Interior design

The lights in the interior: trends and important details in the selection

28 Aug 2017 Everyone wants to spend their leisure time in comfortable conditions. It is therefore very important, once home, to feel calm, to relax after a hard day’s work. It is worth noting that aestheticism plays a significant role. As you Related posts: 5 ways to arrange living room over the weekend Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas How to visually unify the living room and kitchen: 7 examples

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The apartment is loft-style housing and rest of the modern photographer

July 31, 2017 We offer to your attention apartment project, developed by “Point design” for a famous photographer. As you know, people in this profession distinguished by unconventional thinking and special perception of the world; they have to Related posts: Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas 3 ideas layout small kitchen in the “Breznev” How to choose equipment for a small kitchen

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Projects of houses of timber for permanent residence: we build comfortable housing

Timber houses have excellent insulation qualities, they are environmentally friendly and attractive. Given the low cost, they may be an alternative to the expensive housing. Under these cottages there is no need to build a strong Foundation, which Related posts: How to put tile on the wall: instructions for independent work 5 ways to arrange living room over the weekend How to visually unify the living room and kitchen: 7 […]

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Floral motifs in interior design

30 Aug 2017 Flowers and floral motifs in interior design has always been popular, and remain so to this day. They take their origins from more distant ancient times, when ornamentalistike used motifs of nature. In the realities of the modern No related posts.

Garden Design

How to prepare a garden plot for the winter

25 Nov 2016 Before the onset of winter frosts and plentiful snowfalls, it is very important to prepare a garden plot for the upcoming winter. This will allow you to save your favorite trees and shrubs from damage and provide a wonderful harvest No related posts.

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Apartment in Scandinavian style for a young couple with a child

7 Aug 2017 We offer you to familiarize with the new work of the Studio “design Point”. The apartment is located in a residential complex, located in a new district of Moscow, which was formed as a result of the expansion project of the city. No related posts.

House-hut: an alternative housing design for the construction of suburban

From this article you can learn what design features has the house tent: advantages and disadvantages of structures And shape, their specificity and common variants of design with photos. The text contains step-by-step description of technology of construction of a triangular house-the most popular projects and selecting the appropriate option, preparation for work and the main stages of the construction of buildings, as well as additional recommendations. House-tents are not […]

home design

Scandinavian style with a hint of Gustavian – project house in the suburbs

14 Nov 2016 We offer to your attention a new project from the architectural Bureau “Victory Design” – interior two-storey townhouse area of 123 square meters, located in the village of Domodedovo. About the project tell the art Director of the No related posts.

Winter chicken coop with your own hands 20 chickens: characteristics and tips on making

Each owner wants his chickens grow faster, better and carried more eggs. Often, however, forget that this is only possible with good living conditions for birds in which she will feel comfortable. That’s why a mistake is the placement of chickens in No related posts.

home design

Textiles in the home: we create beauty and comfort

9 Aug 2017 To create beautiful and stylish interior plays an important role in every detail. And textiles is no exception. Curtains, pillows, bedspreads, sheets, tablecloths, fabric decor – all these things can make the house nice and cosy. No related posts.

Landscape Design

Frame bath with their hands: step by step instructions of the construction

Many adherents to relax from the soul dream to get a good but cheap private bath. A place where you can wash up, and relax, and get a good energy boost. One of the affordable and budget — frame bath with his hands: a step by step guide of Related posts: How to put tile on the wall: instructions for independent work 5 ways to arrange living room over the […]