3 ideas layout small kitchen in the “Breznev”

Kitchen in a typical three-series II-67 “Smirnoff” is quite small – 8,9 sq. m, but this disadvantage is compensated by a spacious loggia where you can organize the storage system or to place a dining area. Architect Anastasia Kiseleva has developed three layout options for a large family who love to cook or enjoy the views over lunch. Expert alterations Maxim Juraev told how to legalize each of these layouts. […]

How to replace the gas stove electric: 6 expert tips

Many electric stove seems more convenient and safer than gas because it requires work with an open fire. In addition, only a kitchen with electric cooker can be combined with the living room. But the process of replacing the appliance will require compliance with the technical features and difficult approval procedures. All the nuances will tell expert on redevelopment Maxim Juraev. 1. When to change the plate To replace the […]

3 options-plan rectangular kitchen in the block house

In a typical small apartment in the block house series And-209A very comfortable kitchen correct form. The area nearly 10 squares allows as to divide the kitchen into zones, and use the combined space. Architect Anastasia Kiseleva offers three ideas room layout without major changes. And expert alterations Juraev Maxim advises to agree on each of them. Anastasia Kielivalintalohkosta interior Studio “Prodizajjn”. Each new project for Anastasia is a new […]

Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas

The design of the kitchen-a living room depends not only your preferences, but also the financial capacity and layout of the apartment. It is possible to completely rethink the space and take down all partitions, or you can enter the kitchen – living room in a typical odnushku. To rethink the typical layout The main task of the designers Cubiq Studio became a division of the apartment into private and […]

5 ways to arrange living room over the weekend

It is best to use these simple techniques separately, and to combine: new curtains, a custom lamp and a collage of favorite photos on the wall will completely change your interior. Play with light Light creates mood. Hang designer ceiling lamp such as a chandelier Sputnik. Or even give up suspension in favor of floor lamps or sconces. Use paint to accentuate (or create) accents To repaint the whole room […]

TV in the living room: infographic + tips

Full HD or UHD? 55 or 65 inch? Where to place TV in a recess or in a frame? From what distance to look at? Help to make a tough choice. 1. What resolution is better? Remember a simple rule: the more, the better. Better vision and more comfortable for viewing. The old model with a standard resolution SD (720×576 px, 720×480 px) gradually fading. Their main disadvantage is the […]

7 ways to combine living room and bedroom

If the living room is public space, the bedroom is intimate and chamber. Ideally, it is always better to insulate a place to stay. But, for example, in the case of studios or apartments with small square footage we have to combine functions in a single space. We found 7 successful projects of Russian designers. 1. The decor and lighting Sometimes the apartment is so small that to separate the […]

The fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands: step-by-step algorithm

Fireplaces made of plasterboard are the decorative elements that often are installed in the apartments. Due to the variety of cladding materials, such structures can be combined with different interior. To make a fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands for everyone, since it’s creation, it is sufficient to have minimum skills of work with the drywall material, and strictly adhere to the instructions. The fireplace made of plasterboard can […]

Winter landscape garden

How to create a beautiful winter landscape in the garden

17 Nov 2017 Autumn and winter, most outdoor enthusiasts associate with peace and quiet. Traditionally, towards the end of October until around mid-April life in the area dies, and the riot of colours is replaced by a power landscape that is one big white pile of snow. But why deny yourself the aesthetic pleasure? There are many ways to decorate the suburban area, and it can be done so gracefully, […]

The enclosures for the dogs in the apartment: how to create a safe place for your pet

From this article you can learn how to pick a comfortable enclosure for the dogs in the apartment with optimum characteristics: criteria for the selection of materials, sizes and other parameters taking into account the age of the animal and related it to the contents of the conditions. The text discusses the main types of these structures, their features and benefits, as well as recommendations for the manufacturer. The cage […]