Infrared sauna: benefits and harms, usage characteristics, and recommendations

In this article you can learn what features and properties of infrared sauna: benefits and harms of radiation, its effects on the human body, rules for the use of IR cabins, their types, principle of operation and device. The text contains specialists ‘ recommendations, indications and contraindications, consumer reviews, and prices for the emitters. Infrared sauna will help to maintain health and beauty. Content 1 unit of infrared sauna: what […]

TV in the living room: infographic + tips

Full HD or UHD? 55 or 65 inch? Where to place TV in a recess or in a frame? From what distance to look at? Help to make a tough choice. 1. What resolution is better? Remember a simple rule: the more, the better. Better vision and more comfortable for viewing. The old model with a standard resolution SD (720×576 px, 720×480 px) gradually fading. Their main disadvantage is the […]

7 ways to combine living room and bedroom

If the living room is public space, the bedroom is intimate and chamber. Ideally, it is always better to insulate a place to stay. But, for example, in the case of studios or apartments with small square footage we have to combine functions in a single space. We found 7 successful projects of Russian designers. 1. The decor and lighting Sometimes the apartment is so small that to separate the […]

The fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands: step-by-step algorithm

Fireplaces made of plasterboard are the decorative elements that often are installed in the apartments. Due to the variety of cladding materials, such structures can be combined with different interior. To make a fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands for everyone, since it’s creation, it is sufficient to have minimum skills of work with the drywall material, and strictly adhere to the instructions. The fireplace made of plasterboard can […]

The enclosures for the dogs in the apartment: how to create a safe place for your pet

From this article you can learn how to pick a comfortable enclosure for the dogs in the apartment with optimum characteristics: criteria for the selection of materials, sizes and other parameters taking into account the age of the animal and related it to the contents of the conditions. The text discusses the main types of these structures, their features and benefits, as well as recommendations for the manufacturer. The cage […]

Interior home design

How to give the interior freshness and originality without much effort and cost

15 Nov 2017 “The sad time! Eyes charm!” – wrote Pushkin in the distant 1833. And since then, little has changed. In autumn, when leafs falling down, but the snow is still lies on the ground, many people have a heartbreaking sense of longing, and a desire to decorate your life with bright colors. Of course, you can decide on drastic measures and make repairs, changing completely the situation in […]

The interior in the style minimalism

13 Nov 2017 We present to your attention a new project of the design Studio “design Point”. It is a small area of the apartment is executed in style minimalism. Due to limited living space, the designers decided not to use the almost blank walls, and zoning to carry out with the help of glass partitions. How we worked on this interesting project, readers says art Director of the […]

A decorative fireplace with his hands: how to build

To put in the apartment a full working fireplace, unfortunately, impossible. In this aspect, the luckier owners of private houses. To build a fireplace is quite real, especially if to consider at the design stage of the building. But the inhabitants of apartments in modern high-rise buildings is a worthy alternative: they can make a decorative fireplace with his hands. This will allow you to create the interior space a […]

Interior home design

Finnish design in the interior of a country house

10 Nov 2017 One of the most popular and widely spread all over the world styles of design is considered to be the Scandinavian style. It takes its origins from 30-50 years of the twentieth century, and combines the cultural traditions of many countries – Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and of course Finland. Its main features due to harsh climate of these countries are simplicity of lines and shapes, functionality, […]

The fireplace in the apartment and the best designs with its use

From this article you can find out what is the role of the fireplace in the apartment as a decorative element with a detailed study of such styles, as Baroque, classic, loft, Chalet, hi-tech and country. The text outlines the most popular and successful design techniques of the last years with photographs, and interesting ways of decorating the fireplace designs. Using the fireplace can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere […]

Landscape Design

Garden paths with their own hands: choose any material

14 Jul 2017 An integral part of the landscape design are garden paths and paths. Regardless, it’s a country station or the area around a country house in which you reside, appearance and ease of movement on site is very important. Today the No related posts.

Country house

The dresser is a stylish piece of interior of a city apartment and a country house

November 3, 2017 Throughout the history of mankind to hold different things people have used chests. Later they have modified, modified, made more easy to handle – and there were prototypes of modern chests of drawers. Gradually transformation to become more ambitious: the dresser was supplemented with drawers, shelves, doors and even mirrors. Modern models provide a convenient and highly functional storage system, wherein the external beauty and elegance. Thanks […]

Garden Design

How to lay paving slabs: the use of curbs in technology paving

In this article the technology, describing how to lay paving slabs at the stage of installation of the curbs, discusses the various options for their installation. You will learn what are the different types of borders, be familiar with the rules of No related posts.

The snow-plow for walking tractor: the principle of operation and basics of self-Assembly

With the onset of cold weather, the owners of country houses have again and again taken for snow removal. In this article you will learn how to make DIY snow plow for walking tractor, working principle, characteristics and features. As well as tips No related posts.

Garden Design

The original decor: hanging gardens with live plants for home and garden

31 Mar 2017 Hard to think of more eco-friendly and healthy decor than live plants. Indoor plants in pots bring to life the ambiance of city apartments, and the street flowers, shrubs, ornamental grasses and trees are the best decoration for a No related posts.

home design

Tapestry in modern interiors

16 Aug 2017 Catching up on furnishing the apartment, we dream to create extraordinary, beautiful and comfortable interior. There are a lot of different expressive means and accessories, and one of them is the tapestry that became relevant a No related posts.

Landscape Design

The arrangement of the infield: choose the style of landscape design

July 28, 2017 The sad thing is rather whimsical. Not all the crops that it planted, begin to sprout, then bear fruit. Often time and money gardeners are wasted. But most importantly – a deep sense of frustration that arise in such moments. No related posts.

Bay window: an architectural element and its role in the exterior of the building

Modern architecture is represented by a large number of original and unusual shapes and decorations which not only help to identify a building among other buildings, but also to make the interior more functional. One such decorative elements is the Bay window: what it is and what its distinctive advantages are detailed in this article. A Bay window is a projecting glazed volume of the building, adjacent to the outer […]

Storage Design

Dressing room with their hands: drawings, diagrams and photos functional systems

The presence in the home dressing room promotes the release of the living space from bulky furniture, optimizes life and allows you to quickly find the right thing. To equip such a room can be turning to the professionals, ordering a ready-made No related posts.

How to decorate the wall behind the TV: 13 recent decisions

Televisions are getting thinner and lighter – and no longer require bulky cabinets underneath. If you decide to hang your TV on the wall, certainly immediately the question arose about the design of the wall. We have prepared for you 13 practical and stylish ideas that will help you to focus on the TV area in the interior or, on the contrary, visual “dissolve” it in environment. 1. Storage system […]