Infrared sauna: benefits and harms, usage characteristics, and recommendations

In this article you can learn what features and properties of infrared sauna: benefits and harms of radiation, its effects on the human body, rules for the use of IR cabins, their types, principle of operation and device. The text contains specialists ‘ recommendations, indications and contraindications, consumer reviews, and prices for the emitters. Infrared sauna will help to maintain health and beauty. Content 1 unit of infrared sauna: what […]

Bay window: an architectural element and its role in the exterior of the building

Modern architecture is represented by a large number of original and unusual shapes and decorations which not only help to identify a building among other buildings, but also to make the interior more functional. One such decorative elements is the Bay window: what it is and what its distinctive advantages are detailed in this article. A Bay window is a projecting glazed volume of the building, adjacent to the outer […]

Pictures: living rooms in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style for a long time not give up their positions and, it seems, will long remain at the peak of popularity. We offer you to look at how it is used by Western designers, for example, those living rooms. Window frames painted in black, added dressers, desks and shelves to match. This interior has developed thanks to the diversified one objects against the muted gray and white palette. The […]

How to decorate the wall behind the TV: 13 recent decisions

Televisions are getting thinner and lighter – and no longer require bulky cabinets underneath. If you decide to hang your TV on the wall, certainly immediately the question arose about the design of the wall. We have prepared for you 13 practical and stylish ideas that will help you to focus on the TV area in the interior or, on the contrary, visual “dissolve” it in environment. 1. Storage system […]

The interior is simple and tasteful rooms, family rooms, interior design in understated style

Today many seek to escape from a landmark, lush and luxurious styles in interior design. The change of solemnity and sophistication comes restraint, clarity and minimalism. Optimal and modern solution is to design the interior of the apartment is Related posts: Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas How to replace the gas stove electric: 6 expert tips How to choose equipment for a small kitchen

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Floral motifs in interior design

30 Aug 2017 Flowers and floral motifs in interior design has always been popular, and remain so to this day. They take their origins from more distant ancient times, when ornamentalistike used motifs of nature. In the realities of the modern No related posts.

How to replace the gas stove electric: 6 expert tips

Many electric stove seems more convenient and safer than gas because it requires work with an open fire. In addition, only a kitchen with electric cooker can be combined with the living room. But the process of replacing the appliance will require compliance with the technical features and difficult approval procedures. All the nuances will tell expert on redevelopment Maxim Juraev. 1. When to change the plate To replace the […]

The project “inspector Rex”: loft with elements of Japanese style

The new project of the architectural Bureau “Victory Design” is called “inspector Rex”. The specialists of the Bureau were challenged to design a two-room apartment of 56 square meters for the business person and his pet. Suggest No related posts.

Winter landscape garden

How to create a beautiful winter landscape in the garden

17 Nov 2017 Autumn and winter, most outdoor enthusiasts associate with peace and quiet. Traditionally, towards the end of October until around mid-April life in the area dies, and the riot of colours is replaced by a power landscape that is one big white pile of snow. But why deny yourself the aesthetic pleasure? There are many ways to decorate the suburban area, and it can be done so gracefully, […]

Mortgages for the construction of a private house: bargain for housing

Private house is the most appropriate scenario residential ownership for many people. However, not everyone has the necessary large amount of money to realize his dream. You have to consider various loan options. One of the most reasonable solutions is a mortgage for construction of a private house, which is explained in detail in this article. A mortgage is one of the most common types of loan for the construction […]

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Dome homes: designs and rates. Description and recommendations for construction

Dome houses in our country is not widespread and not used in mass construction. However, for those who are inclined to implement their wildest ideas and ideas, this project can be a great way to build an unusual house. Of course, such a construction Related posts: How to put tile on the wall: instructions for independent work 5 ways to arrange living room over the weekend How to visually unify […]

3 options-plan rectangular kitchen in the block house

In a typical small apartment in the block house series And-209A very comfortable kitchen correct form. The area nearly 10 squares allows as to divide the kitchen into zones, and use the combined space. Architect Anastasia Kiseleva offers three ideas room layout without major changes. And expert alterations Juraev Maxim advises to agree on each of them. Anastasia Kielivalintalohkosta interior Studio “Prodizajjn”. Each new project for Anastasia is a new […]

Beautiful houses: pictures of the inside and outside. Interesting ideas on arrangement

The information in this article broadly covers the topic of beautiful homes: photos inside and outside with a detailed review of the main styles of design useful tips for creating unusual interior, the Council for the development of the yard and Related posts: 5 ways to arrange living room over the weekend Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas How to visually unify the living room and kitchen: 7 examples

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Sports corner for children in the apartment: how to organize the space

In the process of upbringing children is very important to take care of appropriate conditions for their comprehensive development. Along with the intellectual skills necessary to develop and physical that are the Foundation of health. Sports corner Related posts: 5 ways to arrange living room over the weekend Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas How to visually unify the living room and kitchen: 7 examples