Wooden pallets and creative ways to use them in the interior of a country house

Lately, the growing popularity of furniture made from pallets (wood pallets). It is used mainly for decoration of country houses and resettlement of the local area. Pallets are affordable, environmentally friendly, and meet all the requirements of fashion. In the collections of some top designers can observe the interior, made or styled after them. Besides durable untreated wood will serve as an excellent framework for the creation of original furniture […]

Kitchen dishes

How to choose the dishes in the house

30 Oct 2017 Stylish and beautiful interior is made up of many factors. It is important not only its main components like the right space division, individual selection of color, the right style of design and create designs which the house will be enough natural light. Not less important are the accessories that complement the decor, giving it a piquancy that emphasizes all her dignity. One of such important accessories […]

The fireplace in the apartment and the best designs with its use

From this article you can find out what is the role of the fireplace in the apartment as a decorative element with a detailed study of such styles, as Baroque, classic, loft, Chalet, hi-tech and country. The text outlines the most popular and successful design techniques of the last years with photographs, and interesting ways of decorating the fireplace designs. Using the fireplace can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere […]

3 ideas layout small kitchen in the “Breznev”

Kitchen in a typical three-series II-67 “Smirnoff” is quite small – 8,9 sq. m, but this disadvantage is compensated by a spacious loggia where you can organize the storage system or to place a dining area. Architect Anastasia Kiseleva has developed three layout options for a large family who love to cook or enjoy the views over lunch. Expert alterations Maxim Juraev told how to legalize each of these layouts. […]

Garden Design

How to prepare a garden plot for the winter

25 Nov 2016 Before the onset of winter frosts and plentiful snowfalls, it is very important to prepare a garden plot for the upcoming winter. This will allow you to save your favorite trees and shrubs from damage and provide a wonderful harvest No related posts.

home design

Swedish wall for children to the apartment: assistant for the physical development of the child

For the normal development of the child’s body the important point is exercise. Swedish wall for children in an apartment or a house allows you to perform daily maintenance exercises at home. It contributes to the development of strength, endurance Related posts: 5 ways to arrange living room over the weekend Fitted kitchen-living room: 7 bright ideas How to visually unify the living room and kitchen: 7 examples

How to choose equipment for a small kitchen

Many foreign designers claim that they like small kitchen – it is much more comfortable. And the belief that it is impossible to place modern appliances, a mistake. Manufacturers do not forget about those who long for the coziness of small spaces. What is suitable for kitchen modest size? 1. Hood, over which has space for storage A full hood is a good thing, but in the kitchen area of […]

How to decorate the wall behind the TV: 13 recent decisions

Televisions are getting thinner and lighter – and no longer require bulky cabinets underneath. If you decide to hang your TV on the wall, certainly immediately the question arose about the design of the wall. We have prepared for you 13 practical and stylish ideas that will help you to focus on the TV area in the interior or, on the contrary, visual “dissolve” it in environment. 1. Storage system […]

Landscape Design

Frame bath with their hands: step by step instructions of the construction

Many adherents to relax from the soul dream to get a good but cheap private bath. A place where you can wash up, and relax, and get a good energy boost. One of the affordable and budget — frame bath with his hands: a step by step guide of Related posts: How to put tile on the wall: instructions for independent work 5 ways to arrange living room over the […]

How to decorate a living room with fireplace tips Pro

For new customers designer Yuliya Chernova created a bright and functional living room with a sofa, a dining area and a just for show. What generic techniques should take note, we learned first hand. Julia Chernovtsypochta Smolensk Institute of arts majoring in design. Organized a creative Union of 3DGroup.1. Zoned space with trim When the room several zones, and unnecessary barriers to anything, use finish. Don’t be afraid of bright […]

A decorative fireplace with his hands: how to build

To put in the apartment a full working fireplace, unfortunately, impossible. In this aspect, the luckier owners of private houses. To build a fireplace is quite real, especially if to consider at the design stage of the building. But the inhabitants of apartments in modern high-rise buildings is a worthy alternative: they can make a decorative fireplace with his hands. This will allow you to create the interior space a […]