looks colorful, bright and highly attractive. They delight the eye with their natural beauty and naturalness, which […]

home design

Color combinations in the interior

20 Oct 2017 When we begin repairs, usually at least in General terms, imagine the future design of the apartment. In trying to think through every detail, we choose, of course, and color. Good combination of colors will make any interior a unique, elegant, stylish. And with the right combination of tones and shades you can even visually enlarge the space. To create a stylish interior design, first, let’s define […]

Small space design

The eclectic style in the interior living room

18 Oct 2017 Eclecticism in interior design is used slightly less often in other styles. And all because most people are not clear about her views, and often associate this concept with the usual bad taste. In fact, eclecticism is one of the most difficult types of design that carries an amazing ability to combine bright lines of various ideas, ideas and styles. The resulting eclectic interior makes every apartment […]

Interior home design

The variety of colors and geometric ornaments for the family from Yamal

16 Oct 2017 We offer you to familiarize with the new work of the design Studio “design Point”. The team developed a design project of an apartment for a family of 4 persons. All members of the family travel a lot, I love bright spaces and built-in furniture; the eldest daughter is singing, and the youngest artistic gymnastics. Details about the creation of the project readers says art Director […]

Bedroom design

Bedroom at the cottage: the creation of beautiful and stylish interior

13 Oct 2017 Coming to the country, we crave not only unity with nature and fresh air. As a rule, we want a full night’s sleep in the rural silence, where we will not be disturbed by various noises that filled the metropolis day and night. Make your dreams of a comfortable dream come true, should be carefully prepared bed. The interior of the country bedroom should be combined with […]

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Ergonomic design small bathroom

11 Oct 2017 Many urban homes bathroom has a very small size – about four square meters. First of all we are talking about the so-called “Khrushchev”. In such a limited space we need to accommodate a lot of necessary things: and plumbing for the washing machine and various bathroom accessories. Moreover, it should be done so that they were maximum availability, and make sure they were not only convenient, […]

How to build your own house with your own hands and how to do it cheaper

From this article you can learn how to build your own house with your own hands with minimal cost and choose the optimum for this material. The text describes the possible ways of saving and tips on how to avoid mistakes while working. The article considers the specifics of the projects on the basis of frame technology, bricks, timber, aerated blocks and other materials, and efficiency of each of them. […]