The fireplace in the apartment and the best designs with its use

From this article you can find out what is the role of the fireplace in the apartment as a decorative element with a detailed study of such styles, as Baroque, classic, loft, Chalet, hi-tech and country. The text outlines the most popular and successful design techniques of the last years with photographs, and interesting ways of decorating the fireplace designs. Using the fireplace can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere […]

Kitchen dishes

How to choose the dishes in the house

30 Oct 2017 Stylish and beautiful interior is made up of many factors. It is important not only its main components like the right space division, individual selection of color, the right style of design and create designs which the house will be enough natural light. Not less important are the accessories that complement the decor, giving it a piquancy that emphasizes all her dignity. One of such important accessories […]

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The use of fruits and vegetables in creating original interior design

23 Oct 2017 Fresh fruits and vegetables – a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals that should be eaten all year round. They give us vitality, wellbeing, have a beneficial effect on the organism as a whole. However, in addition to the undeniable benefits of fruits, vegetables and berries are mostly still and looks colorful, bright and highly attractive. They delight the eye with their natural beauty and naturalness, which […]

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The carpets in the interior: how to choose a suitable

14 Aug 2017 Carpets are quite popular element of decoration in modern homes, which does not lose its relevance despite the inevitable change in various trends. Today they can be found in the interiors, decorated in almost any style design. The No related posts.

Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas

The design of the kitchen-a living room depends not only your preferences, but also the financial capacity and layout of the apartment. It is possible to completely rethink the space and take down all partitions, or you can enter the kitchen – living room in a typical odnushku. To rethink the typical layout The main task of the designers Cubiq Studio became a division of the apartment into private and […]

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Tapestry in modern interiors

16 Aug 2017 Catching up on furnishing the apartment, we dream to create extraordinary, beautiful and comfortable interior. There are a lot of different expressive means and accessories, and one of them is the tapestry that became relevant a No related posts.

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Swedish wall for children to the apartment: assistant for the physical development of the child

For the normal development of the child’s body the important point is exercise. Swedish wall for children in an apartment or a house allows you to perform daily maintenance exercises at home. It contributes to the development of strength, endurance Related posts: 5 ways to arrange living room over the weekend Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas How to visually unify the living room and kitchen: 7 examples

Projects of houses with garage under one roof: beautiful and practical ideas

Every country-house owner knows how important it is to have not only the car but also specially arranged for him the space where you can create a comfortable environment for the storage and maintenance of the machine. Today there are several options for placement of the garage on the site. This article considers the projects of houses with garage under one roof: the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision, […]

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Create lighting suburban area

9 Jun 2017 Owners of household plots is familiar with the situation, when after dark the movement within becomes difficult. Yes, and the station in the evening and at night loses its beauty and individuality. To save the situation by using No related posts.

Kitchen design

Combining the kitchen and living room in a country house

27 Oct 2017 Owners of rural property know that nature is not only good to spend time in silence and solitude, but also nice to meet with friends. In this case, the availability of free space – then even a big company will feel the room is cozy and comfortable. Combining the kitchen and living room country house will become not only a great design, but very functional step, whereby […]

The project “inspector Rex”: loft with elements of Japanese style

The new project of the architectural Bureau “Victory Design” is called “inspector Rex”. The specialists of the Bureau were challenged to design a two-room apartment of 56 square meters for the business person and his pet. Suggest No related posts.

Interior design

House with panoramic Windows: photo examples of beautiful French glass

From the article you can learn what advantages and disadvantages has a house with panoramic Windows: pictures of country cottages and city apartments with the best window design will be presented as an example and inspiration. The text discusses the specificity of window designs, designed for panoramic glazing of buildings: technical parameters, features products, prices, selection rules Windows and their installation. French glazing has been successfully used in different styles […]

The interior in the style minimalism

13 Nov 2017 We present to your attention a new project of the design Studio “design Point”. It is a small area of the apartment is executed in style minimalism. Due to limited living space, the designers decided not to use the almost blank walls, and zoning to carry out with the help of glass partitions. How we worked on this interesting project, readers says art Director of the […]