Garden paths with their own hands: choose any material

14 Jul 2017

An integral part of the landscape design are garden paths and paths. Regardless, it’s a country station or the area around a country house in which you reside, appearance and ease of movement on site is very important. Today the construction market offers a wide choice of materials which can be stylish and functional to build garden paths, giving the area a finished look. Only here sometimes to choose can be hard. It is important that the material from which made paths in your yard, in harmony with the overall design of the territory. Price is also important, because often the budget is limited. In today’s article we look at the most popular types of finishing materials to create garden paths, alleys and paths.

Natural stone

Natural stone is one of the most expensive, but durable, effective and status of materials, used for decoration of garden paths. A large variety of coatings of natural stone allows you to choose various shades both light and dark. To pick up a stone slab for every taste – marble, granite, basalt, limestone…

Paths made of natural stone, can have a different shape and configuration. This allows us to give the garden a gloss and refinement. The most popular on the market are formed by plates from a natural stone, the so-called “flagstone”.

If the coating of natural stone, for whatever reason, does not suit you, you should pay attention to the material that imitates natural stone: currently, it available in shops in a large assortment.

Garden path with beautiful stones
woodland shade garden path lined with hosta and fern.

Paving slabs

One of the most popular materials for decoration of garden paths is paving slabs. Its installation is easy to implement; it is durable, resistant to temperature extremes, able to fit into any style of plot. A large selection of colors and shapes of paving tiles make it even more attractive for owners of garden plots. This material is made from granite, concrete or Sandstone.

Garden path
garden stone path with grass growing up between the stones


Along with paving slabs, clinker brick is also popular among consumers. Paths and trails it is easy to Refine, because it is simple and easy to install. This coating is miraculously suited suburban areas, decorated in a modern, sought after design styles.

The wood surface tracks

The most suitable types of wood for decoration of garden paths are oak, larch and other “forest brothers”. A budget option could be the bars and saw cut the wood, which lined the roadbed. Applying imagination, from assorted pieces of the array can be laid out a fantastic trail in a private suburban area, creating a unique design.

Of course, natural wood is not the most durable material for decoration of garden paths. To extend the service life of wood is to use a special impregnation, which increase its resistance to the destructive effects of moisture.

Another type of wood surfaces for garden paths is decking. Of course, this material is quite expensive, but it’s worth it. Thanks to a special coating, the decking is fully protected from moisture, temperature extremes, mold and fungi, which greatly prolongs its service life.

Tracks are made of concrete

Fill garden paths concrete solution – fairly common way easier to develop the site. In order to create an original track can be purchased at the hardware store and combine them at its discretion. Even concrete paths can decorate with shards of glass, pebbles, shells and even sequins. To give the land of spice, you can use a border of flowers.

The bulk of the path

If you wish to decorate your garden area with winding paths or walkways fanciful forms, the bulk material is just what you need. Paths of gravel, crushed stone, pebbles or quartz of different colours, always look stylish and elegant.

Landscape Design
Garden path in the middle of the garden

Available materials

Garden paths made from existing balances in the economy of materials, looks beautiful, elegant and original. Here to a course there is everything from plastic lids and ending with shards of ceramic utensils. For example, the track can be filled with common sand, and then to make a border, for example, from used bottles. The main thing – do not be afraid to experiment! And then the area around your holiday home is not only convenient and functional, but also well-groomed and attractive.
I want to say a few words about the compatibility of dissimilar materials: if your plot is enclosed with a metal fence, in harmony with him will be the track, filled in with concrete or covered with gravel. Such a frame of footage common to modern styles of design. The rustic styles are more suitable paths paved with natural wood, and the plot in the classic manner of design – natural stone and paving slabs.

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