House Building

Which blocks are best for construction of houses: an overview of the different materials

A rapidly developing construction industry constantly demands new technologies and materials. So many people are asking which blocks are best for construction home, since they have recently become the most popular and at a high level to compete with No related posts.

Snowblower with your hands: a worthy alternative to factory models

In winter, any owner of a cottage or private home, faced with the need to clear the snow from the yard, walkways, driveway, and roof. Using a special technique, which involved many companies to make it easier and faster. But there is another option: No related posts.

Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas

The design of the kitchen-a living room depends not only your preferences, but also the financial capacity and layout of the apartment. It is possible to completely rethink the space and take down all partitions, or you can enter the kitchen – living room in a typical odnushku. To rethink the typical layout The main task of the designers Cubiq Studio became a division of the apartment into private and […]

Landscape Design

Plants shade-tolerant and shade: what’s the difference?

26 Jun 2017 On any summer cottage is a place that most of the day in the shadows: the fence or the trees in the garden. Shady corners can also be beautifully arranged, if competently to approach to business, because there are many plants which No related posts.

home design

Truss system hip roof: the main features of the framework

The construction of the frame for a hipped roof is a time consuming and complex process with characteristic features. This will require precise calculations and strict sequence of installation. However, the result will amaze validity and reliability Related posts: 5 ways to arrange living room over the weekend Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas How to visually unify the living room and kitchen: 7 examples

Infrared sauna: benefits and harms, usage characteristics, and recommendations

In this article you can learn what features and properties of infrared sauna: benefits and harms of radiation, its effects on the human body, rules for the use of IR cabins, their types, principle of operation and device. The text contains specialists ‘ recommendations, indications and contraindications, consumer reviews, and prices for the emitters. Infrared sauna will help to maintain health and beauty. Content 1 unit of infrared sauna: what […]

Garden Design

How to lay paving slabs: the use of curbs in technology paving

In this article the technology, describing how to lay paving slabs at the stage of installation of the curbs, discusses the various options for their installation. You will learn what are the different types of borders, be familiar with the rules of No related posts.

How to visually unify the living room and kitchen: 7 examples

Merging living room and kitchen is a common design technique. Open space visually seem more spacious and brighter. And to make it even and consistent, unified style, will help selected finishing materials, furniture, lighting and decor. We have chosen among the projects of Russian designers 7 different options for visual combining the kitchen and living room. 1. Walls Not necessarily clearly distinguish between the kitchen and living room. For example, […]

What should be the decor of the interior in the art Deco style

There are many design styles that can be used for the original design of the house or apartment. The main challenge here is to create an environment in which you and your family will be comfortable any time of the day or night. It is important to make the household a sense of harmony and peace. Someone feels as in a classical setting, someone will approach cute Provence, and someone […]

Winter landscape garden

How to create a beautiful winter landscape in the garden

17 Nov 2017 Autumn and winter, most outdoor enthusiasts associate with peace and quiet. Traditionally, towards the end of October until around mid-April life in the area dies, and the riot of colours is replaced by a power landscape that is one big white pile of snow. But why deny yourself the aesthetic pleasure? There are many ways to decorate the suburban area, and it can be done so gracefully, […]

Cellar of plastic: a good solution for compact food storage

Traditionally, the cellar is used as storage for vegetables, fruits and various conservation. Cellar of plastic, which is also called caisson, is an interesting alternative to the traditional dug in the ground storage, and has a number of No related posts.

Small space design

The eclectic style in the interior living room

18 Oct 2017 Eclecticism in interior design is used slightly less often in other styles. And all because most people are not clear about her views, and often associate this concept with the usual bad taste. In fact, eclecticism is one of the most difficult types of design that carries an amazing ability to combine bright lines of various ideas, ideas and styles. The resulting eclectic interior makes every apartment […]