Interior home design

How to give the interior freshness and originality without much effort and cost

15 Nov 2017 “The sad time! Eyes charm!” – wrote Pushkin in the distant 1833. And since then, little has changed. In autumn, when leafs falling down, but the snow is still lies on the ground, many people have a heartbreaking sense of longing, and a desire to decorate your life with bright colors. Of course, you can decide on drastic measures and make repairs, changing completely the situation in […]

The interior in the style minimalism

13 Nov 2017 We present to your attention a new project of the design Studio “design Point”. It is a small area of the apartment is executed in style minimalism. Due to limited living space, the designers decided not to use the almost blank walls, and zoning to carry out with the help of glass partitions. How we worked on this interesting project, readers says art Director of the […]

A decorative fireplace with his hands: how to build

To put in the apartment a full working fireplace, unfortunately, impossible. In this aspect, the luckier owners of private houses. To build a fireplace is quite real, especially if to consider at the design stage of the building. But the inhabitants of apartments in modern high-rise buildings is a worthy alternative: they can make a decorative fireplace with his hands. This will allow you to create the interior space a […]

Finnish design in the interior of a country house

10 Nov 2017 One of the most popular and widely spread all over the world styles of design is considered to be the Scandinavian style. It takes its origins from 30-50 years of the twentieth century, and combines the cultural traditions of many countries – Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and of course Finland. Its main features due to harsh climate of these countries are simplicity of lines and shapes, functionality, […]

Construction of houses of timber with his own hands: technology features

Selecting technology and material for building a house, many owners prefer houses made of timber. This decision is due to several positive aspects, including the ability to independently perform all the necessary work. Consider how it should be carried out the construction of houses of timber with his own hands so in the end we got a beautiful and safe building. The house of timber you can build yourself or […]

The fireplace in the apartment and the best designs with its use

From this article you can find out what is the role of the fireplace in the apartment as a decorative element with a detailed study of such styles, as Baroque, classic, loft, Chalet, hi-tech and country. The text outlines the most popular and successful design techniques of the last years with photographs, and interesting ways of decorating the fireplace designs. Using the fireplace can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere […]

Projects of houses with garage under one roof: beautiful and practical ideas

Every country-house owner knows how important it is to have not only the car but also specially arranged for him the space where you can create a comfortable environment for the storage and maintenance of the machine. Today there are several options for placement of the garage on the site. This article considers the projects of houses with garage under one roof: the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision, […]

Interior home design

The design combines a children’s room for boy and girl

8 Nov 2017 Family is the greatest value in life of each person. The birth of children becomes an important step that brings parents as joy and happiness, and quite understandable anxiety and concern. Some difficulties arise in the case where there are two opposite-sex child with a small age difference, and the size of the housing does not allow you to make each kid a separate nursery. But you […]

Country house

The dresser is a stylish piece of interior of a city apartment and a country house

November 3, 2017 Throughout the history of mankind to hold different things people have used chests. Later they have modified, modified, made more easy to handle – and there were prototypes of modern chests of drawers. Gradually transformation to become more ambitious: the dresser was supplemented with drawers, shelves, doors and even mirrors. Modern models provide a convenient and highly functional storage system, wherein the external beauty and elegance. Thanks […]

Kitchen space

Kitchen fronts: beauty and practicality

November 1, 2017 It is unlikely that we make the mistake of calling the kitchen the “heart” of our home; we spend much more time than in other areas. In addition to cooking and eating here often satisfied intimate get-togethers with friends. Therefore, to be in the kitchen should be comfortable and pleasant. And aesthetic component plays a significant role. One of the most important elements of decor are kitchen […]