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Bedroom at the cottage: the creation of beautiful and stylish interior

13 Oct 2017 Coming to the country, we crave not only unity with nature and fresh air. As a rule, we want a full night’s sleep in the rural silence, where we will not be disturbed by various noises that filled the metropolis day and night. Make your dreams of a comfortable dream come true, should be carefully prepared bed. The interior of the country bedroom should be combined with […]

Bathroom Design

Ergonomic design small bathroom

11 Oct 2017 Many urban homes bathroom has a very small size – about four square meters. First of all we are talking about the so-called “Khrushchev”. In such a limited space we need to accommodate a lot of necessary things: and plumbing for the washing machine and various bathroom accessories. Moreover, it should be done so that they were maximum availability, and make sure they were not only convenient, […]

What should be the decor of the interior in the art Deco style

There are many design styles that can be used for the original design of the house or apartment. The main challenge here is to create an environment in which you and your family will be comfortable any time of the day or night. It is important to make the household a sense of harmony and peace. Someone feels as in a classical setting, someone will approach cute Provence, and someone […]

Ceramic tile in a bathroom: design a contemporary finish

This article examines a popular type of finish, such as ceramic tile in the bathroom: the advantages and disadvantages possessed by the material, technical and decorative characteristics. The text contains information about the current options tile products, prices, photos of interesting designs and interior solutions with the use of this material. Ceramic tile is one of the best solutions for bathroom design The contents 1 Ceramic tiles in the bathroom: […]

The design of the baths: the important aspects

Each of us dreams of escape from the urban bustle and spend the weekend in the lap of nature in your warm cozy house. To make the stay a memorable one will help the bathhouse, because for the Russian people is not just a “wash”, but a real ritual. Bath is a philosophy. That is why the creation of comfortable interior and well selected materials and accessories, is as important […]

The project “the Way home” – light Provence for active couples

9 Jan 2017 We offer you to start the new year with a fun new project of the architectural Bureau “Victory Design”, which has a cozy name of “the Road home”. The Bureau designed the interior of the apartment with an area of 77,9 sq m for couples living in Izmailovo. Interesting details about the project, says art Director of the architectural Bureau “Victory Design” Stepan Bugaev. “The project with […]

The project “inspector Rex”: loft with elements of Japanese style

The new project of the architectural Bureau “Victory Design” is called “inspector Rex”. The specialists of the Bureau were challenged to design a two-room apartment of 56 square meters for the business person and his pet. Suggest No related posts.

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Floral motifs in interior design

30 Aug 2017 Flowers and floral motifs in interior design has always been popular, and remain so to this day. They take their origins from more distant ancient times, when ornamentalistike used motifs of nature. In the realities of the modern No related posts.

Interior design

The lights in the interior: trends and important details in the selection

28 Aug 2017 Everyone wants to spend their leisure time in comfortable conditions. It is therefore very important, once home, to feel calm, to relax after a hard day’s work. It is worth noting that aestheticism plays a significant role. As you Related posts: 5 ways to arrange living room over the weekend Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas How to visually unify the living room and kitchen: 7 examples

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6 ways stylish and functional design of the veranda

25 Aug 2017 Porch – an open or glazed room, which serves as a kind of connecting link between the house and the street. Many people underestimate the richness of the veranda, pulling her old unnecessary things. But it is best to use this space No related posts.

How to arrange a tiny kitchen in the Khrushchev: 8 examples

A small kitchen is one of the main problems of the model apartments. But it can be solved: follow the examples of professional designers and heroes INMYROOM, ventured to self-repair. The kitchen is bright and warm colours The design of the apartment and TV presenter Maxim Kovalevsky has developed himself. The kitchen apron is put multi-coloured tiles, and the countertop made of artificial stone and continued on the window sill. […]

Garden Design

How to prepare a garden plot for the winter

25 Nov 2016 Before the onset of winter frosts and plentiful snowfalls, it is very important to prepare a garden plot for the upcoming winter. This will allow you to save your favorite trees and shrubs from damage and provide a wonderful harvest No related posts.

Interior design

Project apartment in loft style with elements of Japanese aesthetics

13 Mar 2017 We offer to your attention a new project of the design Studio “design Point” – the interior of the apartment of 200 square meters with high ceilings, designed for a businessman and his girlfriend. Details about the project says No related posts.

Landscape Design

Laying paving on sand: the technology and specifics of the execution of the works

The article will be made a full analysis of this process, as the laying of paving slabs on sand: technology paving tile coating has its own characteristics depending on the type of substrate, these characteristics will be considered. You will be No related posts.

Storage Design

Dressing room with their hands: drawings, diagrams and photos functional systems

The presence in the home dressing room promotes the release of the living space from bulky furniture, optimizes life and allows you to quickly find the right thing. To equip such a room can be turning to the professionals, ordering a ready-made No related posts.

Interior home design

The interior design of apartments in Stalinka for a family of professors

27 Mar 2017 We offer to your attention a new project of the design Studio “Point design” implemented in one of Stalin’s houses located on the embankment of the Moscow river in the centre of the capital. The interior of the apartment with an No related posts.

The enclosures for the dogs in the apartment: how to create a safe place for your pet

From this article you can learn how to pick a comfortable enclosure for the dogs in the apartment with optimum characteristics: criteria for the selection of materials, sizes and other parameters taking into account the age of the animal and related it to the contents of the conditions. The text discusses the main types of these structures, their features and benefits, as well as recommendations for the manufacturer. The cage […]

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Projects of houses of timber for permanent residence: we build comfortable housing

Timber houses have excellent insulation qualities, they are environmentally friendly and attractive. Given the low cost, they may be an alternative to the expensive housing. Under these cottages there is no need to build a strong Foundation, which Related posts: How to put tile on the wall: instructions for independent work 5 ways to arrange living room over the weekend How to visually unify the living room and kitchen: 7 […]

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Flat apartment for young generation

Apartment-Studio is popular among the younger generation the option of modern living. This room, devoid of walls and partitions can be arranged in individual innovative style. It is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday, fun with friends and Related posts: Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas How to visually unify the living room and kitchen: 7 examples How to decorate a living room with fireplace tips Pro

Combining the kitchen and living room in a country house

27 Oct 2017 Owners of rural property know that nature is not only good to spend time in silence and solitude, but also nice to meet with friends. In this case, the availability of free space – then even a big company will feel the room is cozy and comfortable. Combining the kitchen and living room country house will become not only a great design, but very functional step, whereby […]